Chicago Scientology Postgame -- Dec. 10th, 2011

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Strong Strength, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. It was very cold, and our org was in full bunker mode today. In the following photo, towards the top, you can see part of the decorative holiday paper with wreaths that they used to cover every inch of glass on the door and window panes. Also, those tiles have remained busted up for a long time. Granted, that's their second door, which nobody ever uses, so it's not necessarily a trip hazard, but it's still ugly.


    Early on, we saw two young women going inside the building. At the simple request to Google Scientology, one of them said to "Eat my ass." (Merry Christmas to you too, lady!)

    Some apparent newbie, who I guess had just started with Dianetics, popped out to ask what our deal was with the Santa costume and why someone had a sign saying Scientology breaks up families. She was in the middle of getting an explanation when a staff member came out and steered her back inside the building. I'm hoping that sort of Thought Police behavior raises red flags in her mind and she researches the truth about Scientology ASAP.

    Inside, they looked to be having some sort of buffet event. Some random-ass kids we didn't recognize told us that they thought Scientology was a joke, then opened the door and laughed to see that there was actually a significant gathering in there, i.e. that people were actually buying into all that stuff. A few minutes later, someone from inside the building locked the door. [IMG]

    There was some caroling, and most of it was really bad.

    And that's pretty much all she wrote. Respect to the 8 people who froze their asses off to bring you this mediocre postgame thread. [IMG]
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  2. Ho ho ho, the abuses must go.




    Better photos and more stuff coming from the others, maybe.
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  3. SkunkSkirt Member

    I'd add more if I had them, But my hands were too numb to take pictures....
    We got SO MANY HONKS on our "Honk Against Scientology" sign. So many that we were told by neighbors to take it down. and even after that we got honks.
    It was worth the feeling in my extremities just to see Strong Dancing and the people in the cars on the street's faces go "Wtf is going on over there?"
    But it really is too bad that they didn't even come out to say hi. D: Maybe next time....
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  4. Darth Xander Member

    Yesterday was cold, and its always windy in front of the Org (OT powers at work?). Didn't take too many pics or videos because when I took my camera out to video SS dancing I had almost no feeling in my thumb. I thought it was going to break off!

    Anyway, yes they had that Org sealed up SUPER tight. I guess they figured they could kill two birds with one stone: Christmas decorations and entheta sealant! Don't really have much to add to SS's write-up other than to point out that the Org staffer who came out to direct the wayward young woman away from us (that would be Mikhail Mentschukoff, Chicago Bookstore Officer) put his arm around her waist to pull her away and, in response to her telling him she needed to go to her car, said he'd walk with her (and he didn't even have a jacket on). Then when they came back around they went to the backdoor to avoid us. I really wish I had caught that on video. Images of them dragging people away from Anons are so powerful. Oh well.

    Like I said, not many pics or videos. Couple of videos weren't so good cuz of the wind. This one starts out very windy, but it gets better. Mad props to the Anon who attended her first raid on such a cold day.

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  5. Dra Member

    Here are a few pics of the org...
    Wrapping paper over all the doors so no entheta is seen:
    Their decor:
    The look on the polar bear's face is kinda freakish:
    And of course the outside is still in disrepair... you would think they would care about how the building looks not just the displays:
    And it's not like all these tiles just fell off last week. (Wonder how much disrepair the rest of the building is in just from the looks of the outside... the back of the org has stained curtains hanging ewwwww).
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  6. BLiP Member

    Thank you Chitown.
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  7. RightOn Member

    thank you for freezing your noogies off and for the red flags you may have raised with that gal who came out :)
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  8. Aaaand some more video...

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  9. AnonLover Member

    Lulz! I dont know what i liek moar... hawt dancing santa, or big bear in bed gag.
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  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That video makes me miss protesting -- a lot! Great jorb!

    Come on, PDX... must be some of you failtards on here somewhere. :-(
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  11. anonymous612 Member


    WTF is that, papier-mache? Are they seven years old?
  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Young thetans in old bodies?
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  13. Dra Member

    The bears looked to be painted plastic that was chipping...
  14. SkunkSkirt Member

    The polar bears actually looked really,really old, Like they'd been sitting in storage or something. There's no way they were new.
  15. telomere Member

  16. xenubarb Member

    For the first two years of anonymous raids, our scilons would escort people from the org to their car. Customers are told that we are homicidal and believed the theater.
  17. Quentinanon Member

    Estates can't get the Executive Council to approve a purchase order to fix the tiles. Typical. Wonder how their toilet paper supply is holding up. You may want to ask them next time.
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  18. xenubarb Member

    Next time bring rolls of toilet paper on sticks like heads on a pike, and taunt them with our TP.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Quentinanon Member

    That constitutes evidence that either they hallucinate, in which case they should be examined by a forensic psychiatrist, or they are intentionally making a false report to a law enforcement officer, which is a crime.
    In scientology, their actions are largely either insane, criminal, or both.
    In all cases, one needs to follow up with law enforcement to see that the cult receives great justice.
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  21. sooleater Member

    i see you are very busy

    i like
  22. xenubarb Member

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