Charges Dismissed Against Franklin County Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student

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    FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A former Vina High School employee who has been awaiting trial for violating the state law that forbids a school employee from having sexual relations with a student has had the charges against her dropped.
    Kim Bynum was indicted for a School Employee having Sex with a Student on June 16, 2011. Her trial has been delayed at least six times since that indictment was filed.
    In the motion to dismiss the case, the state reported that both of the former student’s parents, the superintendent of Franklin County Schools, and the head investigator of the law enforcement agency that worked this case have signed an agreement to dismiss this case.
    The state went on to say that Bynum was punished for her actions on the grounds that she was terminated from her job as a Vina High School teacher. The state also said that because the former student is now married to Bynum, he intends to assert marital privilege in order to not cooperate with the prosecution
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    This might be an example what what you meant about women getting away with shit. The state would not drop this if the sexes were reversed.
    Here's a history lesson on a similar case - Letourneau case
    They are married with kids. They made mucho $$ on selling their story. He makes his living as a DJ. He got arrested on a DUI. He nad his mom sued the school district for not protecting him from a pedophile.
    Another WTF moment.
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