Chicago POSTGAME -- Jan. 8th, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Strong Strength, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. It was cold as hell. Well, not like Canada-cold. But still, cold.








  2. Anonymous Member

    It looks Hella Cold!! Nice ASS.
  3. Paladin Member

    It certainly became a test of endurance to stand for about 3 hours in freezing temperatures. In the video, we all shouted "Yea Xander!" then joked about how we were shouting a slogan just then. That's because in the citation that was issued to Xander, CO$ accused us of shouting slogans when we did no such thing during the October protest.
  4. Dra Member

    It was certainly cold brrrr.... but with not much wind and no snow I'll take it!

    Rockin' video as usual, awesome company, and loved the flash raid. :)
  5. Haha, I found myself in the "official" video of the flash raid, but only for a few seconds, and the angle of the mask I had on means you couldn't really see it. (I was hoping for a V mask appearance!)
  6. conatus Member

    franky, I thought it would be windier
  7. 3rdMan Member

    Ah, glad to see Millenium Park is still happening.
  8. Kanonimus Member

    M & M cookies, Anons find them oh so yummy...

    You all must have ball/cicles of steel to brave that cold.

    Nice work!
  9. esdsdie Member

    lol art school kid.
    I'm sorry I missed this, but I had personal stuff to deal with and I thought that the day when it was cold as balls outside would be the best day to do it all.
    I'll see you all in February maybe? And isn't there another court date for Xander coming up soon, or am I just imagining that?
  10. Paladin Member

    Xander's court date is Thursday, January 13th at 9am.

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