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  1. White supremacists rally in Virginia
    Trump, it's on you.
  2. Torch bearing white nationalists march in Virginia. They are protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee.
  3. Quote from the Mayor of Charlottesville
    "Noting that everyone has a 1st Amendment right of assembly and free speech, he said, “Here’s mine: Not only as the Mayor of Charlottesville, but as a UVA faculty member and alumnus, I am beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus.”
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    US anti-fascists: 'We can make racists afraid again' | Al Jazeera

    While the media focuses on rise of far-right, anti-fascist organisations are growing in response across the US.

    State of emergency declared amid violence at Charlottesville's 'Unite the Right' rally | CNN


    Twitter updates:
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    I think we can drop the alt-right crap and just call them Nazis now:
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    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 16 minutes ago
    We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!

    David Duke‏ @DrDavidDuke 1 hour ago
    David Duke Retweeted Donald J. Trump
    I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 15 minutes ago
    Replying to @realDonaldTrump
    The Nazis are marching in your name, shouting "Heil Trump."

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 14 minutes ago
    They wear your #MAGA hats, while standing for hate.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 13 minutes ago
    Millions of Americans fought against ideology these Nazis represent. And yet Nazis see you as their leader & inspiration. #VetsAgainstTrump

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 12 minutes ago
    Today, we are once again ashamed that you occupy the highest office of this country. When we need unity, your racism divides us.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 11 minutes ago
    The policies these Nazis want are the same policies you ran on, and have imposed once you took the Presidency. #VetsVsHate

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 10 minutes ago
    These Nazis want to see a country purged of those who are different races, and different religions. You want the same thing. #VetsVsHate

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 9 minutes ago
    When you announced your #MuslimBan, these Nazis cheered. They knew that you saw the world the same way they do, fight for them, not the USA.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 8 minutes ago
    When you hired White Supremacists like Bannon and Miller, who spread racist propaganda, these Nazis cheered and knew you were one of them.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 8 minutes ago
    When you appointed Jeff Sessions to use the full power of law to oppress minorities, these Nazis cheered you on. #VetsVsHate

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 7 minutes ago
    When you tore apart families of American citizens and shipped them to countries they have never known, the Nazis cheered you on.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 6 minutes ago
    When you share bigoted and anti-Semitic images, retweet "white genocide" accounts, the Nazis hear your message loud and clear. #VetsVsHate

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 4 minutes ago
    When you attack the values we hold dear, spit on the State of Liberty, slam shut the doors of this country, you fight for the Nazis, not us.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 3 minutes ago
    Your words today ring hallow. They show you are weak. You don't stand up to hate, because you don't want to. Hate serves you. #VetsVsHate
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  8. The Internet Member

    Anti-fa are not helping people who want to stand up for civilization against "might makes right." I fear that anti-fa minions might be useful idiots being led by bad guys.

    One of anti-fa's leaderfags, Sunsara Taylor, is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. US communist parties have been covertly subsidized by Russia going way back. Lately Russia has been pretty helpful to the Trump people, so yeah.
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    Unicorn Riot‏ @UR_Ninja 7 minutes ago
    Car plows into #antifascist protest in #Charlottesville Many people injured, some possibly dead.
    #Defendcville #UniteTheRight #Antifa


    Brennan Gilmore‏ @brennanmgilmore 23 minutes ago
    Video of car hitting anti-racist protestors. Let there be no confusion: this was deliberate terrorism. My prayers with victims. Stay home.


    The car is a silver Dodge Challenger. Dodge Challenger&tbm=isch

    A Car Mowed Down Anti-Racist Protesters in Charlottesville, VA

    Keith Walker @KeithWalkerNews 7 minutes ago
    Replying to @Timcast
    Driver has been arrested and is in police custody.

    One dead after car plows into protesters at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, mayor says
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    And now it's murder.
  12. The Internet Member

    "On many sides," wtf. A guy who drives into a crowd intent on hurting people is either on one side or is just a nutter.

    Maybe "many sides" is what the alt right are calling themselves now.
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Repost for breathtaking clarity.
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    Trump has done many shitty things. But "on many sides" hit my rage button hard.

    Someone is dead and many are injured due to the willful actions of one person. Trump's "many sides" places some of the killer's guilt onto the shoulders of ordinary non-violent protesters exercising their constitutional right to assemble and speak freely.

    Imagine Trump tweeting after the Boston Marathon bombing:
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Trump fails to condemn white supremacists in statement on Charlottesville violence

    By Nancy Cook, POLITICO

    The president instead called out in what he deemed the strongest possible terms 'this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.'

    Trump condemns Charlottesville violence but doesn’t single out white nationalists for blame

    By John Wagner and Jenna Johnson, The Washington Post

    He ignored shouted questions from reporters about what he thought of the white nationalists at the event who said they supported him and were inspired by his campaign.

    Donald Trump refuses to name the problem of white supremacist violence

    His remarks on violence in Charlottesville were ignorance to the point of callousness.

    By Dara Lind, Vox

    Excerpt, in response to his televised response:

    This is not just a failure to condemn the white nationalists who were responsible for the bulk of the violence and disorder in Charlottesville with the same vehemence that Trump condemns “radical Islamic terrorism” during any attack of any size in the US or abroad. It is an actively misleading account of what happened.

    It implies that both rally-goers and counterprotesters were equally to blame for violence, leaving the door wide open for Trump supporters to assume that “the left” started it. It implies that the “hate and division” are equally distributed, and that the counterprotesters seeking to stand up to the rallygoers are every bit as hateful as the rallygoers sporting swastika pins. And by calling for the “swift restoration of law and order,” it implies that the problem is disrespect for police — encouraging the misinterpretation that this is somehow the fault of anyone else but the white nationalists themselves.
  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 16 minutes ago
    We will continue to follow developments in Charlottesville, and will provide whatever assistance is needed. We are ready, willing and able.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 11 minutes ago
    Replying to @realDonaldTrump
    When will you name the perpetrators for what they are, Nazis and white supremacists? #VetsVsHate

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 10 minutes ago
    When we pointed out that these Nazis were marching in your name, wearing your #MAGA hats, our tweets got removed as "abusive."'

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 9 minutes ago
    Tens of thousands of veterans are speaking out against the racist sickness you have empowered, allowing Nazis to march in our streets.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 8 minutes ago
    The Nazis in #Charlottesville were chanting "Heil Trump." And you brush this under the rug, refusing to explicitly condemn them. #VetsVsHate

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 6 minutes ago
    Our grandparents served in WW2 to defeat this hateful ideology, and you have invited it out into the open, into the White House. #VetsAgainstTrump

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 5 minutes ago
    It's no wonder that the "Alt-Right" neo-Nazis are empowered when the White House contains Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and others like them.

    Vets Against Trump‏ @commondefense 4 minutes ago
    Members of your own party like @MarcoRubio & @SenCoryGardner aren't afraid to name these white supremacist terrorists. Why are you?
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    ""We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides,"

    Trump said during a short statement from his private golf club in New Jersey. "

    "It has been going on for a long time in our country -- not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It has been going on for a long, long time. It has no place in America."

    The President did not mention white nationalists and the alt-right movement in his remarks, and later called for a "study" of the "situation.""

    I hate this man.
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    Republican lawmakers criticize Trump response to Charlottesville

    -Marco Rubio

    Orrin Hatch

    - Chuck Grassle

    Jeff Flake
  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    What a presidential president would have said about Charlottesville

    By The Washington Post Editorial Board


    Here is what President Trump said Saturday about the violence in Charlottesville sparked by a demonstration of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members:

    We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. On many sides.

    Here is what a presidential president would have said:

    “The violence Friday and Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., is a tragedy and an unacceptable, impermissible assault on American values. It is an assault, specifically, on the ideals we cherish most in a pluralistic democracy — tolerance, peaceable coexistence and diversity.

    “The events were triggered by individuals who embrace and extol hatred. Racists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and their sympathizers — these are the extremists who fomented the violence in Charlottesville, and whose views all Americans must condemn and reject.

    “To wink at racism or to condone it through silence, or false moral equivalence, or elision, as some do, is no better and no more acceptable than racism itself. Just as we can justly identify radical Islamic terrorism when we see it, and call it out, so can we all see the racists in Charlottesville, and understand that they are anathema in our society, which depends so centrally on mutual respect.

    “Under whatever labels and using whatever code words — ‘heritage,’ ‘tradition,’ ‘nationalism’ — the idea that whites or any other ethnic, national or racial group is superior to another is not acceptable. Americans should not excuse, and I as president will not countenance, fringe elements in our society who peddle such anti-American ideas. While they have deep and noxious roots in our history, they must not be given any quarter nor any license today.

    “Nor will we accept acts of domestic terrorism perpetrated by such elements. If, as appears to be the case, the vehicle that plowed into the counterprotesters on Saturday in Charlottesville did so intentionally, the driver should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The American system of justice must and will treat a terrorist who is Christian or Buddhist or Hindu or anything else just as it treats a terrorist who is Muslim — just as it treated those who perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

    “We may all have pressing and legitimate questions about how the violence in Charlottesville unfolded — and whether it could have been prevented. There will be time in coming days to delve further into those matters, and demand answers. In the meantime, I stand ready to provide any and all resources from the federal government to ensure there will be no recurrence of such violence in Virginia or elsewhere. Let us keep the victims of this terrible tragedy in our thoughts and prayers, and keep faith that the values enshrined in our Constitution and laws will prevail against those who would desecrate our democracy.”

  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    One dead and 19 injured as car strikes crowds along route of white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

    By Joe Heim, Ellie Silverman, T. Rees Shapiro and Emma Brown, The Washington Post


    Video recorded at the scene of the car crash shows a 2010 gray Dodge Challenger accelerating into crowds on a pedestrian mall, sending bodies flying — and then reversing at high speed, hitting yet more people. Witnesses said the street was filled with people opposed to the white nationalists who had come to town bearing Confederate flags and anti-Semitic epithets.

    A 32-year-old woman was killed, according to police, who said they were investigating the crash as a criminal homicide. The driver of one of the vehicles was taken into custody and charges were pending, said Al Thomas, the Charlottesville police chief.

    The Dodge Challenger is registered to 20-year-old James Alex Fields of Ohio, according to vehicle-registration records reviewed by The Washington Post. Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail Superintendent Col. Martin Kumer told The Post Saturday that a man with the same name and age was booked Saturday on suspicion of second-degree murder, malicious wounding, failure to stop for an accident involving a death, and a hit and run. Kumer said Fields is currently being held without bail.

    Records show Fields last lived Maumee, Ohio, about 15 miles southwest of Toledo.

    More at
  22. The Internet Member

    Donald drinks David Duke dick.
  23. Donald Trump's incredibly unpresidential statement on Charlottesville

    "It's hard to imagine a less presidential statement in a time in which the country looks to its elected leader to stand up against intolerance and hatred.
    Picking a "worst" from Donald Trump's statement -- delivered from his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club -- isn't easy. But, the emphasis of "on many sides" -- Trump repeated that phrase twice -- is, I think, the low ebb.
    Both sides don't scream racist and anti-Semitic things at people with whom they disagree. They don't base a belief system on the superiority of one race over others. They don't get into fistfights with people who don't see things their way. They don't create chaos and leave a trail of injured behind them."
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Fundraiser by Felicia Venita Correa : Our Sister's Keeper #HeatherHeyer

    Heather Heyer was murdered while protesting against hate. We are raising money to give to her family for anything that they may need.

    Fundraiser by Michael Patterson : Medical fund for Comrades in Cville

    Comrades found themselves the victims of a Nazi terror attack today in Charlottesville, VA. Please donate what you can to pay for medical expenses.
  26. The Internet Member

    Heather Heyer

    Heather Heyer was an American graduate of William Monroe High School​. She was part of the 2003 graduating class. [7][3][10]

    Personal Life
    She is a Greene County, Virginia​ native. [10]

    On August 12, 2017, during the Unite the Right​ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia​, Heyer died and 19 others were injured when a Dodge Challenger​ driven by James Alex Fields Jr.​ rammed a crowd of counter protesters gathered to oppose the rally of white nationalist​ and other right-wing​ groups. [8][7]

  27. The Internet Member

    James Alex Fields Jr.

    James Alex Fields Jr. (born April 26, 1997) is a resident of Maumee, Ohio​. He is registered to vote in Lucas County, Ohio​ and put his party affiliation as Republican.[1][33]​ In addition, James is registered as the owner of a Gray 2010 Dodge Challenger​ that ran into protesters at the Unite the Right​ rally.[2][32][29]

    Military Service
    From August 18th to December 11th, 2015, James was listed as an Active Duty Service Member in the United States Army​.[24]

    Unite the Right Rally
    Unite the Right​ was a rally that took place at noon on Saturday August 12th, 2017. The rally was self described as "pro-white" by its organizer, Jason Kessler, and its purpose is to protest the planned removal of a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee​ from a park in Charlottesville, VA​. [3]

  28. The sad thing is General Lee wasn't inherently an evil guy, Trump on the other hand:


  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Charlottesville killing was an act of domestic terrorism

    "Political violence in the United States takes all shapes and forms and on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, we saw one of its manifestations, militant right-wing terrorism.
    New America, a non-partisan think tank that tracks political violence, finds that jihadist terrorists have killed 95 people in the United States since al Qaeda's attacks on 9/11, while the attack in Charlottesville brings the number to 68 people that have been killed by far-right terrorists in the States during the same time period."

    Occupy Wall Street is where we've put discussions of street violence in protests against the powers that be, and this is a protest against the constitution and American government, if not our current Fascist-in-Chief.
  31. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Mother of Charlottesville Suspect Says She Thought Rally Was About Trump, Not White Nationalism
    Fucking dog whistles worked.
  32. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Mullet or no?
  33. DeathHamster Member

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  34. James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio was charged with second-degree murder in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday after he smashed a car into a line of cars in an episode that left a 32-year-old woman dead and injured at least 19 other people who were protesting a rally staged by white nationalists.

    • He was living with his mother until “five or six months ago” when he moved to his own apartment in Maumee, Ohio,
    .A friend and former neighbor of Ms. Bloom’s in the condominium complex where she lived until last year remembered her son as a quiet teenager who “kept to himself a lot.”
    .On many occasions there were times he would scream obscenities, whether it be about Hitler or racial slurs,” Ms. Robinson wrote in an email on Sunday.
    .“He wasn’t afraid to make you feel unsafe,” she said.
  35. Add these deaths to the list of fascist murders
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Alleged driver of car that plowed into Charlottesville crowd was a Nazi sympathizer, former teacher says | The Washington Post


    A man accused of plowing a car into a crowd of protesters here — killing one person and leaving 19 injured — long sympathized with Nazi views and had stood with a group of white supremacists hours before Saturday’s bloody crash.

    The alleged driver, James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Ohio, had espoused extremist ideals at least since high school, according to Derek Weimer, a history teacher.

    Weimer said that he taught Fields during his junior and senior years at Randall K. Cooper High School in Kentucky. In a class called “America’s Modern Wars,” Weimer said that Fields wrote a deeply researched paper about the Nazi military during World War II.

    “It was obvious that he had this fascination with Nazism and a big idolatry of Adolf Hitler,” Weimer said. “He had white supremacist views. He really believed in that stuff.”

    Fields’s research project into the Nazi military was well written, Weimer said, but it appeared to be a “big lovefest for the German military and the Waffen-SS.”

    As a teacher, Weimer highlighted historical facts, not just opinion, in an unsuccessful attempt to steer Fields away from his infatuation with the Nazis.

    “This was something that was growing in him,” Weimer said. “I admit I failed. I tried my best. But this is definitely a teachable moment and something we need to be vigilant about, because this stuff is tearing up our country.”


    Richard B. Spencer, a leader in the white supremacist movement who coined the term “alt-right,” said he didn’t know Fields but had been told he was a member of Vanguard America, which bills itself as the “Face of American Fascism.” In a statement tweeted Saturday night, the group denied any connection to Fields.

    In several photographs that circulated online, he was seen with the group while sporting its unofficial uniform. Like members, he wore a white polo, baggy khakis and sunglasses, while holding a black shield that features a common Vanguard symbol.

    “The shields seen do not denote membership, nor does the white shirt,” the group said in its statement. “The shields were freely handed out to anyone in attendance.”

    Vanguard members did not respond to requests for comment Sunday.

    More at
  37. The Internet Member

    Hey dis I see you made a thread for Charlottesville. Maybe we should move the Charlottesville posts in this thread to that thread because I bet this conversation will carry on for a while as we learn more about the people involved.
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