Chicago Anons Meet with CCHR (No, Not That CCHR)

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Darth Xander, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Darth Xander Member

    Not sure what interest this is to others, but for purposes of posterity if nothing else I though I'd do a write-up on Paladin and I's meeting with the Chicago Committee on Human Relations (CCHR) on Friday, August 19th. This meeting came about as the result of an CCHR staffer, Aracelis Castaneda, coming out to the May raid and asking for a sit down. I know there are haters (not mentioning any names SS), but I have a hard time turning folks down who want to talk about why I protest Scientology.

    Anyway, so we met with three staffers total. The supervisor opened the meeting with a synopsis of CCHR's mission. He told us that Co$ Illinois is a member of the North Side Task Force on Human Relations, an independent initiative of CCHR. He did not specifically say so, but it became apparent that through this forum our Scilon friends brought Chicago Anons' putatively illegal demonstrations in front of the Org to their attention. Over the course of his introductory comments he made a couple of references to protesting out of anger and whatnot. As soon as I had the opportunity to speak, I quickly corrected him and let it be known we are not motivated by anger but rather concern for our fellow citizens. I also noted we try to be as respectful and courteous as possible and do not harass or follow anyone coming or going from the Org.

    At that point he dug into questions about blocking the sidewalk and harassing people. Once again we laid out how we operate well within legal parameters while protesting and he seemed to accept that. I guess now they intend to meet with Co$ and talk to them about our meeting. He said something about coming to an agreement to disagree and maybe helping them come to understand we have every right to be there. That's just my sense of things.

    I'm not really sure what the practical affect of the meeting will be, if anything. However, I'm glad for the meeting in that we no doubt dispelled some of the negative impressions of us the Scilons left them with. And, if anything, we've at least educated three more folks about the lies and abuses of the cult.
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  2. Miranda Member

    Excellent, glad you had this meeting. It does sound like everyone handled it well.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    "North Side Task Force on Human Relations, an independent initiative"

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. Could be useful.
  4. Darth Xander Member

  5. xenubarb Member

    Some videos would've been nice. Like, "Here's me in Clearwater, Florida, trying to exercise my right to free speech. As you can see here, the Scientologists in Florida have verbified "umbrella.""

    You were bumbershot! They might find it interesting, as well as the story of San Jose and that Human Rights office, DeLorme, who printed out defamatory fliers at public expense (and the behest of one John "SquiBa" Allender) defaming Anonymous. And speaking of Allender, some vid of him kooking out in SquiBaz outfits and camera headed paddleboats could only help your cause.

    Then there's the international head of the OTHER CCHR, covering up molestation of a child...makes their human rights inclinations kind of sound like a joke, doesn't it.
  6. greebly Member

    Don't forget to use any protest footage you wish.
  7. anonsparrow Member

    Nice work. Communication is the something something. (Seriously)
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  8. Well done, Darth! Kudos! <3 !
  9. xenubarb Member

    Universal solvent?
  10. Chipshotz Member

    Nice work Xander. You keep this up you'll end up with a cult of your own.
  11. AnonLover Member

    Well done & well played chifags!

    if there's a 2nd sit down tho... do take laptop + vids. let 'em see actual footage rather than reading stupid forum posts.
  12. moarxenu Member

    Great work, Xander!

    When I read your account I got very nervous because it brought to mind the 19-month-long subversion of Delorme McKee-Stovall by the three San Jose DSAs to defame Anonymous San Jose. She was head of the Network For A Hate-Free Community. tikk has the story.

    It sounds like your made a good impression. Is the "agreement to diagree" between CCHR and the cult or are they thinking of brokering an agreement between and Anon?

    These hate crimes watchdogs are big on demanding anger management courses and re-indoctrination into political correct positions on hate crimes, particularly religious hate crimes. Check out CCHR's mission statement and copy pasta justifying their existence:

    So it looks like the scifags pegged you as cyberterrorist religious hate criminals and made your demonstrating a wedge issue with CCHR since their epic fail with the religious services protesting ordinance was epic.

    I think it would be very useful to find out from CCHR what OSA told CCHR about Anon and whether they received the 53-page defamation booklet on Anon and the anti-Anon DVD.

    You have done nothing wrong and are under no obligation to help CCHR save face by entering into "mediation", anger management, re-indoctrination or any other faggotry.

    The First Amendment does not demand that you be polite. You can be a vulgar as the NYC anons if you want to.

    Let's put this thing in perspective. It is not like Anon protesting is going to ignite something as major as a race war. The cult is manufacturing an issue of "Community Tensions" to "handle" government officials and get them to believe Anon is a hate group.
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  13. For the sake of completeness, I'm gonna copy over the initial account from the other person who attended this meeting, Chicago's very own Paladin:

    Xander and I had a nice chat with the folks at the Chicago Commission on Human Relations this morning. This meeting was a result of CO$ accusations about our protesting at their org. I think we did a good job of letting them know that we are not hateful or angry protesters. I believe CCHR is planning on having a meeting with CO$ about what was said. I am looking forward to hearing the results of that meeting.
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  14. [IMG]
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  15. Darth Xander Member

    There's plenty more coming. And its funny you mention someone ending up with a cult of his own. If its anyone, my money's on Paladin. You read it here first.

    Thanks for your comments MoarXenu. I think they think of themselves simply as brokers, but not in any formal sense. At least I don't think so. The supervisor did mention they do mediation in his opening comments, but he didn't really bring it up again after we had our say.

    I knew of the whole San Jose disgrace, but didn't think it would be fair to allow it to prevent us from meeting. And I understand these agencies typically are repositories of a certain type of pc thinking, especially in a city like Chicago, but you'll forgive me for thinking that I can convince anyone with half a brain of the righteousness of our cause.

    After talking with them, its my sense they don't see this as some potentially big issue they need to get on RIGHT NOW or things will blow up. There's no doubt in my mind the Scis went to them and started blabbering about hate crimes. So CCHR felt compelled to get involved. They did, they heard our side and basically accepted it. At the end of our discussion the supervisor talked about how we have every right to be out there every month (or whenever we want) and there's nothing the Scis can do about it.

    I too would be interested in knowing what anti-Anon materials the Scis circulated with CCHR. I know they have that booklet at the Chicago Org and have shown it to the police at least one time. If we meet with CCHR again, I'll be sure to ask.
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  16. adhocrat Member

    The problem was that the Network didn't reach out to talk at all. Delorme told me she watched a protest and NEVER BOTHERED TO TALK TO A PROTESTER.

    Sorry, I'll stop shouting but her admission was astounding to me. She said she watched them protest on a major thoroughfare, and came to the conclusion that we were a hate group because we confronted some scientologists about the cult.

    She also listened very respectfully, andlet us know she understood our concerns.

    Then 18 months later she issued a second flier, again without talking to any anons and again with cult written language.

    It's a good sign they reached out to you. I hope they are sincere.
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  17. jensting Member

    Obviously, it wouldn't be as simple as Delorme having a favourite clam celebrity?

    I hope so too.

  18. moarxenu Member

    Thanks for your comments, Xander. I think my concerns may be somewhat over-driven due to Delorme. Perhaps this is an opportunity to educate CCHR. They might enjoy a copy of Janet Reitman or Hugh Urban's book.
  19. xenubarb Member

    I put this booklet up w/out adding on any profit so u can haz at lulu's cost. It needs updating, but has basic stuff to counter the cult's booklet.

    It makes for a nice presentation, as it looks pretty spiffy.
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  20. Darth Xander Member

    I thought about sending them links to the St. Pete Times articles, but didn't sense enough interest on their part to warrant it. As someone fascinated with Scientology, I have a hard time fathoming such disinterest by others. But it happens I guess. Tragic.
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  21. Sponge Member

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  22. In my world this is one of the most difficult parts of chanology activism...talking to general public people about scientology abuses, judging when their eyes will glaze over, and cutting myself off well before that point. As Piet Hein says
    "Toast until it smokes and then
    twenty seconds less."
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  23. subgenius Member

    Should have shown them your videos of how they treated you in Clamwater.
  24. timthephoto Member

    pardon me for being cynical..

    but the people in left in clam-ville now are total nut job IAS card carrying lunartics on the insane mission to Clear the Planet by hook or by crook (mostly by crook).

    the only reason they want to meet with anyone and talk about anything is so they can gather intel & get their stat points by submitting whatever they gain in a KR

    so the question begs, and i'll put it in clamologese "EP of that meeting for them was -?"
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  25. I'm hopeful that'll be the difference here - ChicagoCHR may have been fed a bunch of bullshit by Scientology, but the fact that they appeared to listen to the other side and take it into account should mean something. I don't get the feeling they'll just continue to regurgitate the cult mantra of hate group ala Delorme.

    You're probably right and they're just trying to do the Scientology thing of getting people into mediation and trying to leverage gov't pressure against critics. But so what? I don't care if some some OSA volunteer gets brownie points. It didn't accomplish anything, and I believe their stupid stats obsession is part of what keeps them hamstrung.

    As with the workers at orgs who handwrite dozens or hundreds of letters a week begging people to come back in for course, I think they tend to confuse activity with achievement.
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  26. 3rdMan Member

    Wow. The fact now Chicago Anons are getting the attention of a 3rd party organization in this manner says something about you guys. I may have to upgrade your status from badass motherfuckers to holy-shit-awesome motherfuckers, with bacon!

    Yeah if your meeting with these guys again, ask what Scientology is saying and what materials, or references, they are using. It would be courteous of the CCHR to provide such; else you would have no idea where Scientology is coming from aside from their own base dogma.

    Edit: Also it might be a good idea to bring notes, video evidence, and materials regarding the stuff Scientology has tried to pin on Anonymous.
    -Allegations of violence - Discounted by FBI statement mentioned on CNN's interview with Tommy Davis
    -The fabricated bomb threat - TD's confession that the account it was originally uploaded on was owned by Scientology, corresponding DVD and booklet produced by Scientology, and the fact that the FBI has not pinned this to Anonymous sense it appeared. Also the fact Anons proved Scientology's DVD has the only known original copy of it.
    -Hate group accusations: Be ready to point out the difference between hate groups and yourselves. Protesting methodology, sources of information, peaceful demeanor, and legalized methods are important.
    -Hackvist relations - Important to note Anonymous has no hierarchy or any Anon-to-Anon accountability. There is no management, no principles, and no official rules. This is as much a flaw as it is strength of Anonymous but it still means the responsibility for actions of some Anons are not shared by others.

    Anyways hope this helps.
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  27. Paladin Member

    It was difficult for Xander and I to prepare for this meeting. We tried to e-mail them a few questions about why they wanted to meet with us before we went there but they didn't want to tell us anything until the meeting. The only thing we could do was to be as friendly as possible and honestly answer whatever questions they had for us.

    I explained that I had no anger or hate toward Scientologists because I used to be one myself. I told them that I would not be protesting Scientology if CO$ had not contacted me 30 years after I left. I explained that I was protesting to prevent others from wasting their time and money as I did by informing people about the truth of Scientology.

    They asked us what messages were on our signs. I told them about my sign that reads "Scientology clears bank accounts" on one side and "Scientology turns family into WOGs" on the other side. Of course, I had to explain what a WOG is and they didn't seem to like that too much. I told them that we like to use humour to keep things peaceful and that one sign reads "Scientology kills ninjas" with a picture of a mutant ninja turtle on it. They seemed to think that was funny.

    Their biggest concern seemed to be that we are called Anonymous. I explained that we are not computer hackers like the people they may have heard about in the news. I told them to read the WWP forum threads in the new members area to learn more about us.

    I would absolutely love to have another meeting with whatever representitives CO$ may send.
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  28. 3rdMan Member

    Good move there. Especially emphasizing your an ex, which is important cause exes are a critical source of info and one of two reasons that these protests are a medium to inform.
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  29. adhocrat Member

    OTOH the cult calls us 'disaffected' members, not exes, to show how we are not to be trusted, since of course you can't trust an apostate or disaffected member

    I don't use the term ex except as shorthand. i prefer 'a former victim of the con game known as scientology.'
    Long winded, but it gets the point across.
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  30. Sonichu Moderator

    "That's the one! Parlay!"

    oh wait... ooops.
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  31. Will this affect our ability to protest in any way?
  32. Darth Xander Member

    Absolutely not.
  33. xenubarb Member

    Uhm...we're also called Project Chanology, the tentacle of anon that deals with all things Scientological. Maybe we need to edge away from that Anonymous label. It's like the label 'church,' that when used with Scientology flips automatic switches in people's heads and confuses the cult with actual religions.

    Now we're having the same problem with titles. I don't want to be associated with WITP. Identifying ourselves as Proj. Chanology can remove a lot of that confusion.
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  34. moarxenu Member







    Also, tits...

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  35. 3rdMan Member

    An excellent idea Moarxenu! Chifags should bring those to the next meeting!
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  36. Anonymous Member

    If they still don't believe you Xander and others get them to phone the Met.
    WITP are complete amateurs at dealing with the public or authority.

    Hence they have already been arrested for being "cheeky" after the "riots" and having no respect for the worried general public around them.
  37. ZeroZero Member way of getting instnat attention
  38. Congratulations, you now have the most imminent tits on WWP.
    I humbly bow to you.

    (Oh, god, take those smily things off, I wanna SEEEEE......thank you, amen and all that)
  39. moarxenu Member

    I'll just leave this here:
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