Chicago, June 2016 - It's a scorcher out there!

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Strong Strength, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. This was just a quickie visit to our local center. The front door was decked out in some new type of underwater theme?!

    It was a Maiden Voyage event day, but we didn't see many people showing up for it. It was also held at our local org, which appears to be a downgrade from last year, when they were at the Oak Park Arts Center.

    Many of the Scientologists (including some familiar faces) opted to use the back door instead, except for Crazy Laugh Lady, who seemed a little insane.

    Good to be out there again!





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  2. Those vinyl fish on the door appear like a failed attempt to make it look all tropical and "voyagey".

    So festive. lol
  3. RightOn Member

    Wow they really went all out. Huh?
    Stick four stickers on the glass, but don't paint the door whatever you do, keep it looking like shit.
    As always, their depressing window displays are depressing. WIN!

    Good on you guys checking in and keeping up the pressure!
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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Were you intentionally aiming the "SCAM" arrow at yourself in that last pic, or was some OT being all at cause over you and stuff?
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  5. TorontosRoot Member

    Seems aimed at the cult's mORGue. :p

    Great job.
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  6. ThetanBait Member

    Well done. When did they change the overhead sign from blue to red?
  7. Do fish swim? Do fish swim? Do fish swim?

    The flounder sticker represents the attempts of the Chicago CoS to grow their userbase. Because they're floundering. Get it? Ha ha ha ha!

    The killer whale, on the other hand, represents the viciousness of the out-of-state reggers when they come into town.

    I think it was last year sometime that they changed from the blue and yellow "Blockbuster Video" motif. If you look at the sign from closer up, you can see the slightly iffy-looking paintbrush strokes of whoever did it by hand.

    The older blue sign used to light up at night, but it started to flicker kinda weirdly. I've never seen them try to light up the current version of the sign.

    I think the new red and yellow kinda makes it look like a fast food place or something.
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  8. sea-20world-jpg.258622.jpg

    Holy mackerel, that's a whale of a story, something very fishy is going on at that org.. Scientology gives me such a haddock, I would have been there if I cod. Thanks for the pics and floundering around there just for the halibut.

    I wish the Scientologists would swim to freedom like this whale, there's been an awful lot of net cut for them. Wake up, you have a life to lead for yourself and others, please do not lead a life promoting this abusive, greedy, scamming cult of L. Ron Hubbard that has disconnected families and bankrupted members for decades. It's your life, your choice, full indoctrination will take away your choice. Don't fuck it up, stay away from the dreadful cult of Scientology.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    I wonder which is more accurate, the lettering on the door or the (LA administrated) website?
    I like the change of the overhead sign backgrounds from blue to red. Looks like DANGER.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

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  11. Quentinanon Member

    Needs moar space alien decals.

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  12. The video footage only took 2 months to go up!

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  13. TorontosRoot Member

    About interneting time!
  14. RightOn Member

    Late is good too
    Thanks for going out there and keeping up the pressure
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  15. xPumaFangx Member

    Are the protests at Chicago still active?
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Check for “Scientology “ in your area. You’ll have to ignore their propaganda
  17. PainterofLite Member

  18. xPumaFangx Member

    Fuckfuckshit. I will think of something else.
  19. TorontosRoot Member

    If the org is still open, but dead, maybe putting a few large-print stickers on the windows would help. ;) (especially if it's not "ideal" yet, stick with the relevance especially, such as "IDEAL WHAT? "IDEAL" MY ASS!!")

    It's what I am considering for the toronto abandoned mOrg (since they moved to 284 king east), it's ripe for it, or chalking.
  20. PainterofLite Member

    That might be illegal vandalism.
  21. TorontosRoot Member

    As far as I know, stickers aren't illegal, same thing as sidewalk chalk.
  22. PainterofLite Member

    I would advise checking the law wherever someone was thinking of doing it.
  23. TorontosRoot Member

    Depending on the city, bylaws say different, and often override provincial (state) laws.

    Pretty sure it's not illegal. Nor is using carpet or duct tape to form segmented letters.
  24. PainterofLite Member

    I would advise checking the law wherever someone was thinking of doing it.
  25. xPumaFangx Member

    I am glad to see people being active.

    I am going to open up here. TL;PR

    With out the juicy details.

    My brother is a member. He has been one for like 12 years now. Normally, we do not hear about what he does there. Hell for the longest time I thought he out grew it and moved on. He did tell our uncle in 2019 that he was Cristian.

    Last month, I think members of Sea org, show up at my front door at 8:45 at night. They where wearing these dumb looking black and white suits. they basically badgered me about, with who I was, and They even thought I was my brother. I told them to leave, rudely. They did not. He runs down the stairs telling me he will handle this. Then he takes them into our garage, they talked. He was about to let them into our home. I threatened to kill them both for trespassing. Then they ran off screaming fair game.

    The conversation they had I had to basically translate because they where using jargon from this cult. Which I have had to learn.

    He told them he wanted to go OT 2, That he needed to go clear. That he wanted to clear our house. The words 2.0 where tossed around. He wants to leave here and go to Clear water. One of the suits said he was Sea Org. Than he wanted my brother to join Sea Org. The Suits said there is a church in Lombard.

    This was all at 8:45pm till about 9:00 or 9:30pm it ended at night.

    This has left me jaded.

    I have been trying to contact people who where at the protests in Chicago on Youtube in the Youtube comments. Key word used in Youtube search engine is, scientology protests chicago 2018. Main Channels found are Chicago Protests Scientology, and Ivelisse Hilario. I want to talk with Ivelisse Hilario and left a message in linked video.

    I think I know what a few of you look like.

    I want to legally do some damage to this cult. I will do that alone or with anyone willing to help out.

    My plan is in two folds.

    1. Get my brother to leave Scientology.
    I plan on doing this with a intervention. Which means talking with psychologists. He is clearly been brainwashed and is delusional. I know this because traumatic experiences he has had in his life has been removed from his memory.

    2. Protest, even up to taking the cult to court.
    With protesting I plan on getting people together because it is safer to protest together.
    A. Have a group of people offer to teach the lessons of scientology for free, in public. Done so in a way where the cult cannot take anyone to court.
    B. Offer free pneumonia vaccines.
    C. Contact the cult telling them that members have seen anti cult web sites. With this I think I could get members kicked out.

    Help I hope to get. I want to know at least one ex member willing to talk with my brother. I hope some one from the Chicago Org.

    3. Start debunking dianetics. Really do it page for page.
  26. TorontosRoot Member

    It's likely already been done. Doing it in person will be the hardest thing, the most you can do for your bother is convince him not to sign the billion year contract. Tell him it's illegal.
  27. xPumaFangx Member

    Thank you. Yes any contract that shows a Lack of Capacity, Duress, Undue Influence, Misrepresentation, Nondisclosure, Unconscionability, Public Policy, Mistake, and Impossibility.

    In this type of contract I feel safe to assume that it falls under Impossibility.

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