Charter school's troubling twists = NOI+SCN

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Feb 25, 2012.

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    To make it more interesting, school in Clearwater too.

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    Pinellas county wants to shut down the school, but it can't because it has bankruptcy protection. That's pretty oxymoronic. In the meantime the school is trying to change its name (presumably to avoid the bad publicity it has received) and is also aggressively recruiting, promising a free gift to new students.

    Filthy and disgusting.
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    Delphi Academy in Oregon, I was told, is also chartered. Is there a way to verify this? I'd really like to see that RPF children's camp shut down. Just reading the lies and criminal behavior from every single scientologist there, makes me crap. Enough of this bullshit already.
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  5. Aurora Member

    What an article!! tl;msr [must still read!!]
    Scis caught red handed breaking laws re schools. Kids and parents caught between rock and hard place. Guv unable to shut them down. Can the guv take over the management??
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    This is exactly the kind of shit the cult has gotten away with for years here in Clearwater. No more. We knew this crap was coming when the cult started cuddling up with the Nation of Islam. Look, the cult needs slaves. Nobody wants to join the sea org anymore and that's not good.

    The cult has tried for a long time to make inroads into the poorer Black and Hispanic communities here in Clearwater. The Nation of Islam should be ashamed for giving the cult a measure of respectability in the Black community.

    We had been carefully watching to see how many Black people were newly indoctrinated into the sea org and so far there hasn't been an influx. We're going to start protesting again in March so we'll keep our eyes peeled.

    Also, if there is ANYONE from this charter school who makes their way to why we protest?

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  8. So now we see the clam's true interest in those racist, elitist POS.

    So fucking disgusting, but at least some parents are realizing whats going on and removing their kids from the greedy clutches of the NOI and the C0$.
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    I see a consistent pattern here of scientology locating and exploiting legal loopholes to grab public funds. The charter school is in a bankruptcy proceeding, so only the bankruptcy judge can shut the school down or rule on expenditures. The Trustee is the person who must motion the court. This article needs to get in the hands of that Judge and the Trustee. I guess this is a reorganisation bankruptcy which in the U.S. is called a Chapter 11? The corporate officers making those expenditures could be guilty of fraud. I don't know how to get the court docs on this, but I believe the court of jurisdiction is in Tampa, Florida.
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    Yet more blatant child abuse & indoctrination and the feds do nothing.

    This is why Anonymous exists.
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    They receive public (read government/tax) funding. Therefore, the school is mandated to follow the separation of church/state Constitutional law. ACLU needs to be contacted. (I haven't read the entire article yet.)
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    This issue belongs to Pinnelas County School District and Florida's Department of Education. It's not a "feds do nothing" situation. At least, not yet.

    Best suggestion would be to get some parents and/or fired teachers to file a lawsuit re: the violation of church/state. That should be able to trump any bankruptcy issues. I'll check into this further.
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  16. another123 Member

    That's L.Ron's tech hard at work for ya. Welcome to the 19th century.
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  17. Anonomomily Member

    Many people don't realize that Nation of Islam is actually a UFO cult. That is why they get along so very,
    very well with clams...
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    Someone in Dailymail UK must be getting the Anonymous virus.
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    Update from TBT - and it's very good news!

    More at

    Pinellas district officials sour on new charter for Life Force school –
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    That there should tell you all you need to know about this "school."
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    Glad to see that the NOI connection is working for them.
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  27. BigBeard Member

    Nice! Debbie Cook hitting main stream media and a school run on $cilon principles getting hammered on the same day!

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    I kinda like the name of this thread, including the NOI. If a new thread is created, this one may get hurried.
  30. another123 Member

    disconnection. blackmail. Where have I seen these before?
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    Stealing copper wire and pipes is new.
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  32. xenubarb Member

    Second Chance stole the large appliances from the jail they were leasing in Albuquerque...
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  33. Quentinanon Member

    Because it was "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics".
  34. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Any Anons around to keep an eye on the school off-hours, in case some truck pulls up and starts removing files 'n such?
  35. heatberd Member

    Yeah, and get their finger prints before they leave. I'm curious.
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  38. Anonymous Member
    Don't tolerate indoctrination

    Before I begin, I would like to congratulate Greg Blunt for his integrity in dealing with his daughter's situation at Life Force Arts and Technology Academy in Dunedin. By pulling his child out of the school, he sent a clear message to the school that she was sent there to learn and not for indoctrination into a cult.

    Bravo! Mr. Blunt, bravo!

    If more parents had your backbone, their children would be guaranteed a quality education, sans the hypocrisy of a pseudo-religion.

    If Islam or Judaism were being incorporated into a tax-funded school, most parents would be outraged, yet the parents at Life Force fear retribution for speaking out against the educators.

    Retribution? From the staff of a tax-funded school?What is going on here and why is everyone so reluctant to do anything about it?

    For one, a woman of questionable credentials tells the taxpayers she can do a certain job for a certain price. Why should the taxpayers suffer when she can't deliver on her promise? Instead, they just give her more money with no questions asked?

    How can anyone on either side justify this? Perhaps she spent too much on cult supplies and speakers of no repute — other than being a guest speaker at Scientology events — and trips to the indoctrination parties.

    The parents of Life Force need to stand united with Mr. Blunt and send the message to Hanan Islam and the cult of Scientology that they are not welcome in their school, their homes or into the minds of their impressionable children.

    Mike Jones, Clearwater

    Re: Charter school's troubling twists story, Feb. 26

    Keep the cult out of Dunedin

    I'm a resident of Dunedin. One day I got a robo-call informing me about a school near where I live. The name, Life Force Arts and Technology Academy, got my antennae up.

    I went down to check it out to see if I could see anywhere it might have ties to Scientology. I saw none. But now that I read this article, I see that I was right in my suspicions.

    I have long tried to keep the cult out of Dunedin. I appreciate the Tampa Bay Times keeping on top of the cult so as to warn us of their intentions. They have long tried to recruit victims through their children. We can't let this happen in Dunedin like it has in Clearwater.

    Now that we know this is a "religious" school, the county needs to stop funneling taxpayer money to them — or is this another example of the cult playing by a different set of rules than the rest of us?

    David Rodman, Dunedin

    Re: Life Force Art and Technology charter school.

    Don't mix up Life Force schools

    In response to the recent turmoil at Life Force charter school that has been reported in the Times, I want to assure all parents, children, supporters and friends of Life Force Cultural Arts that we have no connection with this school of a similar name.

    Life Force Cultural Arts has served the St. Pete/Clearwater community for 20 years with high quality arts-based summer camps, after-school programs and hundreds of school lecture/demonstrations and performances.

    Our main travel performance group, Dundu Dole, has thrilled audiences throughout the Southeast with traditional West African music, dance and culture. The phrase "dundu dole" is a Wolof term meaning "life force" and is our founding principle for focusing youthful energy into the rigorous disciplines of cultural music and dance. We have performed each year at St. Petersburg's First Night since its inception and have staged the gigantic community performance of the Chocolate Nutcracker for the past 14 years.

    Life Force Cultural Arts and Dundu Dole were created 20 years ago by our visionary leader and creative director, Jai Hinson. Jai has won numerous awards through the years for her tireless commitment to enriching kids' lives through the arts.

    Those of us fortunate enough to work or interact with Jai know her to be the kindest, most big-hearted, youth-centered individual we've ever known and it is primarily for her reputation and the thousands of families she has positively affected that I write this letter.

    Life Force Cultural Arts is alive and well and ready to serve, educate and entertain the area for another 20 years. Please help us reclaim our good name.

    Thomas Blauvelt, board president, Life Force Cultural Arts, St. Petersburg

    Re: St. Petersburg College agrees to use reserves for two building projects story, Feb. 26

    SPC doesn't need a new library

    Another building boondoggle from the unelected, prodigal St. Petersburg College Board of Trustees.

    The SPC board voted to spend millions of dollars on a new library for the school's Clearwater campus?There is nothing wrong with the Clearwater campus library that a few repairs and a little maintenance work would not take care of. Furthermore, most students now do research on the Internet. The concept of a brick and mortar library is completely obsolete.

    It is clearly time for the state Legislature cut funding for this "college."

    Bob Snow, Clearwater

    Re: Dunedin teen saves tourist | story, March 2

    Great to read about a good teen

    After the recent high school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, where a teen was the alleged gunman, it's especially impressive to read this story about 16-year-old Max Kitchener.

    Not only was Kitchener polite enough to ask permission to leave his duties at the restaurant, where he works part-time, so that he could help, but this young man's quick thinking saved a tourist's life.

    No doubt, Kitchener's parents are beaming with pride.

    JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

    Reclaimed water cost is baffling

    When is used more expensive than unused?

    The answer is, when it's reclaimed water in Pinellas County.

    My bimonthly bill for potable water is $30.50, while my bill for the water that was recently in a toilet somewhere is now $32.

    A few months ago I was told that I could use any amount of reclaimed water for $9 per month. Now, I am limited to twice per week.

    I think I now understand why they don't meter its usage, because then one could know its high cost per gallon.

    Dave Farrell, Belleair Beach
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  39. Anonymous Member

    On Tuesday, the Pinellas School Board should give Life Force its 90-day notice of termination as Stewart recommends. The sooner this school is shut down and Islam is given her walking papers, the better.

    Also, there is a bankruptcy hearing in April. Hopefully the judge will find cause for bankruptcy fraud, a federal offense punishable by fines and prison.
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