"Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap 'rapist'"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    From the Desk of Richard Bain, Jr.,

    Welcome to the Silsbee ISD website! As you search the district’s webpage, I hope you are able to find information that will be valuable and of interest to you.

    At Silsbee ISD, we focus on excellence in all that we do. Whether it is in the classroom, on the court, or on the field, we expect our staff and students to be committed to excellence. I ask that you join the SISD Board of Trustees, staff, and students as we strive to make Silsbee ISD the best it can be!

    Remember, “Excellence is an Attitude!”
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker, just because someone wasn't convicted of rape (BECAUSE OF A PLEA BARGAIN) doesn't mean he didn't rape her. This isn't a court of law, we're not even the goddamned media, and you know that the majority of rapists aren't convicted because it's insanely difficult to get rape convictions. You're an asshole, Voluntarily's an asshole, anyone who is defending this OBVIOUS FUCKING RAPIST is an asshole. And no, this is not Steubenville Fever, you unconscionable fucktard. Whether you like it or not, there are girls on the internet. And that means that after a certain age it is a STATISTICAL CERTAINTY that someone we know and care about was raped. And more times than not, the rapist got away with it. So here it is, happening again right in front of us, and not only do the courts fail her the first time, but the school fails her, and then the courts slap her down viciously for daring to speak up about the fucking problem. Because we all know that the only reason all of this rape stuff keeps coming up is because these girls won't SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.

    I'm not putting up with this anymore. It looks like there are other people here who are not willing to put up with it either. If you don't like how we react to it, stay the fuck out of the rape threads. No one wants to hear your bullshit apologist claptrap, you cockmongering backbirth.
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  3. Lol u mad?

    I'll go away when I get people as mad at the court and David Sheffield as they are at the school and Richard Bain.

    If the athlete were such an "obvious fucking rapist," I would think the DA was more responsible for protecting this girl than their school. You know, since the DA can get warrants and look at all the evidence and stuff that shows how "obvious" was this alleged rape. The kind of stuff that schools don't get to look at, since they are just schools. Oh, did I just make you mad again? Oops.
  4. Anonymous Member

    It's a diversion to talk about the DA and the rape or not rape.

    There is enough evidence to ask Mr Richard Bain to resign for his animal behaviour. That doesn't need a court to decide. Any ethical person can decide that. Do you want him to teach any of your children?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Mr. Richard Bain, Superintendent of Schools at Silsbee, helped a convicted criminal. This student threatened to kill several students and teachers after he raped a 16 year old girl. Richard Bain let him return to the team. Mr. Richard Bain is not moral, he should resign. He has no business working with children. He allows his students to be raped and threatened and kept the criminal on the Stilsbee team.
    Go team.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Mr Richard Bain, Superintendent of Silsbee Schools protects a rapist who threatens to shoot students and teachers. Mr. Richard Bain should be fired. He has caused a prolonged legal battle and wasted the public school money.
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  7. Of course the DA stuff is distraction.

    Just to clarify the point made earlier for Mr/Ms Voluntarily et al, about Mr Bain's responsibilities, let's put it this way:

    If you took a poll of moms & dads throughout the USA today, how many would vote in favour of ordering their daughter to applaud someone who molested them? Roughly zero, right?

    So Mr Bain, acting in the role of the child's parent while under his care, chose to do the opposite of what any parent would have done, without due regard to the effects on the child, for the greater good of the school, we must presume (at best).

    He failed in this primary responsibility for this child's welfare. The options he offered her were monstrous.
    He cannot justify his actions and so he needs to consider his position.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member
    Richard Bain, This Is What You Did

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  11. Anonymous Member
    Superintendent of Public Schools in Silsbee TX, Mr. Richard Bain, protected the student that threatened the lives of students and teachers in his district. He gave him back his place on the team. Go Tigers.
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  12. Well also, they would probably vote to remove their daughter from the school that allows the molester to attend.

    They would probably vote not to allow her to be a cheerleader at the school that allows her molester to attend and be an athlete.

    He chose to do what a parent would do if the child had said they would take on a responsibility, then refused to carry it out: he relieved the child of that responsibility.

    Bain didn't prevent the girl from attending basketball games AS A MEMBER OF THE AUDIENCE, where she would be totally entitled to exercise her right to free speech.

    One of the options may have been monstrous. I don't see how the other one, asking her to go home, was monstrous at all. It may as well have been the first in a series of basketball games that she was excused from cheering.

    Personally, I would find Bain's actions completely defensible (basically blameless) if he had tried to work out the solution I suggested earlier. It would have been great if had excused the girl from cheering subsequent basketball games, allowing her to cheer at all other sporting events, instead of expelling her from the squad.

    That would have protected everyone's interest, IMHO.
  13. It might have been expedient - especially for Mr Bain and the school - if they (the parents in this case) had done so, but they would have done so only after coming to the conclusion that the school had failed their daughter. In other words, it was the best of a bad lot. But it is highly dubious whether a majority of parents would vote for this as their preferred solution. That the victim should go away is always the expedient choice for perps. That's a clue.

    Again, you imagine that most parents would vote for the perp's favoured option. Highly dubious.

    So, you dispute the idea that no parent would order their child to applaud their molester? That's not highly dubious. It is dishonest. He specifically told her she must cheer for the particular boy who molested her. Your response reads like an attempt to obfuscate that fact.

    But she has to give up her place as a cheerleader, for the specific reason that she won't applaud her molester.

    It's basically cheer your molester or GTFO, isn't it? It's not good enough, however you try to dress it up.

    I am focusing on what occurred, not your hypothetical. Do you, or do you not, find Mr Bain's actions defensible?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I am not defending a "rapist", I am just not swept up by the success of stubenville like you are and looking to become the superheroes of rape victims.

    You nailed when you said " this is not a court of law" fuckin damn right it ain't, it's a fucking kangaroo court taking "evedence" off the netz then going after people!!! Wtf is wrong with you, you are not privy to any real evidence but from what you have read on your screen you are naming someone a rapist who has not been convicted of rape. Way to go anonymous.

    Shame on you, you should know better.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Anyone attempting to use the legal system to stand against a rapist, has the cards stacked against them automatically. They are singularly brave people for merely seeking justice in a public venue.

    That you cannot see the good done by anonymous or anyone standing behind these young women shocks me. The reality is that around the world there is a Rape culture that needs to change.

    The first step in that process is shining a great big light on it. Anonymous has a proven track record of shining a light and making good messages of change heard.

    I for one am completely in awe of all those that brought Jane Doe of Stuebenvilles case to the masses and stood behind her when she needed to feel that support. I think they are superheros, doing a damn fine job.
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  17. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Too late.

    I must ask for the dox on this. Not to discredit you or anything, but I bet we'd all love to see how that happened.

    Again: You are missing the point entirely.

    This has less to do with the fact the school failed the girl, but more to do with the fact the school did zip to penalize a player who plead guilty to misdemeanor assault. So the school not only failed the girl but rewarded the accused.

    Meanwhile, all she did was refuse to cheer. She didn't kill or rape anybody. Hell, she didn't even do anything even remotely illegal. She didn't cheer? Big fucking whoop de do. Yet they found that mere fact grounds to kick her completely out of the sport. This is evidence, but not conclusive proof as there is more told in their actions than this, that the school had no cares for the victim but was more concerned about the alleged rapist b-ball player.

    The school could have chucked them out of the sports for the misdemeanor assault charge they, you know, plead guilty to.

    Let me see if I can clear the confusion: A school has a right to expel members of an extra-curricular activity because it is a privilege, not a right and has no educational value in regards to core education (math, science, history, language, etc.). That is why some states have the No-Pass-No-Play rule in place: So students focus on the core education and not spend all their time on the trivial stuff.

    So yeah: The school could have kicked the player/players out because they committed a crime they plead guilty to. Instead, the school just brushed it off after the legal hullabaloo requirements and did nothing to indicate the student was punished for the crime they plead guilty to.

    You know, your nativity would be cute if it weren't so sad. If you sincerely think the school would have kept her on the team with a permanent RO against another player, you are sadly mistaken...

    Of course they'd boot her out if the RO became permanent. However, they'd not be so obvious or open about it. They'd be finding any justification, whether it be what she did here by not cheering or some lame reason, to have an excuse to expel her. Basically: they'd be putting her under a microscope trying to find any justifiable reason, whether serious or complete bullshit, to expel her.

    If you sincerely think that things like that doesn't happen, then you are more naive than I originally thought...

    So, yes they would have done as I am sure they would have done. They just wouldn't broadcast the real reason they booted her. Instead, they'd found some complete bogus reason to do it. "OMG! She was 5 mins late to class! Boot her out!" would be a great example and be totally legit legally wise if there was some rule in place to justify it in the school's rules.

    Of course, if you can prove with dox I am wrong, I'd love to be convinced otherwise.

    Meanwhile, a player gets a criminal charge put on him and he is still allowed to play. THAT is the issue here. This nonsense about the courts, or the fact the RO didn't become permanent, or the fact the courts didn't perform the way popular opinion wanted it to isn't the point.

    The point has been: An alleged rapist that got an assault charge was allowed to continue unabated with his LOLable sports career and the victim who didn't break any laws was penalized over a bullshit issue.
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  18. WMAnon Member

    So, it is worth pointing out that this story is two years old.
  19. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Is there any updates since then or has this been a huge troll thread that we all fell for?
  20. WMAnon Member

    I think we got trolled hard.
  21. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Ehh... perhaps. Perhaps not considering that the whole Stupidville incident has brought to light a great deal of things like this.

    Still, I am curious about how much of an impact this had on the town and how the incident in OH has played on the victim and the alleged rapist.
  22. Actually, we are arguing about an incident that took place in 2009.
    The complaint of the girl's family, filed by their lawyer; that makes them the plaintiffs:

    The courts failed this girl.

    The school was just doing its job, providing opportunities to students. Yes, school even have to provide opportunities to students who have made mistakes.

    Every year there are stories about NCAA athletes who have been reinstated for play in spite of being convicted of this crime or that crime. Even adult students get second chances at athletics, after crimes. Minor students should be entitled as well.

  23. Anonymous Member

    Richard Bain told a girl to cheer a boy who convicted of assaulting her. Voluntarily, can you disclose your interest in this? I'm going to call this animal, everyday. If you don't shut up, I call twice. That's very therapeutic even after 10 years. Pointless to argue with you.
  24. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I don't think there is a debate as to whether the powers that could have protected her failed this girl or not. The issue and the point is: Despite it "doing it's job", was it the right thing to allow the alleged rapist to continue playing after the fact he plead guilty to assault? Was it the "right thing to do" to kick HS out of cheerleading for something so pedestrian mouse shit as not cheering?

    Despite how you defend it: It does not look good and certainly isn't fair to the victim. Just because it is "their job" or "the law", it does not make it "right" especially with how the school blatantly (or inadvertently) showed favoritism towards the criminal player.

    However, now that the fact this occurred in 2009 has been revealed, it is hard to say for certain if any actions would matter now and renders this discussion almost pointless. Perhaps the girl is happily married and having a successful career while the rapist is in prison somewhere getting a little karmic justice? We can only hope...
  25. My interest in all of this? I miss Herro, of course.

    Truthfully, I think you're all rabidly going after one person who may share some fault in this, but there's plenty more blame to go around for this situation.

    I'm just trying to redirect that blame to some of the people worthy of it. That includes court officers who failed this girl.

    Moar dox:
  26. Anonymous Member

    Old but still unjust. Bain is still Superintendent of Silsbee Schools in Texas. He is still drawing a 6 figure salary. She is still raped and humiliated.
  27. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    First: Herro has forsaken us. While I miss Herro, I find solace in the fact he's somewhere showing people how to do it right or trolling the everliving shit out of them...Probably both.

    Second: Despite the fact it is 4 years old, I am not "rabidly going after one person", but rather a system that these people put in place and enforce that let a player with a misdemeanor assault charge get off scuff free while the victim of said assault gets kicked out for refusing to cheer for the scumball.

    In other words:

    Guilty of a crime? It's OK!

    Refuse to cheer like a dancing chimp? ZOMG! Panic tiem NAO!one!!!one11!11!!1

    Refuse to cheer for the scumball that raped you, but got away with a petty misdemeanor charge? STOP! /b/anHammer Time!

    THAT is what people should be pissed about. If the school system at least punished the sludge player for getting an assault charge, then perhaps there would be some justice done. However, all the school did by letting this rodent play is set a bad example that the school won't give fucks for doing something serious (like assault) as long as you continue playing by their rules (or keep winning games, whichever suits your fancy).

    Yeah, other sports teams and organizations do this shit too as you have mentioned, however the fact they do that doesn't make it any more right or valid to allow it to happen. All it teaches kids is that if you are a moderately decent sports star, you can get away with anything because you're too valuable to lose.
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  28. WMAnon Member

    I would hope that she's been able to heal some in the four years since her attack. It's not helpful to treat women who have been sexually assaulted as permanently damaged by default (although some women certainly feel that pain for their whole lives). Feeding the "damaged goods" narrative and all.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    But Richard Bain must be "healed", or he will continue teaching your children.
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. System Member

    im trying so hard to stay out of this but i will say this i gain huge respect for WMAnon and Paroxetine Samurai
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  32. Anonymous Member

    To analyze using the "theory of mind", trolling for no purpose is primitive, waste of energy and according to evolution, trolls (with no purpose) will not end well or last long. (Where's Herro?) Without a purpose, the reward that a troll gets is at most "I am good". But first hand thought is primitive as in apes. Human excels in virtual thoughts, the thoughts of other people. Feeling for the butt hurt in many other people's mind is just butt hurt x over 9000.

    If you do some good deeds, you can share the thoughts of many people you helped. They don't even need to say thank you. You rewards are happy thoughts, or just happiness, from many sources, way more than you can experience due to your own experiences. You can't experience a famine a hundred times, but you can easily feed a hundred people.
  33. Anonymous Member
  34. Anonymous Member

    To actually maximize your secondary thought, the response of the other people on the receiving end, call the ISD 409-980-7897, option 4, until some admin have the guts to answer the phone.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Mark it "personal and confidential"
  36. Anonymous Member

    Thats a fax
  37. Anonymous Member

    And put in any fliers you have lying around.
    "We never forgive
    We never forget
    Expect us"
  38. Anonymous Member

    If you bothered to read the facts you will find that the kid did get punished for the misdemeanor assault, he also got taken out of school as part of the punishment, once the time has been served the school cannot go after this kid for the same offence. You are letting emotion get in the way of rational thinking. Being anti rape or anti rape culture does not give you the right to form a kangaroo court, sign up a posse and go after anyone who is "charged but not convicted" of rape. The school has to be seen to act fairly to all students, this case was handled at court, kid was punished, taken out of school for a period and then returned to school after time served, if the school then went after him and punished further he could sue the school and I'm damn sure he would win.

    The school also cannot accept the reason "because he raped me" as that was not proved in court, no matter how angry that makes you, it's a fact, it's an alleged crime so the school cannot act, all they have is a girls accusation. If the kid had been found guilty of rape then they could have acted on her plea. You cannot take action or punish people just on allegations. We are not in the wild west.
  39. Anonymous Member

    How hated is the Silsbee ISD over the intertubes? (since 2011)
    Thanks to Silsbee High School and Superintendent Richard Bain Jr., for rewarding the young woman’s bravery with the tacit message to shut up because winning sports games is more important than her assault, and for affirming yet again to girls and women around the world that seeking justice for a sexual assault is the fastest and easiest way to get victimized all over again, except in more public and expensive ways.

    That's why nobody answer the phone.
    409-980-7800 (sorry about the fax no.)

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