Chicago – Legal challenge to 150 ft. protest buffer

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Darth Xander, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. BigBeard Member


    I won't hold my breath on the law being struck from the books. At the same time I think the city legal beagles need to get hammered if they don't get the word to the CPD to stop enforcing this stupid law NOW, even if the Cof$ keeps bawwwing.

  2. Darth Xander Member

    Right there with you BB. Writing the brief now so I can file it April 10th if necessary. Its time for this nonsense to end.
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  3. Loki's spawn Member

    Each Sunday, the church chaplain or another minister conducts a service for members of the church, which is open to non-members as well.

    I wonder if it would be possible to get some anons in there during the service to start some subtle enturbulating. Just a thought.
  4. You would think so, but in dealing with Chicago's law enforcement and legal departments, my experience (which is very limited and restricted only to Scientology stuff) leads me to believe that simply assuming that the they're on the same page is a recipe for potential disappointment, because they don't always communicate well.

    And I think it's a legit concern. Because from what I'm hearing, in the initial calls to PD Dist. 19 asking them what they knew, they hadn't heard anything from the city's legal eagles and would need some sort of official directive to be acting differently. Maybe it's still coming down the pipeline, but I wouldn't completely bank on it. So barring that, it could quite possibly be the same old song and dance at our April protest at the org, where they're threatening to arrest people again.

    I love our cops, but sometimes it feels like Dist. 19 is on a different planet in terms of communicative isolation. Which is why I think we have to work extra hard to make sure they don't miss the legal department's memo (again).

    Thank you very much for your offer to help. Right now I think the situation is such that further calls to the station are unnecessary and probably won't be very productive, and we'll need to be using other channels.

    It's very possible that, down the road, we could find a call or two useful down the road - for example, to confirm whether we have a green light the night before the April 9th protest, so we know what to expect. If you're down for making a quick phone call to the popo for us at some point in the future, send me a PM, because your help would be awesome. 2ymukab.gif
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  5. thefatman Member

    What? And risk getting arrested? Just because non-members are allowed doesn't mean they'll let us rock up.
  6. BigBeard Member

    Okay, the Cof$ website says:


    (Translation: Celebrations are held on Friday if Thursday's stats are met.)

    So Cof$'s own web site says services are on Sunday and Friday. And, in typical Cof$ fashion, gives the impression these services are typical of those held at any other church that last from one to one and a half hours. So, aside from out of thin air or trying to claim auditing sessions are "church services", where are the orgs coming up with the BS they hold services that last all day on any other day of the week????

  7. OTBT Member

    Read post #94 carefully. Scientology tries to define "service" to include auditing and training. A "service" in this context is auditing or training a member pays for.

    This "service" is done inside the walls of their "church".

    Hence "church service". All day, every day.

    Typical scientology re-definition of words to suit their agenda.

    And of course, scientologists are totally wrong.

    You are right, according to their scientology website, there is 1 "Sunday Service", which lasts for maybe an hour, and 1 Friday "graduation service" which should last less than 1 hour. Max of 2 hours per week.
  8. BigBeard Member

    One can only hope the Cof$'s on web site can be used to hammer home the point with city legal folks these clowns have been making false claims and using the CPD as tools to harass Anons under color of law.

  9. Loki's spawn Member

    I didn't mean just walking in and saying "xenu lol" I meant being subtle about it, planting seeds of doubt in the newcomers. Also, I don't think they can arrest us for going in, when the public is allowed. Kick us out, maybe.
  10. thefatman Member

    No, they can't arrest you, but they can get you arrested. Going into the org is possibly the stupidest thing you can do.
  11. OTBT Member

    ^ ^ ^
  12. 3rdMan Member

    Unless you were never identified by the church in the first place.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Or in the future place. Besides, do you know where their PIs have been?
  14. thefatman Member

    Even so, don't fucking waste your time. The odds of them having newcomers is pointless, and even moreso if you think a seasoned cultie won't pick up on the fact that you're trying to enturbulate.

    Furthermore, they watch these boards, they now know you're going to try it.
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  15. anonymous612 Member

    This. Lern2/b/lackops. This isn't a safe plan AT ALL.
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  16. OTBT Member

    Yes, it's true. Scilons scour this board for infos, scilons have made some changes within a day or so of a big stink on WWP. Look at the Wendy Honnor thread. Her claim of curing cancer with sciloncrap auditing got pulled within hours of a mocking fest made here.
  17. Xenu Is Lord Member

    There is also the issue of national standard. How does this ORG differ from others. It does not and it is clear they are abusing the law.
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  18. Darth Xander Member

    It gives me great pleasure to inform my fellow Anons I received a letter from City of Chicago Corporation Counsel Mara Georges today. The letter states, in part, "[d]ue to concerns about the constitutional validity of Section 8-4-010(j) of the Municipal Code, the City does not intend to enforce this particular ordinance at this time." I will post a copy of the letter as soon as I scan it and then figure out how to post it.

    Finally. To the Org!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Good news. Glad to see common sense and basic lawful rights have been maintained in the fine City of Chicago.

    I think an especially noisy protest is in order, just to let them know that they have been rumbled, their bawwwing has been dismissed.

    Most importantly - it PROVES once again that there are no OT powers or any of that shit. Just scared little people in a cult acting like scared children.
  20. amaX Member

    Awesome news ChiTownAnons! Love y'all!
  21. anonymous612 Member


    Someone buy that man cookies!
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  22. thefatman Member

    Rest assured, it's still up and I have screengrabs of it :)

    Mah bad, the cancer shite is down but the rest of it is still up.
  23. OTBT Member

    YES ! Well Done !!

    Waiting for scans to be posted.
  24. moarxenu Member

    This was a triumph, making a note here huge success.
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  25. 3rdMan Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Unless you want to strip half-naked, cover your body with vaseline and pubic hair, and run inside the Org knocking over carts full of Dianetics,
    and dual-wielding katana swords for extra LULZ.
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  27. DeathHamster Member

  28. xenubarb Member

    Doin' the Mexican Happy Dance in San Diego. Oh damn, squished mah sombrero!
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  29. BigBeard Member

    This is great news! Did they cc: the org on this and tell them to knock off bothering the CPD when Anons show up??

    Got to admit that "at this time" bit at the end bothers me a bit. Seems to invite shennanigans by people that like to twist the plain meaning of words into pretzels.

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  30. Darth Xander Member

    No, no cc to the Org. But I'll be sure to make an extra copy for the police to provide Org staff on Saturday. More importantly, she did cc the police department's general counsel. Hopefully, he'll take some steps to actually implement this policy.The letter I received is essentially the same letter the ACLU received when they made their inquiry. Tool Edeling refused to even look at that letter at the February raid when he chased us away.

    Yes, the "at this time" language is pretty weak. BUT informal assurances such as this one are always necessarily pretty weak. They only last so long as the person who makes them stays in office. I'm not quite sure if Ms. Georges will continue in her position when Mr. Emanuel takes over.

    No matter though. I plan on attending the monthlies for a very long time. If the situation changes, I'll be there to deal with it.
  31. Darth Xander Member

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  32. anonymous612 Member

    Yeah, but Montana people are weird like that.
  33. Darth Xander Member

    You should see the letter. Didn't the Unabomber (Go Blue!) live in Montana?
  34. anonymous612 Member

    Like I said. Montana people are like that.

    Coincidentally Wikipedia tells me he was born in Chicago. So Chicago people are like that too?
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  35. Darth Xander Member

    And Michigan grads! Go Blue!!!!!
  36. over9000OT Member

    So. Much. Win.

    You guys put the WIN in Windy City.
  37. Darth Xander Member

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  38. thats-racist.gif
  39. Smurf Member

    Nevertheless, you & the other anons need to be very wary of your surroundings now that this has happened. I's sure Randy Kretchmar & OSA-Legal is not pleased and from personal experience, can attest that Randy can be ruthless when things don't go the way he wants them too. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that a Chicago version of the 'Anon Sparrow experience' takes place in the future.
  40. incog712 Member

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