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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by charmer13, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. charmer13 Member

    was inspired by anon that i am here inspiration is gone. mods and censorship.really? Attacking one church for doing exactly what all the others have always done. Is it because it is a god free faith? Does that make it the safe one to bully? Or just politically correct? No one sees the hipocracy? People die every day over religion. Thats ok as long as we stop Tom Cruise?
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  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    The problem is that Scientology does things way different than other churches:

    1) You have to pay money for services. Not some arbitrary number like 10% of your earnings. No. You have to pay so many dollars per auditing.

    2) You MUST pay this cash in Scientology. Unlike a church that only asks for it, but in no way, shape, or form is the tithe mandatory.

    3) Scientology separates families under it's banner. If any family member shows any kind of resentment, you are forced to disconnect or face getting ejected from said church.

    4) You pay $250,000+ to find out Lord Xenu killed aliens and a whole bunch of shit. Christianity? It is free to find out. No membership required. Hell, go to a hotel and find a Gideon Bible. Even those are free unlike OTIII.

    5) I maybe mistaken, but no church has an official paramilitary group.

    6) Said paramilitary group are more "slaves" than "followers".

    ...I could go on, however I am sure others would love to jump in.

    Still, I don't get your bit about Mods. The mods have to make sure things stay a certain level here of acceptability. If you post things like porn or illegal activities, they are going to pull it because it is against the rules here. It isn't censorship because this is a privately owned board that has to keep things friendly and not draw ire from the authorities.
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  3. anonymous612 Member

    And nothing of value was lost.
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  4. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    Were you trying to say something or make a point?
  5. How many wars has sci funded?0. christianity? ALL. The vatican secured most funding for the nazis. Have you ever wondered why there is a bible in every motel? It's called controlling the masses. This is like watching children argue over who's imaginary friend is better.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is always in a state of war on a daily basis and there are numerous casualties to scientology's actions.
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  7. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    This area is not the correct area for that discussion. Need to move this to another thread.

    I'll be more than happy to engage you on the points you made, however the New Member Area is not the right place.
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  8. correct area? Mods and censorship? This is the great anon? We really are screwed.
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  9. charmer13 Member

    Christianity has no casualties? No thieves or liars? Are they really so different from eachother?
  10. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    First: Thank you Hush Puppy for the move.


    Odd... couldn't get the Reply button to work. Thankfully I know my way around code :)

    Honestly, I flat out don't care if you buy into the Scientology belief. What you believe is up to you and my thoughts shouldn't count.

    What I do care about is that Scientology's leaders and followers has done some serious wrong. From the abuses inside Sea Org to the fact they escaped persecution for the death of Lisa McPherson. There should be an investigation done and those who have done wrong be held accountable. I ask the same for any religion, organization, group, etc. and Scientology is no exception.

    Also: Why does a church even have a paramilitary? The thought of a group of people who believe so vehemently that a Sci Fi writer was their messiah with guns and shit makes my sphincter pucker. Nothing good ever comes out of religious zealots with guns.

    No: Wrong area of the forum to make this discussion. Now it is in an appropriate area.

    The area you wanted to have this discussion was meant for new members to say Hi and introduce themselves.

    You can scream "censorship" all you like, but it makes sense to keep the areas free of threads that meager into things like this....

    ...and you must not have had a view of our crown jewel: The Thunderdome.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Reality, New members area is for introductions, welcomes and redirections to areas of interest, The Mods patrol the area, to keep it clean and on purpose. We are all welcome to start threads in appropriate sub forums to discuss topics of interest, or not. If your thread interests members, they will join you in discussing your topic. The mods don't censor, just keep conversations from descending into useless circular 'No U' matches and NSFW stuff.
  12. charmer13 Member

    this is what happens when you go against the majority. i guess this group isnt ready to leave its little box yet. put me in a corner so i wont upset anyone. wouldnt want to disrupt anyones societal conditioning. why are you still thinking so small? dont you see? WE COULD BE GREAT! stop holding back
  13. Anonymous Member

    ^ Cool's buddy has arrived
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  14. Anonymous Member

    T-Minus 2 posts before this sees the Dome.

    Oh shit, make that one post.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I know. Totally. Let's go shopping at the mall. (your treat).
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  16. charmer13 Member

    thank you child for proving my point.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Charmer, what does it mean to you to be "Great"?
  18. hushpuppy Member

    Nah, the opposite. I moved you out of the small padded training pants forum and into a large discussion forum with far more visibility.

    New Members Area: Discussions:9Messages:5,177
    Off Topic Discussions: Discussions:7,285Messages:187,639
  19. charmer13 Member

    the opposite of small. having to ask shows which one you are
  20. charmer13 Member

    thank you
  21. Anonymous Member

    Ah yes, another baaaww thread about how stupid and fucking ignorant Anonymous is because there is so much other shit in the world, why pick on Scientology.

    Fuck off already. OP, join a cult, DIAF.
  22. Anonymous Member

    i am small. it is true.
    i was actually trying to allow you to expand on what you said about being great, and what it may mean to you, since it appeared to me that that was what you wanted to talk about.
  23. 2010174835.jpg
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Just got onto the board and already added two pics to my collection...

    Today is going to be a great day!

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  26. charmer13 Member

    is it ok to criticize for being different?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Is it OK to flippantly criticize a well-reasoned 8 paragraph post if you only read the first sentence?
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  28. charmer13 Member

    holy war? crusades? christianity flourished through violence. it was beaten into the people.
  29. charmer13 Member

    I read every word. That statement stood out. are we so afraid of difference?
  30. Anonymous Member

    That is not why we criticize them but it is why some of us mock them. However, the "being different" aspect is batshit insane gobblygook that constantly contradicts itself in the vein of claiming one thing while viciously enforcing the direct opposite.

    The real reason we criticize them is the decades long history of physical and psychological abuses that inflict on their members that is mandated as SOP under their scriptures.

    And the tens to hundreds or thousands of dollars they extort from their members that is apart of con that conditions them to think they are becoming god-like thru extremely questionable mental health practices.

    And the bigotry they enforce through conditioning their members that if someone is not with us you are against us and therefore an enemy that should be attacked and denied their right to freedom of speech.

    And for their blatantly false claims of not having bigotry in their scriptures while supporting critical thinking and thinking for yourself yet the ostracize anyone who has the least bit of doubt.

    And and and... the list of lies, false claims, mandated abuses and aspects of the scam runs deep. Religion is free. Scientology is neither.
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  31. charmer13 Member

    this is why you will fail. you attack free thought. you hide your fear behind childish behavior. energy that could be spent on real issues is wasted on pointless bullying. people in my life are dying as a direct result of child will never know a life without blood and constant injections. so some dipshit wants to pay to worship an alien who cares. the damage caused is nothing compared to christianity. are you so well programmed that you can't see or so small that you won't?
  32. Anonymous Member

    You sound exactly like a troll who was posting here just two weeks ago.

    If you don't like what WWP does and are here to defend the abuses of the Scientology corporation then piss off. We don't need your permission.
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  33. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    It's ADHD. I'm fortunate I got criticized on the first sentence.

    What Scientology does in today's time isn't the same as the Crusades or whatever religion did in the past. Christfags can't murder or assault non believers in today's time without serious legal repercussions. Why should Scientology be any different especially since it was made up >100 years ago and humanity has learned not to be such awe inspiring dumb fucks?

    You can make arguments that current conflicts have a religious overtones... however the distiction is that the current ones are subtle while the Crusades were clearly not.

    If anything: Christianity evils have abated. Scientology evils have gone on unchecked and still continue. So criticism is warranted.

    Also: Google "Fair Game". With Christianity and any religion, you are free to mock and criticize them with no repercussions. Scientology takes ALL criticism deadly serious. Literally.
  34. charmer13 Member

    not defending anyone just watching the children play here. I don't support any church.merely pointing out oversights. show us one "church" that has not committed the same "crimes against humanity" that sci has (and worse). you are afraid of religious zealots with guns? how do you feel about the U.S. armed forces?
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    US armed forces =/= Christfags hopped up on religious meth.

    Also LOLing at you comparing past religious faggotry as an excuse to excuse Scientology's evil.
  37. charmer13 Member

    follow the money and you will find the power. christianity operates behind many corporate shields. they are responsible for much of todays violence. they control everything from the toxic food on your table to the fuel in your car. to criticize one and not the other is bad parenting. praise jeebus!
  38. charmer13 Member

    scientology is a baby following the bloated parasitic example of christianity.
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