Chicago Scientology postgame - March 24, 2012

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Strong Strength, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hubbard birthday party? We were so there. Welcome to the Congress Plaza Hotel, right in downtown Chicago.




    We had some angry Scientologists right there waiting for us! Chicago DSA Rebecca Cusano was looking very grouchy and dropped an F-bomb and some other profanity at us. Someone claimed they'd overheard Rebecca on the phone complaining about how she'd called 911 and the police hadn't even bothered to show up. Having apparently reached a dead end there, she continued worked her phone and appeared to be complaining to the hotel staff. (Doorman? Valet? Security?)

    I don't think Rebecca has ever had any sort of real exchange with any one of us; the most I ever see her do is 1-sentence insults.


    Meanwhile, her husband Domenic Cusano was also looking like he had a major burr in his saddle, coming out to talk and argue with protesters, slinging the odd insult, and generally being negative. (This is the same guy who was so keen about sending flowers to a protester's grandmother - click me for info.) Someone else said Domenic was brushing against a protester and/or lightly bumping them. I've never heard of him doing that before, so I'm not sure if it was just accidents or him trying to provoke something.





    Eventually, a police officer did show up, probably a good hour or so after we arrived. Now, ironically, there was another picket going on at the hotel, maybe a half-dozen people in the middle of a labor dispute. And they were milling around the sidewalk a lot closer to the front door than we were. Anyway, with those other protesters obviously being in the clear, I think the Scientologists were going to be hard-pressed to argue that we were doing something illegal. Not that they didn't try anyway - I guess the lies that they cooked up this time is that we were blocking the sidewalk and screaming in people's faces. But it didn't fly. The police officer just talked with someone inside the building, then with the hotel doorman (to get a neutral opinion?), and then with us. He reiterated some rules which we were already following (e.g. keep sidewalk clear) and left.


    So we went back to doing our thing. Saw some Scientologists, but not too many - so few, in fact, that I'm guessing they were entering the building from another location. The stats couldn't possibly have crashed that low. That's okay, though, cuz we scored another successful demonstration for the good guys. Nice job, everyone who attended! I was proud to be out there with you today.

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  2. LocalSP Member

  3. Chipshotz Member

    Chicago scilons are LOOSING!!!
  4. BLiP Member


    Chi-town Anons - carrying on the tradition:

    Thank you.
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  5. moarxenu Member

    Great work. lol Domenic and Rebecca - fail OSA failfags are fail.
  6. Darth Xander Member

    Domenic basically recycled everything he had to say down in Clearwater for us. At least this time I caught some of it on video. And I finally got to see Randy Kretchmar in the flesh without his wampa mask on. His TRs were in, though, and he completely ignored me while he talked with Rebecca.

    Domenic knows I'm going to Clearwater next month to raid on the 21st, so either he's reading WWP or someone else is feeding him the info. Also, I asked if he chatted with Mansell while down at Flag (because he said some stuff to me that Mansell said) and he denied it. He ignores all my questions about his daughter, who is newly married to a Fowler. (Rex's son?)

    I asked Rebecca at one point if it was her that delivered the flowers. She told me she didn't have time for my f-ing games and didn't know about any flowers.

    EDIT: I forgot to add, Domenic also knew about my interview with the Village Voice. He asked if I knew there were 20+ lawsuits (I think he said lawsuits; maybe investigations?) against the VV because of the classified section. He asked whether the kids might have appeared to be scared because of me filming them and not because they were miserable.

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  7. Anonymous Member

    They're both just reading the same script. Not even creative enough to hide that.
  8. RightOn Member

    Domenic looks like an undertaker.
    Looks like wifey changed her sneaks before the cops came? lol

    love the siganage
    And mad love going out to all!
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  9. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Great signs! Great all around.
  10. Bravo, Chicago!!! Outstanding photos & Video!!!
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  11. Anonymous Member
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  12. SkunkSkirt Member

    I'm so angry that I couldn't come, But I'm glad that a good amount could. I was sending my good wishes.
    Looked awesome!
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  13. Kevin Freeman Member

    Man I wish the part where I started flirting with Domenic was on camera.

    I know you're reading this Domenic. I want you. <3
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  14. Anonymous Member

    There was one lawsuit, and it got dismissed.
  15. Anonymous Member

    ...She's wearing a suit and running shoes.

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Also : Her thighs look like they frequently forecast the weather... ;)
  17. Anonymous Member

    Looks like he's on automatic here, actually. I've seen this before.

    Tell me, Domenic.....did you ever think that after 25 years of being a licensed professional that you'd have to lower yourself to being a thug on the street, threatening people who are exercising their right to freedom of speech?

    When you joined Scientology, did you ever think you'd end up conspiring to lie to an old woman to gain entry into her house so you could hold it over her caring grandson's head?

    Do tell. What did you join Scientology for? I can't imagine it was anything close to this.
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  18. Kevin Freeman Member

    Yeah, as people passed by other protesters were saying "dangerous cult, takes your money, etc." After they said that I would say "Poor choice of footwear" as I pointed to Rebecca.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    I'd hit it. She looks like one of the few Scilons who get to eat a decent meal once in a while.
  22. Some random video bits from the event:

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  23. Random other funny (?) stuff that happened, off the top of my head...


    Both Domenic and Rebecca have photographed protesters without first receiving permission to do so. So I don't get why both have thrown hissyfits about someone taking theirs while they're in a public place. I don't know if they're able to even consider how hypocritical that is, or if they're just plain being nasty and think they're going to &quot;command some SP's in Tone 40&quot; to stop or something.

    Domenic appears to be actually believing the psychiatric conspiracy thing. Inquiring how much people get paid to protest, asking, &quot;What psych drugs are you on? What psych drugs are you on?&quot; over and over, etc. Surreal to see such moonbat insanity in person.

    Someone had a sign that read, &quot;Scientology turns family into 'wogs' &quot; An interested passerby asked what the word &quot;wog&quot; meant. I think partly for laughs and partly to illustrate a point, someone told him to ask Domenic so he could receive an answer straight from the source. Dom hesitated, looked a little uncomfortable, and told the person to just visit scientology dot org. That's his stock answer on almost everything he gets asked by the public; he rarely directly answers something, even an innocent question. I believe it usually makes him sound weirdly evasive and therefore untrustworthy. But anyway, I'm pretty sure Domenic and other Scientologists would be embarrassed about the condescending connotations of the &quot;wogs&quot; thing and know better than to answer honestly in public.


    Towards the end, Domenic was able to focus long enough to actually look at a copy of the above photo that I showed to him. I'm sure it's a censored photo which most Scientologists have never seen before. I asked him why Ron himself was wearing glasses when Dianetics says that a clear achieves optimum vision with even slight attention. (Book One, Chapter Two, page number varies depending on which version of the Basics you have.) Dom studied the photo for a few seconds... then went back into handler mode. &quot;What does it matter if he's wearing glasses, blah blah blah... Maybe they're safety glasses.&quot; Lol. That's the thing about Dom, though - unlike some of the other Scientologist handlers I've met, sometimes you can sense the wheels turning in his head, like he's actually able to consider your argument. Of course he goes right back to spinning excuses and lies, but I wonder if he can lie to himself forever.
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  24. Darth Xander Member

    He did finally admit to me that he does not think I'm paid to protest. That's progress right? To be clear though, he apparently thought everybody else was being paid.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Hey, you damn kids...

  26. moarxenu Member

    What a great picture! I think we need more shoops with Hubtard wearing glasses.
  27. Anonymous Member

    No, shoops would ruin the whole point.
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  28. That's the thing - it's not fake, it's a real, public-domain photo from 1974.

    Probably just didn't wanna wear high heels for like 5 hours. Looked odd, but seemed kinda smart to me, really. She changed footwear later.
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  29. Calypso Member

    Kicks are par for the course when walking from the train to the job and back or even during lunch. They protect from bad weather, general wear and tear, injury from the countless Chitown sidewalk vents (imagine getting a heel ripped off in one of the grids while rushing to work) and they're a complete relief to the pain some shoes can cause.
    Next time you're in the city during normal business hours (esp. between 7:30 and 9 a.m. and/or 4:30 and 6 p.m.), look down for a moment. My guess is that at least half of the women in professional garb are sporting Nike's, Adidas' or Puma's.
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  30. bAnon Member

    She of course put the heels back on when talking to the cops. Got to look professional for the po po right?
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  31. Anonymous Member

    It's pretty spooky really. He was looking kind of buff, well for Domenick anyway, just a few years back. He's looking more emaciated each time he comes out to play any more.

    Kind of worried about the guy.
  32. anonymous612 Member

    Damn it, I knew he'd start cheating on me when he went back north.

    Domenic, you and I need to talk about some things! Is this because I offered to send your wife flowers?
  33. Gottabrain Member

    Go Chi-Anons!! You guys are awesome. I just love you to bits.
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  34. Gottabrain Member

    Walking shoes and boots for commuters are cool in Chicago. When I worked for a top 20 accounting firm, I even had my own DRAWER for my commuting shoes and boots. :)

    Sydney is catching on to that as a fashion trend that's comfortable. You'd be pleased. Lots of Chicagoans here who probably started it.

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