Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by SuperChipcat, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. SuperChipcat Member

    Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    He's put himself up a man-e-fest-o.


    Coup wannabe like Honduras, me thinks.
  2. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Young Marty just loves using the word "Miscavige" (as in David Miscavige, the stunted Dwarf leader of the Scientology Cult)

    Thirty-one Factors for
    Scientologists to Consider

    Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard discovered methodologies
    that can enhance self-determinism, increase freedom of choice,
    and bring about higher states of awareness and beingness to those
    who practice them. Hubbard developed a method of confession
    that includes unconditional forgiveness and results in more able,
    happy and peaceful beings. Hubbard developed an ethics system
    that an individual can apply to himself to improve his worth to
    himself and to his fellows. Hubbard established a form of
    organizational policy that is predicated on rewarding
    accomplishment rather than punishing failure. Hubbard set forth
    many of the fundamental values of Scientology and its
    organizations in the Creed of the Church of Scientology, The
    Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member.
    Thirty-one factors have been discovered that threaten the continued
    viability of this vital subject.


    Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator,
    David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the
    Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo
    of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual
    practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics.


    In his quest to attain power Miscavige forcibly removed no less than
    four Hubbard appointed executives senior to himself, and dozens of
    Scientologists who had created scores of huge, effective Scientology
    centers. Miscavige used threat of force and violence in clearing the
    path to control of all Scientology organizations and assumed the
    self-created position of Chairman of the Board. He was never
    assigned by Hubbard and holds a position that was not created by


    Since securing his position of power, the statistics of Scientology have
    steadily decreased in spite of Miscavige's public proclamations to the contrary.


    Miscavige has conducted a campaign to fortify his personal power
    by denigrating and depowering anyone who personally knew and worked
    with Hubbard. That includes, but is not limited to, the members of Hubbard's
    family. The operation served to consolidate his personal power while
    immeasurably harming the vigor and image of Scientology.


    Miscavige accomplished his coup by commandeering the only line of
    communication to Hubbard during the last five years of his life, plying
    Hubbard with embellished and false reports of a dangerous environment
    to keep him out of communication with Sea Org members and his family.
    The reports falsely accused Hubbard's family and lifelong friends of selling
    out to the enemy and that Scientology orgs had been infiltrated by psychiatric
    and government interests. He prevented true reports from reaching Hubbard
    in order to make his actions appear necessary and on policy and to solidify
    his position.


    Miscavige has persuaded those at the top of the Scientology organization that
    to disclose the secrets of his unconscionable acts would harm the religion and
    violate “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” Thus, the truth
    of what goes on behind the façade of false PR that Miscavige creates is hidden
    from the vast majority of Scientologists and the general public.


    Miscavige uses confessions of Scientology managers to invalidate, castigate,
    and embarrass them into acquiescence and silence.


    Sea Org members who voice or even hint at any hesitation to carrying on with
    his tyranny or supporting his actions, are routinely physically beaten by


    Those Sea Org members who have attempted to correct Miscavige's off-policy
    and out-tech actions have been subjected to belittlement, invalidation and false
    propaganda. They have been silenced through imprisonment and mental and
    physical duress.


    Miscavige's abuse of Scientology executives and staff became so extreme and
    continuous, he resorted to locking all of CMO INT and Exec Strata into a building
    and called the prison “the Hole.” RTC, CMO/WDC, Gold, IAS, CST, OSA Int
    and ASI executives and staff have regularly been deposited in the Hole and
    subjected to Reverse Dianetics, including physical beatings and severe mental
    abuse for months or even years at a time.


    Miscavige has run a continuous propaganda campaign attempting to besmirch
    the good name of L Ron Hubbard. He has consistently given little interest and
    funds for defending public relations attacks on Hubbard. Conversely, when
    Miscavige's abuses come under scrutiny by the media or on the Internet
    Miscavige spares no money in attempting to destroy the reputations and lives
    of anyone with the temerity to discuss Miscavige's conduct. Miscavige's
    operations against “critics” include violations of the right to privacy, intimidation,
    investigations for perceived weaknesses then ruthless exploitation of them,
    propaganda campaigns, interference with contractual and personal relations,
    black bag jobs and blackmail. To exacerbate his atrocities, Miscavige justifies
    his conduct by pointing to some anachronistic Hubbard policy intended to deal
    with real attacks from the fifties and sixties. Thus, Miscavige perpetuates the
    notion Hubbard is somehow responsible for his own crimes. He routinely cites
    alleged things Hubbard once said (in violation of the first policy letter every
    Scientologist reads when exploring the subject) to justify his brutality against
    executives and staff members.


    Miscavige has created a multi-hundred million dollar slush fund called the IAS.
    For twenty five years it has collected inestimable funds from Scientologists
    under false pretenses. The IAS has used scare tactics to extract “donations” to
    “save” the Church from attacks. Meanwhile, Miscavige prohibited IAS from
    disbursing funds to handle most of those attacks. On numerous occasions,
    Miscavige and IAS have given Scientology public the false impression IAS
    was spending tens of millions to sponsor “dissemination campaigns,” while in
    fact only funding a few ads for a very limited run, until the next campaign was
    devised. Conversely, the IAS has disbursed exhorbitant amounts for Miscavige's
    personal vacations – including many Caribbean diving trips and a five star
    tour of Scotland (including cases of sampled Scotch being shipped to
    Miscavige's residence afterward). When IAS executives balked at Miscavige’s
    actions, he feigned surprise about the extravagances and had President IAS
    escorted to the Int base, and locked her up in the Hole for behavior modification.


    Miscavige has turned the top end of the Bridge into a dead end: First, he has
    programmed the Advanced Organizations, including the FSO, to regularly
    security check pre-O.T.s, and then use their confessions to coerce them into
    paying more money for atonement, a practice not unlike the Medieval
    Catholic Church selling indulgences. Second, he has imposed an unwritten
    code of behavior amongst O.T.s. They are regularly made to conform to correct
    dress, language, political thought, and even ideas as to how to use their personal
    time. Said practice is anathema to the very purpose of Scientology, which is to
    make a person more his- or herself, more insouciant and independent thinking.
    Third, Miscavige has entered arbitrary “contribution as a Scientologist”
    requirements mid-levels which can be satisfied by making cash “donations.”
    Fourth, Miscavige requires pre-OTs to attend his regular propaganda events
    (see Factors 22 and 23) and are treated as ethics bait until they enthusiastically
    embrace his projected public image. This enforced acceptance of falsehood
    makes attainment of OT technically impossible. Thus, Scientology, as practiced
    in Miscavige's orgs, is auditing one toward conformity, solidity, lies; in other
    words, down the tone scale, or, the precise opposite direction to the intended
    aim of auditing.


    Miscavige's “Ideal Org” strategy has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of
    Scientologists’ donations to forward an entirely off-policy action. Hubbard's
    Ideal Org policy letter says nothing about building posh quarters. A plethora
    of Hubbard Policy condemns Miscavige's “straight up and vertical” method of
    building an org. Subsidies, particularly those extracted from the public under
    pressure, to build posh quarters are strictly forbidden by Hubbard policy.
    Hubbard advised that orgs be built from the bottom up by the elbow grease of
    local Scientologists, flanked by international management broad public
    promotion campaigns, growing their quarters only as they expand their
    delivery and income. Miscavige has hoodwinked Scientology public with the
    equivalent of a Ponzi scheme, shuttling staff around the world to pose at new
    “Ideal Org” openings for photo ops, many of whom are then shuttled off to
    some other org or soon leave for lack of pay. Regardless of the poshness of their
    quarters, Miscavige's orgs are doomed to failure (and the failures are legion)
    because Miscavige has for years forcibly prevented Scientology management
    from implementing LRH advised pricing formulas to make Scientology
    affordable to working people, org finance systems that encourage orgs to
    survive and expand, and staff pay systems that make it viable for upstats to
    work on staff.


    Miscavige's alteration of confessional (FPRD) technology to, in effect,
    cancel Hubbard's fundamental principle that a being can and does
    make undesirable mental mass and energy disappear by directed
    attention alone has caused innumerable Scientologists to regress on
    their paths to spiritual freedom. He has converted a powerful spiritual
    technology into a tool with which to enforce conformity.


    Miscavige's use of the technology of suppression to impose suppression
    rather than to accomplish its original opposite purpose, has suppressed
    countless Scientologists and divided many families.


    Miscavige has perverted the practice of disconnection from a
    voluntary tool one may use to improve one's life into a mandatory
    control mechanism. He uses the practice to suppress the free flow of
    vital, truthful information and to keep individuals toeing the line
    through threat of losing their loved ones, rather than as a tool to
    depower actual suppression.


    Miscavige's refusal to allow the entire International Base Crew (including
    RTC, Watchdog Committee, CMO INT, Executive Strata and Gold) to
    apply Ethics formulas to rise out of conditions he arbitrarily imposed is a
    Scientology High Crime. Miscavige has kept the international managers
    of Scientology in the lowest ethics conditions continuously for nearly two
    decades by imposing arbitrary requirements for upgrade nowhere covered
    in policy.


    The practice of ordering divorces based solely on Miscavige’s opinion of
    the spouse, or the fact that he or she is in a different church organization
    than his or her spouse is antithetical to the concept that true survival can only
    be attained across all dynamics.


    Miscavige's arbitrary policy that makes conceiving a child a crime warranting
    offload from the Sea Org is contrary to Hubbard policy. It has also spawned
    a policy that has required countless women to obtain abortions.


    Miscavige's practice of verbally declaring Scientology staff members
    suppressive persons while leaving them on posts that affect international
    Scientology is suppressive to Scientology and Scientologists.


    Miscavige has co-opted Scientology’s multi-million dollar audio/visual
    production facility and its several hundred Golden Era Productions
    staff for the purpose of forwarding his own image and power through
    Scientology events. He has cross ordered hundreds of Hubbard advised
    dissemination films and marketing campaigns. This is done under the
    guise of the importance of international events, yet such events are
    proscribed by LRH policy. Millions of dollars are spent on these events
    in order to showcase Miscavige to further secure his power.


    Miscavige puts on international events that intentionally misrepresent
    the true state of Scientology. Statistics are manipulated and falsified,
    video scenes are created that are palmed off as reality and campaigns
    are routinely unveiled with great fanfare but exist only for the
    purpose of being announced at the event. The manipulation of truth is
    skilled and extensive and designed for the purpose of making
    Miscavige look good. Scientologists wonder at the incredible figures
    presented on the number of new people coming into Scientology
    every second, minute, day, week, year, or the incredible reach of
    people being contacted or the vast numbers of officials and Opinion
    Leaders who fully support Scientology -- yet their local church
    organizations show no sign of this massive and unrelenting growth.
    Scientologists who retain enough sanity to spot the contrary facts must
    suppress such rational thoughts for those who complain are subject to
    heavy ethics and, if they persist in expressing doubts, expulsion.


    Miscavige has cross ordered production of the authorized LRH
    biography. The hired LRH Biographer, who has been paid hundreds of
    thousands of dollars, instead has worked almost exclusively for nearly
    two decades on writing speeches for Miscavige.


    It is policy to never use lies in PR. Yet Miscavige has repeatedly lied,
    and directed others to lie, when confronted with facts concerning his
    unethical, abusive behavior.


    Miscavige has personally enriched himself, living a far more lavish
    lifestyle than L. Ron Hubbard ever lived, though Hubbard had earned
    his fortune through his own writings. Miscavige has (by the standards of
    the Sea Organization) lavish living quarters in various cities complete
    with chefs and maids, owns or is provided expensive cars and motorcycles,
    flies exclusively in private jets, has his hairdresser and chiropractor travel
    around the world with him, and receives compensation that is far, far in
    excess of any other person on Scientology staff


    Miscavige has enforced an unwritten policy within the Church that his
    word has become more important than the words of the Founder. Church
    staff routinely follow the dictates of Miscavige that are directly at odds with
    LRH policy. His utterances are recorded and transcribed and distributed to
    staff. He changes the technology of L. Ron Hubbard under the guise of
    “getting it on Source” and using hidden data lines about what LRH wanted.
    Miscavige has gradually established himself as the new Source. The biographer
    of L. Ron Hubbard was recently used to front for Miscavige to journalists
    who were investigating many of the abuses outlined in these factors. Under
    Miscavige's direct orders the biographer of Hubbard (who always eschewed
    the notion that he was anything other than a man) told the journalists that
    in his estimation Miscavige, and not Hubbard, “is a God.”


    Many veteran Sea Org members have been RPF'd, imprisoned in the Hole,
    beaten and declared by Miscavige for having the temerity to object to
    Miscavige cross ordering Hubbard policy.


    Miscavige spent over seventy million dollars in Scientologists’ donations
    for an office building for himself and his personal support staff. Miscavige
    constantly altered orders for the building during construction, many times
    to upgrade material and finishes to the most expensive available, ordering
    the removal and destruction of what had been originally installed. Such
    profligate spending is contrary to countless finance policies of Hubbard,
    who was always extremely frugal in the spending of Church donations.


    Miscavige has created orgs that are the reverse of the islands of succor
    that Hubbard built during his life and directed be duplicated in his written
    policies. Prior to Miscavige's Scientology, orgs were lively, creative, safe
    spaces where people congregated to share their spiritual experiences. Orgs
    are now places to avoid for fear of falling victim to crush regging, heavy
    ethics and modification of behavior.


    Miscavige's out ethics has gone unchecked for so long that his behavior has
    become extremely depraved. In recent years he has directed the org that
    LRH formed to assure the ethical practice of the religion, RTC, to literally
    pimp and pander for his movie star friends. A number of women have been
    unwittingly lured into this scheme by being told they were working on a
    very important project to forward the aims of Scientology. In reality,
    Miscavige arranged dates with them for his personal friends. This activity
    was kept secret by violation of the integrity and security of Scientologists'
    confessionals, threats, intimidation, and the attempted division of families.

    Those who have attempted to put ethics in on Miscavige from within have
    been ruined personally by Miscavige. Scientology is valuable to the many
    when studied and practiced in a sane environment. To allow it to be
    destroyed by the driven greed of a sociopath would be to condone a

    Scientology practiced in accordance with Hubbard's Code of a Scientologist,
    Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church can contribute
    something vital to society.

    While Miscavige and his minions will no doubt claw, harass, and sue until
    the end to protect his fiefdom, it would well behoove all Scientologists to
    re-familiarize themselves with the Church's creed: “We of the Church believe...
    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write
    freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions
    of others”
  3. Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Rathbun? Still KSW...fuck that shit.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Oh - My - God.

    Coup wannabe is about right. Marty wants to evict Miscavige and take over the evil empire himself.
  5. OTBT Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Confirmation of forced divorces and forced abortions

  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    no doubt. he's positioning himself for the post-COS bonanza.

    MR will have a cult of his own. book it.

    $cientology was evil shit before DM and it will be evil after. I've read too many LRH policy letters' heard too many recordings. $ci will always be the brainchild of a sociopath.
  7. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

  8. Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    That sounds about right. The common thread among freezoners is their belief in the unadulterated tech. If he can convince enough people who are in that DM is abusing the tech (not difficult), he might be in with a shot. He would make a convenient scapegoat.

    /look of disgust

    Even apart from his unfortunate praise of Scientology, I don't like anyone putting Hubbard on a pedestal.

    "He spent frugally"
    LIE! He had fresh shrimp shipped out to the boat.

    "It is policy to never use lies in PR"
    You mean like this one? Is this a different Scientology by a different Hubbard?

    "Hubbard had earned his fortune through his own writings"
    Isn't that one of his PR lies?

    "He changes the technology of L. Ron Hubbard under the guise of “getting it on Source”
    Didn't Hubbard spend decades of his life doing exactly the same thing? Changing the tech, is the tech.
  9. mrfyde Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    It sure looks to me that this guy is almost insanely trying to discredit miscavige and miscavige ONLY. That being said THIS could make the tabloids:

    Marty I think your a snake but more info on this please.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    ah so maybe that is the "big news" that all teh clambakers are happy about.
    CoS will be taken over by one of the "good guys", yay for all.
  11. mrfyde Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?


    You better be joking.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

  13. SuperChipcat Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    He seems quite wound up about KSW...on one hand, he may still make it a practice to avoid the entheta and only has 27 years of propaganda and lies to fall back on.

    On the other hand, he wants others to think that so he get get his cult on

    Either way, bug-shit crazy, and has proven himself an enemy of the universe.

    Do you suppose Beghe let him keep that pic up so he can be Tom Cruise 2.0?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    You somehow missed the quotes I placed around good guys?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Beghe seems like a nice guy, but nobody knows who he is except us and ex scns.

    He is a superstar to the freezone I am sure.
  16. Boggle Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    "Never use lies in PR" is "PR of PR," and is itself a lie. This is covered in 'Scientology's Multi-layered Public Relations tech' in 'Brainwashing Manual Parallels in Scientology' by Brian Ambry. Do a find by pressing "Control" and "F" and typing in "PR of PR":

    Brian Ambry
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Big whoop. Every Freezone org is a new CoS wannabe. Every ex-scilon that still believes the crap dreams of taking over.

    Mayo failed, and he had impeccable Hubbard-cred. I doubt anyone else will succeed, especially now that DM has the entire resources of the CoS at his disposal to stamp out critics. And face it, the CoS was designed to stamp out dissent, to concentrate power and money at the top for Hubbard.
  18. whoever Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Yeah, THIS^^^, definitely.

    Hubbard was no better than DM, just different in his craziness. Operations Snow White and Freakout took place under Hubbard, not DM. (Just to name two examples.)
  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Wow. He seemed so......almost-normal in the SPT videos.

    This cult really fries brains but good.
  20. mojo Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    "squirreling the tech"....and it just went down hill from there...........
  21. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I'm all for a free for all brawl for cult leadership. It would give me great lulz.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I consider Rathbun to be our tool. He's just a splinter to jab into the apparatus to create more splinters. This can be said openly because he can't help himself.
  23. OTBT Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Rathburn still believes in KSW.

    Both the Miscavige and Rathburn versions of "the Tech" are dangerous toxins.

    Pure, unadulterated Hubbard tech is criminal, dangerous, and a mindfuck con. So are the squirrel versions.

    Let Miscavige and Rathburn fight it out and tear each other down - hopefully loudly and in public.
  24. Boggle Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    'Declaration of Larry Brennan' describes Hubbard as running Scientology from behind the scenes until at least 1984 (two years before Hubbard's death):

    P.S. Miscavige was 20 years old in 1980.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Oh, Rathbun, Rathbun, Rathbun.
    You're always such good fun.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    notice a complete and utter LACK of anything about WISE or HMT and the companies and CEOs involved in THAT Ponzi scheme?

    M&M are both KSW and know where the real cash cow and power or the RTC and they are doing NOTHING to endanger that because they simply WANT it

    don't be duped into the "enemy of my enemy" nonsense some people are spewing

    This is like Freddy VS Jason who ever wins we're still left with a psycho intent on killing us
  27. Voltaire Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    This crap just serves testament to how dangerous all this is. Absolute power corrupts absolutely...blah blah blah

    Rathbun and Rinder both are just exiles still believing in the 'tech'.....

    Are they going to come clean about McPherson? Other abuses of others -- not likely. Doesn't serve their purposes.

    They all have bought into this crap and made their lives of it now its all about how can they take back control and grow the 'church'.

    Pathetic. They need to come clean and dig a bit deeper into themselves (selfish fucks that they are, pariahs in my book) and do the right thing. Deprogramming is really what they need IMHO.
  28. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Yes. The Evil $pace Alien Mind Control CULT does fry brains.

    But...the sociopaths came to the party as sociopaths.

    The CULT is a sociopath magnet.

    Elron was a sociopath.

    Slappy Miss Cabbage is a sociopath.

    Rathbun is a sociopath.

    Slappy Miss Cabbage isn't really doing anything other than what Elron did.

    Rathbun simply wants Slappy's job so that he can do what Slappy is doing.

    Evil. Evil. Evil. Evil.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Doesn't Rathbun realise that the most objectionable practices of scientology are those are those penned by Hubbard? Por ejemplo, Fair Game?

    Is he exaggerating the distinction between Hubbard and Miscavige in order to take control of the CoS, and reform it from within, knowing that that would be easier than perusading the upper membership to disband the organisation?
  30. OTBT Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    ^ ^ ^
  31. Mutante Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    And anons are surprised by this ... why?
  32. ntnmf Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    This is a video from last year. For those of you who don't want to do the tl;dr thing or if you're an atheist who doesn't want to listen to a song of faith---go straight to 2:46 where you'll see black & white footage of one of Hubbard's failboats. These are Sea Org members and they look like they're in trouble.

    I ask you to pay particular attention to the kid who pops up on the screen at 2:56. His image has haunted me from the first time I saw this video. This was filmed when Hubbard was in power. NOT Miscavige.

    [ame=]YouTube - All Faiths Unite against Scientology (Timeless Version)[/ame]

    Does this KID look like he's found the fucking way to happiness?

    Let's keep this short and sweet.

    Message to Marty Rathbun: Take care to remember that you are not fooling Anonymous and the majority of us want the cult completely dismantled for the good of mankind and for fun.
  33. Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Agreed... it'd be too bad if Rinder, RathBURN, and Miscavige shot each other in a ol western type duel.

    Rathbun do you really want to take over Co$ and have us at cause over you? Be my fucking guest douchebag.
  34. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    He's careful to heap the sins of Hubbard and Scientology Inc on top of David Miscavige, focus on that, and keep the rest quiet. (Like anything that Marty was also involved in where the limitations haven't run out.)

    We're not going to hear a thing about the IRS deal, where any money besides the visible IAS fund is buried, etc. After all, Rathbunbun wants those still in place when he takes over, right?

    Good luck with that. *snort*!

    Only a fool farts in a burning house. - Klingon saying.
  35. Kilia Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I wonder what Rathbun would say if the IRS tax exemption was taken away?
  36. Smurf Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I'm not sure what you meant by that. Beghe was well-known in show biz well before be blew the cult. And his blowing Scientology made international news.

    Jason Beghe
  37. Smurf Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Mark was also well-known for being a very outspoken homophobe. Probably still is. But then, alot of Scilons are to a lesser degree.

    I'm sooooo happy that Mark wants to take over Scientology. When the fortress crumbles and falls to the ground, I hope he's inside.
  38. mrfyde Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I don't think he does know, I dont' think many of the ex's that are out still don't realize what really happened to them when they where in.

    And many who are still recovering don't realize how much false made up crazy stuff there actually was. Or how things would be kept from them to encourage them to make bad choices.

    There is also a chance that he just wants defectors from the CoS. not trying to take over. But he got 3 days worth print ads in Clearwater for defectors.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I meant what I said. I have nothing against Beghe, but when I clicked on the link I didn't recognize anything that he was in even thought I have watched all the episodes of Huff for example. He does not have "tom cruise" popularity. BUT Beghe could be a posterchild for a Rathbun freezone.

    A good thing is that TC is close to DM (I think) and would likely denounce publicly new management. And DM if you are reading this it might be a good idea to get Cruise to denounce Rathbun publicly NOW.
  40. Voltaire Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    From what I have seen and researched....

    DM will not come down unless the whole Co$ comes down. I really don't think that it is really possible to re-direct this organizations purpose merely through a change of the head....way too much group think going on.

    I mean look at the reason these guys blew.... physical harm to their own being. C'mon, they're supposed to be OT's for God's sake. The only redeeming angle is that blowing or detoxing from this garbage is indeed a process and he's in the early stages.

    Another interesting angle may be he's trying to rationalize or reach other believers and make them come to their senses through 'church' speak. Who knows? The one thing that's for certain, this shit hangs heavy on the people it touches and the only thing that can defeat it is the true level of humanity within the individual.

    Like others have said, narcissistic sociopath tendencies is the easiest way to explain it. Saving your own neck so you can hang others.

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