Chicago Scientology postgame - Feb. 11, 2012

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Strong Strength, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Very cold again, but a pretty good turnout from this hardy bunch! The org went into turtle mode and we didn't even have to deal with the police. Saw some sort of food delivery at the back door, with Valentine's Day cake(?), chips and drinks, etc. Maybe they'll actually stock up on toilet paper for a change too! Scientologist Jay Mann forgot to take his meds again and stood there yelling in a couple people's faces towards the very end of the protest. Will see if I have it on video. Not too much raw meat today that I saw, mostly the usual hardcore staff members.

    The place is still looking pretty crappy. There's some kind of graffiti on one of the back door windows now. You can sort of make it out between the reflections in this photo, along with the discolored curtains:


    Also from the back door. Duct taped cracks ftw I guess:


    She's rubbing her fingers together in the "money" gesture. Secret banker conspiracy! (It's an inside joke of ours...)





    Dem brownies!









    I'll post more stuff in a few days if I have any video worth looking at.
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  2. Kilia Member

    Well done, Chicago!
    Well done!! :)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Well done indeed. I admire you all going out in that cold.
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  4. awesome job guises

    im so glad it does not snow in vegas XD
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  5. BLiP Member

    Thank you chitown!
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  6. Chipshotz Member

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  7. SkunkSkirt Member

    I'm still looking behind me when I walk, Cause I'm 'fraid that Xander's gonna come up and whack me on the head with an Extend-a-Sign again.
    Anyways-- Freckles said she had a great time and will try to come with us again (Provided that the Horsemask didn't scar her for life).
    It took them like, 5 trips to bring in all the food to the back of the org. I think that's the most scilons I've seen at once in my whole history of 2 protests. :I

    Strike McSkunkerton says Hi and that he didn't like being dropped in the wet snow. D:

    Also-- How were those Mochi Brownies?
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  8. I think this might be the worst video on YouTube.

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  9. SkunkSkirt Member

    It's not that bad. My friend thought Kev was eating an actual skunk. :I
    YAY, You got me and Freckles Dancing! ^-^
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  10. MOOG Member

    I <3 CHIANON!!!! u guise rock.
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  11. enthaeon Member


    great jerb on Anoniversary, faggots!!!1
  12. Here's the retarded drama from the Jay Mann and Meenu Mann thing for posterity. This happened right as we were winding things down and most people had left.

    In his zeal to scream 6 inches from my face, Jay bumped me lightly, but yelled that I had bumped him. Shades of last year when he walked into me, and the front of his suitcoat brushed against my arm, and then shouted that I was assaulting him.

    As you might guess, it wasn't the most productive conversation, but one thing that I took away from it is that the reasons why we protest seem to not register at all with him. This is despite the fact that he's seen us out there for years. My impression is that he will never leave Scientology for moral reasons, e.g. if he sees abusive or greedy practices by management, or learns of the stories of human trafficking or free speech issues and decides to look into it. He seems totally uninterested in hearing the stories of anyone else. And if he did eventually decide to quit, I suspect it will be because he personally felt cheated in some way, or there was some other issue directly relating to him.

    As always, I reserve the right to be completely wrong. But he feels different from most of the other Chicago Scientologists. While a few of them can be massive douchebags as well, they seem to flash signs of their human sides too, and I get the sense that they are good people doing bad things.
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  13. SkunkSkirt Member

    Told you I was our trouble repellent. :I
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  14. Paladin Member

    Good job, SS! When Jay came after you last May, you kept backing away from him. I'm proud to see you stand your ground this time.

    Our group was out there for over 2 hours and it was pretty dull. We only saw a few Scientologists and they all ignored us. I'm sorry that I left too soon and missed the best part. It's a good sign though. This shows that they are feeling the pressure of our monthly protests.
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  15. Darth Xander Member

    Wow. Way to stand your ground SS! I am rubbing off on you big time. First you start talking football, now this! So proud. Next thing you know you'll start eating steak.
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  16. Chipshotz Member

    His confront was shattering. Great job, they are enturbulated.
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  17. moarxenu Member

    Awesome work. Now ya'll come on over to our Cinco de Megaraid in Sanfagcisco on May 5!
  18. Kevin Freeman Member

  19. SkunkSkirt Member

    Oh please, You didn't even get him halfway into your mouth.
    ... Wait, I didn't mean it like that, I meant that--
    Nevermind. :I
  20. RepairManMan Member

    wow awesome job. I'm actually about ten minutes from that spot and I'm interested in showing up next time.
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  21. We try to do something every month. This month we're out at Millennium Park (click me - planning thread), but if that isn't to your taste, I'm sure we'll be back in your neck of the woods in Lakeview at their building again. Maybe as soon as April. New people are welcome, jussayin'.
  22. RepairManMan Member

    Oh, Millennium Park sounds like it would be fun as well I'll definitely see if I could make it. I've been following this Scamology -err- Scientology crap for awhile and I'm glad to see something is being done about it.

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