Chicago Scientology postgame - April 14, 2012

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Strong Strength, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Get your game face on











    Just dumping photos off fast, maybe the others want to do the recap.
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  2. Darth Xander Member


    Low key start to today's raid as they had the front door completely covered up before we even arrived. But it didn't take long for things to get interesting. Social Reform Officer Marla Flora came out, set up a camera and took video of us. After about maybe 10 minutes of this she packed up and went inside BUT NOT before giving three Anons hugs.


    CPD kept watch over us from the start for about an hour (!). As soon as the officer took off we busted out the chalk and went to town. Marla then came back out to take pictures of the chalked up sidewalk. A couple of us decamped for the back entrance at lunch time, and apparently there was a lot more going on back there then up front.

    Anyway, a police officer showed up to...I guess you could characterize it as complaining about the chalk. I suggested to the officer he should cite me if what we did violated any city ordinance. He declined.

    So later on when we were getting ready to leave all of a sudden Rebecca Cusano comes marching out the front door and dumps a bucket of water over the sidewalk. It was awesome! She was so angry. Then her husband Domenic brought out a couple of buckets and Marla came out to do some scrubbing. I think we found their ruin!

    Domenic talked a little bit with us at the end, giving Calypso an opportunity to express her unrequited love for him. It was...disturbing.
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  3. Strixcoil Moderator

    That Pinkie's t-shirt...! <3
    Oh god, the Navi*! And the cardboard volcano of doom...!

    Awesome protest, you guys you. <3 <3 <3

    *My bad, I accidently the name. lol
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  4. SkunkSkirt Member

    SO MANY PUDDLES when they dumped the water.

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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Awesome picket! and Lol at one of the worst window displays I've ever seen iyiyiyiyiyilolol!

    Cheers! *jumps in puddle!*
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  6. SkunkSkirt Member

    Though, I will say, The puddles were quite small. They need to take more classes on Puddle tech.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Chipshotz Member

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  9. amaX Member

    you forgot your new disclaimer: no scientology grandmas were harassed during this protest.

    love you chitown anons. well done! <3
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  10. i'mglib Member

    Did they seriously put a paper mache volcano in the window? That's hilarious.

    Nice job, guys.
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  11. Zak McKracken Member

    it's kinda weird but
    seeing raid pix of that paper-mache volcano brings back repressed memories from quadrillions of years ago, and I feel this tremendous urge to walk inside and ask "what does all this mean?"

    I've never had that feeling from a paper-mache volcano before.
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  12. Dra Member

    The birds!!!!
    Chalk tech....
    vs water tech
    and broom tech
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  13. Sponge Member

    Those are some of the saddest and most depressing window displays ever.

    If you walked past the dumpsters outside the Clearwater Sooper Powerz building you'll have seen the packing cartons for $600 HD plasma monitor screens, basic designer chairs at $200 a pop etc.
    Meanwhile at the Chicago Org, all expense is spared. Poster paints, shiny paper, spangly dangly things and a few puny flowers. Even charity shop volunteers passing by are going like, "oh my god! The deprivation! We must give them something"
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  14. Dra Member

    It is a depressing building. Nothing has been fixed up unless the city makes them fix it.. There are many missing floor and ceiling tiles outside, the back of the building is a dump (stained curtains, cracked plywood with duct tape, nasty looking pebbles, and graffiti)... One can only imagine what the inside looks like if they aren't keeping the outside fixed.
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  15. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Oh, we have seen this many times before at many Orgs and it always fails. I will bet you the $5 that the staff makes a month that they bought that bucket just for this event. I am sure he went to Walmart and stood in a isle and had to make a hard (Executive Director) dessison of what was the right choice in buckets. "Will this one cave them in? Does it embody the ethical image I want to convey when they see me coming with it in hand? Does the color match that of the Org?" Make no mistake this is why he joined Scientology and with the huge influx of new public it is nice to know the staff still have time to deal with chalk-tech!
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  16. Strixcoil Moderator

    ...I wonder if they know that cleaning chalk with water only fixates more the chalk into the ground.
    Thankfully they were smart enough to use a broom and scrub the floor, which takes it out nicely.

    But wet surfaces only brighten up the chalk color and it makes it impossible to clean up later... :)
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  17. Zak McKracken Member

    I suppose it would be in bad taste to call the Chicago police to report that someone appears to be carrying buckets of acid out of the Org.
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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    You guys are fab! Love the Pirate outfit and also the Bucket Tech pictures xxx
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  20. amaX Member

    dom, dom, dom! you're looking like a maniac, dom. can't scientology help you with that?
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  21. Xenu Is Lord Member


    He does look like he is on a mission. :)
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  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

    It also just hit me! At very other ORG, they send peons out to do that. He has really lowered himself here because there is no one left to do it LOL
  23. RightOn Member

    Scientology….. bucket of fail
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  24. Anonymous Member


    Shoop at will!
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  25. Strixcoil Moderator

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  26. Strixcoil Moderator

    Jump them...

  27. BucketTehc - it's a beautiful thing.:D

    Great raid, folks - love your work!
  28. Dra Member

    What the back of the org looks like:
    Pebbles in a display window (with no display)
    Fail duct tape tech
    Stained curtains (ewwwwwww)
    Makes you wonder how much mold is in that back area from the leaks. I'm surprised none of the neighbors have complained about the dilapidated building, since it is in a nicer area.
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  29. RightOn Member

    back of the org is a disgrace
    well.... so is the front for that matter.

    rocks in the back window?
    "he who casts stones"?
    "can't squeeze water out of a stone"?
    Are they trying to say that the Church of Scientology rocks? lol
    Moar like stone cold dead.

  30. Lol, check out how Domenic comes barging out the door at 2:23 and Marla has to jump out of the way, and then he almost hits her with the bucket when he wheels around to go back inside.
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  31. Kevin Freeman Member

    Looks like fun. I would have loved to be there, would have made a huge chalk drawing that said "Scientology is an honest and respectable organization." right in the middle of everybody elses drawings, so they would have to remove that too.
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  32. SkunkSkirt Member


    Also, I can't believe that there's no footage of me puddle-jumping. D:
  33. Xenu Is Lord Member

    You all should wear bathing suits and have shower crayons for the next protest! ! !
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  34. Quentinanon Member

    Those OSAbots need to read The Way to Happiness and get happy.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Like this
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  36. pooks Member

    Chicago anons kick cult ass. Love you guys!
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  37. Anonymous Member

    If Domenic has one bucket that holds two gallons, and another bucket that holds five gallons, how many buckets does Domenic have?
  38. Quentinanon Member

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  39. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Yeeeeaaah :)

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