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Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by theSPARTANhalo, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. nonameymous Member

    Re: Chico California

    hello fellow chico person.

    Count me in
  2. AnonStriker Member

    Re: Chico California

    I live in Oroville. Just give a date.

    Although I do find Bandanas to be tiresome, any place you know of where I could find a Guy Fawkes mask not on the internet?

    In Chico, perhaps?
  3. Re: Chico California

    Yay for a new cell!!!!
  4. PuppyNuts Member

  5. 530Anon Member

    Re: Chico California

    There was a group of a dozen or so at the first global protest last year, but nothing since. (It was when the Scilon mission was located above Cafe Malvina downtown, so the protest was nearby at downtown plaza.)

    Someone had posted a local protest ordinance, which is probably available on the Chico city website. I don't know whether a permit would actually be needed... the cops were pretty patient during anti-war protests in downtown Chico about five years ago, and let people block an intersection for about an hour before reading the riot act and arresting those who didn't disperse.

    The local Scilons are a chicken-hearted group. Last fall, they briefly showed up at the Thursday night Farmers Market.
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