Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Lol'ling, seriously, IRL at DeathstarBallz(tm).
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  3. We are winning, every time we are attacked, we come out stronger. This is the biggest public attack we have ever seen and will result in the biggest expansion we have ever experienced. Scientology will win and keep on winning because we deal in truth.


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  4. Anonymous Member

    Lol @ "E Trouble." After this week, I am sure your post is a parody. You're also Hey, "E Trouble," you're about 18 months late on the Charlie Sheen "winning" bandwagon. Thanks for joining, and lurk moar. kthx read some entheta bye.

    -- VOICE OF ET

    P.S. Thanks also for confirming SFChanology has pushed your buttons. Maybe they need to keep showing up until your button is flat.
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  5. enthaeon Member

    pucker up, faggot.
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    The more I think about it, the more I am going to convince myself that "E Trouble" is Pippi. She was in, she was out of WWP like a flash. Otherwise, why this thread, why not the TC/KH thread, or JT thread, or AJ thread?

    It's all about SFChan, let that be a lesson to ya. She's still reading, though.

    Can't see you, but I know you are here. PIPPI, GTFO OF THERE!!!!!! You know you want out! You know you are trolling the thread to see the response to your one-off. If you get out, we promise you can rock more than just a pony tail. You can rock with Moog and, sorry to say Moog love you muah muah, even more importantly, you can rock your own damn life, and it might involve more than the drudgery and sheer boredom you are experiencing washing 1/3 of the front door window every other month. C'mon, party down!

    PIPPI!!! I know it was you! I can see your indicators, and they are not "IN" as you walk to your "volunteer" position every day! GTFO of there!!!


    Edit for Twilight Zone Muzik: convinced it is Pippi now after yesterday when we asked if we could induce Pippi to blow. Like I said above, otherwise, why here. Even more, WHY NOW. We've called her out. Pippi, you're called out, and guess what, we love you (and your pony and it must be said your rosy cheeks too). SFChan would show you more care, consideration and true affection than any of the minders at your "volunteer" position. Keep reading, and when you are ready, GTFO of there!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Hey. I have been searching for Pipi on esmb as I recall a thread in which she was ID as the daugther of an ex and disconnected from her parents. I can't find the thread (as there are too many- shocking- on disconnection.) Just FYI. Maybe someone can post there?
    Also, Thanks San Fran for being so awesome.
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    The last Scientologist, jumped into a volcano.
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  15. JustNoise Member

    SF Anons are doinitrite.

    ET, lace up your dancing shoes. It's over.
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  16. [IMG]
    Unlock the vaults, return the peoples money!
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    “I was very interested in Pelée and I went to Saint Pierre one afternoon to climb it. No one told me that it was farther than it looked and that darkness would catch hold of me. And that lava rolled down the slopes. From sheer ignorance, I started up.

    “It was almost dark when I reached the top. My shoes were burned black, I had laid my socks on a rock to dry and the rock had burned them completely up. I was drenched by sudden rains and half-suffocated with fumes. It was dark when I started down. Pelée decided to have some fun with me.

    “Great boulders weighing many tons began to roll, glowing and thundering down the slopes. It was necessary to dodge and dodge fast to keep from being mangled. I lost count of the narrow squeaks. The sky glowed a sullen red from the crater. Sparks flew from the bouncing boulders. Rocks pulsated with heat all about me. But I got down all right, and I looked and felt like I’d been through the nether regions.”
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. I wish Larry Platt could be there, he should start his own religion.......

  21. skeptic2girl Member

    Lovely global raid... I have some footage, will post tomorrow.

    All I can say is I was a good girl (sort of) all year and so today Xenu gave
    me a Brand New FEMANON! (Edit: I would say "gave US," but I meant that except for the occasional miraculous appearance of lovely Luna, it gets lonely here in boys town.)

    And we had another xtra bonus fag -- for Delphi grads, that makes 2 new fags!

    Vulpes and moog initiated them via caramelldansen...

    ALSO, vulpes came through with excellent caek <3
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  22. SPRTT Member

    I wish I could multi-rate your post, SK2. Moar caramelldansen. Also, did Pippi give you defiant eye contact, shifty side eyes, become interested in her shoes...what what what. Hi PIPPI!!!!!!

    Huzzah for new FEMANON. If you wear the lame, will she wear fringe?
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  23. skeptic2girl Member

    Lol no pippi today!

    But bookboy? Yes. His boytoy Rico Suave. Yes again.

    Other sightings include Vicki, and what's-her-name... were we gonna call her peppermint patty? Maybe peppermint pouty.
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  24. enthaeon Member

    graet raid guise. chalktech is ever-evolving. caek be delicious and moist. newfaggotry was glorious.
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  25. SPRTT Member

    Is Peppermint Pouty the Beast? I always thought Peppermint Patty was a bit of a bull. Those sandals-!

    Pippi generally does not have "low confront." She also is a workhorse, no? My guess is that her posting here made her a little bit gleeeeeeful, and she did not think she could pass you guys without busting out or joining in. Well done, Pippi! Just take, oh, about another 10 years off and you'll feel even better.
  26. moarxenu Member

    Greetz from teh SP Partay!!!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    ^I don't think E Trouble was Pippi, though. If there's one thing that the real ET emphasizes, it's that the young people are just completed hopelessly devoted to the cult -- at least the ones that grew up in it, like Pippi.
  28. Anonymous Member

    ^also, will try to post a pic of pouty
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  29. The New Femanon is here! I had a great time today at the raid. Delicious cake was delicious.
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  30. enthaeon Member

    brb dark room

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  31. hokum Member

    If this is Hubbard (it's got to be), it's absolutely classic. Please tell me where you found it.

    I'm talking A1 Hubbard brand lying. It's got historical innaccuracy, self aggrandizement, 1950s lingo - the works.

    Before google and wikipedia, you couldn't just look up that Mount Pelée last errupted in 1902. And it was the subsequent pyroclastic flow that destroyed Saint Pierre - 9 years before Hubbard was born - not without going to a library...

    What a bullshitter!

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  32. "By way of an historical note, Pelée had indeed proven a most savage volcano—last erupting in 1902, utterly destroying the town of Saint Pierre and killing some thirty-thousand inhabitants. Otherwise, the following LRH remarks drawn from the transcript of a 1935 radio broadcast can hardly be improved upon:

    “I was down in Martinique, that sullen black island, and I wanted a glimpse of the savage volcano Pelée which today, is a smoldering, angry peak overshadowing the calm blue Caribbean. Occasionally it spews forth molten, boiling rock and tries again to repeat itself. It is half alive, but there is never any knowing when it will explode again."

    continues at:

    warning Scientology url:
    http://adventurer dot
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  33. Anonymous Member

    finally! some well-earned goatse to the SF Scilons. With love, from Anonymous...


    The Dynamic Duo: Batman and Batman...

    It was hot as The Hole, just like at megaraid -- not as many fags -- but fun just the same.



    How about one closer up?


    Favorite public interaction was with two people from Greek -- they knew exactly what was going on with the cult -- talking about how they prey on people with problems and then exploit them.

    They had observed stress tests and the administering of the e-meter down in L.A. and were incredulous at how staff members gave the tests and then offered copies of Dianetics (not for free, of course) as the cure...
    Did the Greeks eat caek with us? Of course. :)

    Uploading vid, and will do screen grabs of other stuff.

    SP sign was nod to the party we missed out on in Connecticut...

    also, other side of huge Scientology is Over sign: BUTT CHURCH
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  34. skeptic2girl Member

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  35. RightOn Member

    dear Skep! in your fuscia loveliness. At 7:50 you can actually see your dress shine off the building LOL!!!

    still way too many people waking in and out of that org :(
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  36. SPRTT Member

    LOL, long may that meme least until the end of ButtChurch. LOVE.
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  38. MOOG Member

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  39. SPRTT Member

    Two fuchsia lovecats for the on a sign, one in a skirt.

    LOL. Global Rustling? Or is that Global Hustling? Oh yeah, that would be the GLOBAL BUTT CHURCH that's Hustling.

    Too many pics, not enough like buttons, Moog.
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