Chill E B gets served by Uncle Tom! Rap battle is ON bitch!

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I'm guessing no response from Chill. This is waaaay over his head.
  3. Anonymous Member

    youtube it???
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  4. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Agreed.
    It's doubtful he or any of his fans would go out of their way to download an MP3 file.
    It's easier to click a youtube link. I personally think that in order to make youtubing it worthwhile, it needs suitable images/footage.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, needs tubing. The lyrics are basically the ones posted on the Sunday Funnies thing on VV.

    Can anyone understand them though? Hard to hide the real voice & sound right.
  6. Triumph Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Anyhow, free to use however. As long as it's to troll the living shit out of Chill E B.
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  8. Smurf Member

    Tony O. reported that he has held back dox on Chill that the dufus would not want to see made public. I'd sure like to read these dox..

    It may have something to do with Chill's abrupt change of face and all of a sudden, apologizing to his critics & signing off FB.
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  9. xenubarb Member

    Hentlemen, I am sad to report that I can't rap and would rather die than have the tracks I made out there online so I deleted everything.

    There is no evidence. It never happened.
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  10. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Wha?! Why?! It was funny and full of win.
  11. Anonymous Member

    You're getting lazy for your old... young age.
  12. amaX Member

    Dammit, Barb! My old lady crap rap is still up!
  13. Smurf Member

    Dox or we will be realllly sad. ;)
  14. amaX Member

    I'm pretty sure you're going to be sad reading it.

    eenie meenie miney mo
    chill e. beanie is a sci cult ho
    slavemaster culties got u talkin' smack
    wtf,'re BLACK
    l. con was a racist down to the bone
    he died fucked up, crazy, and alone
    chillshill, u hitched ur wagon to a dyin' star
    and Lil' CoBster Midget ain't nobody's savior
    if ur backin' the cult makes just one sea org slave
    best hope there's not hell waitin' on the other side of the grave
    yeah, eenie meenie miney mo
    why's chill e. gotta be a sci cult ho
    eenie meenie miney mo
    chill e.'s a sci cult ho
    chill e.'s a sci cult ho


    inspiration comes from seeing a guy walking a pitbull today. dude looked just like dr. dre.
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  15. xenubarb Member

    The Source is still up in this thread. It's not the lyrix, it's me. I sound horrible. This needs the attention of a male with a voice and rhythm. I've done a little editing on the flow of the lyrics but I suck at rap. Really.

    If anyone wanted to play with that, I'd be moast amused so you are welcome to fire up Audacity and gopher it.
  16. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Want to hear me singing?

    Add some thick carpenter nails and a couple train spikes for good measure and you will get something that sounds just one notch above me.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Full lyrics to the above as follows:

    Ah that's right motherfucker,
    Chill EB? R.I.P.

    Chill E B, Uncle Tom, always doin' it wrong,
    with that stupid little beard, and the book of L Ron,
    So he thinks that he can troll us? He thinks he's able,

    So let's see if he still likes it when we switch around the table,

    See he's running off his mouth, to Tony O,
    And everybody here knows how that goes,
    Little hand up his butt belongs to Miscavige,
    And when he tries to rhyme it's just a miscarriage

    Silly little rapper with the dumb ass face,
    Thinks he got a little winner with the IAS case,
    But his stupid-ass records make him dance all queer,
    And there ain't NO psychiatrist lost their career,

    Stupid little rapper talking lumps in the throat,
    But your boy Tom Cruise is gripping onto his goat,
    Shoving little midget dicks between his gold teeth,
    Pullin' Chill EB's beard if they forget to breathe,

    That bitch-ass queen thinks his raps are so great,
    But he hasn't had a hit since 1988,
    Just a washed up fat-assed Mustang Sally,
    Lyrical precision of a drunk Kirsty Alley,

    It's time to to give this rapper a few home truths,
    And he can bitch about it now but we got all the proof,
    $cientology is lame, they play him like a game,
    And just like LRH behind his back they call him names,

    See there ain't no room for a negro in the cult,
    But if they want your money they'll hide the insults,
    "Whassa matter wid you hat?" LRH hated blacks,
    But he'll never gonna Google that, coz he's just too wack,

    So watch the rappin' little coward gettin' mad at the facts,
    Watch the whole world as it's grinding the axe,
    Hard rain's gonna fall, time's just ticking on,

    With Tony O, ABC, Tampa Bay and Xenophon,

    You ain't clearing no planet, you can't even write rhymes,
    You're just like the others saying "what are your crimes?"

    And your leader says nothing as he hides away,
    Telling fools like you to try and get in our way,
    Because he's all out of luck, CIA are on the case,

    FBI are just itchin' to get Waco at Gold Base,

    And you'll be left bitchin' when you never see the money,
    With a bowl of Chill E beans you'll be beggin' for yo mommy,
    Anonymous are here and we think it's kind of funny,

    To rape you in the ass like a Duracell bunny,
    Coz you were dumb enough to cry when they printed your name,
    And now everybody knows that your life is just a shame,

    And we'll be laughing hard when you wind up broke,
    And nobody will want you coz they think you're a joke,
    A rapper tryin' to rap for a UFO sect,
    We told you to expect us, so what did you expect?

    Put down your microphone, you can't Occupy that,
    Just get down your knees, you're a little pussycat,
    And when you see Davey say hi from all the Legion,
    before you put your mouth on his genital region,

    And take a little look, the smallest dick in all the lands,
    You won't feel nothing if you're clutching the cans,
    And if you're in doubt then here's the best proof of all,
    Take a good look back and try to look for his balls,

    You can write a rap song for our own amusement,
    But you'll never ever see any testicular movement,
    Coz David Miscavige is a chicken-shit,
    And in your heart you must agree, even just a little bit,
    He might be talking tough because that what cowards do,
    But he hasn't been on TV since 1992,

    So suck it up fat boy, you just got served,
    Chill E B? Who he be? Oh he got what he deserved,
    Take a chance if you like on bringing Tony O down,
    But this story's just beginning, you're a sad faced clown,

    You say define better? Sucker, it ain't you,
    I've heard better fuckin' rapping from the city zoo,
    And as the animals go by two by two,
    You can hear them all screech as they're laughing at you

    "It's Chill E B the dumb rhymer!" you can hear them say,
    He's the fool from the 'net, did you see he got played?
    Some Anonymous lyrics just blew him away,
    Then he lost all his money, and people think he's gay,

    This rhyme ain't racist, or homophobic,
    It's OK for a black man to suck on a white dick,
    It's just when it's a rapper and he's failing so hard,
    It's funny when we see him and say "YO! IT'S CHILL E TARD!"

    How you like them onions bitch? Yeah..

    Yeah that's right bitch, I'm callin' you out!
    Coz I'm the Lord Xenu and I just got out!
    Your LRH tech don't exist to save you,
    It's a bunch of bullshit designed to enslave you!

    We got the whole Marcabian Federal Fleet,
    And on the microphone we'll knock you to your feet!
    You're out of your depth son, no you don't want none,
    But if you dare try then the battle's already won,

    Pound for pound, put your money where your mouth be,
    YouTube hits, the shit fits, you'll be cursing me,
    Stick up another track for the world to judge,
    And we'll see if you can rhyme like Tom Cruise packing fudge,

    Bring it on Chill E Bitch, and I'll be waiting like a waiter,
    Don't cry to your Facebook just because you're a hater,
    You talk a big game like you think you rap steady,
    but if you want to battle this, then bitch, I'll be ready!

    Yeah, come at me bro! I'm ready willing and able,
    I'll steal your microphone, wipe my ass on your turntables,
    Coz the only thing you occupy is little Davey's fist,
    And this is one rhyme that you wish you had missed.

    If you want to play fair then I'll set this to a beat,
    I'll put it up on YouTube with a video suite,
    And you can call it a month or you can call it years,
    But you know my hit count will have you in tears,

    Coz all your little fans are retirement age,
    Most of them can't walk to see you on stage,
    So we'll see how many fans you think you gonna get,
    If you take up this challenge, and reply to this set.

    All you gotta do is record a rap song,
    And I'll just be pointing out where you're doin' it wrong,
    But I think that you're a pussy and you just won't choose it,
    Coz all you wanna write is cheap cult music.

    I'll give you a week, and that's all you get,
    I wrote this in ten minutes and I'm not even wet,
    So you can read it and weep and you can break out a sweat,
    But you know, I don't forgive - and I never forget!

    That's right, Chill E Fool, I got you in check,
    And if you keep hiding then I'll show you some "tech",
    How about a YouTube video clip?
    With your name up in lights as I start to rip?

    I'll devastate your reputation,
    You're avoiding confrontation,
    Lyrical enturbulation,
    make you choke on this creation,

    Coz I will wreck your name, and your chance of fame,
    When you step up to the plate and play a real rap game,
    A million bucks for a million hits,
    But you only got twelve coz your rhymes are so shit

    See your pussy ass lyrics might satisfy clams,
    But in the real world, throw your toys from your pram,
    I can prove it if you like, can't step to this rhyme,
    Y'all busted like Rex Fowler and you're doing hard time,

    If it helps, I'll be your psyche, or I'll be an SP,
    Coz you're gonna need a shrink if you're stepping to me,
    But put your finger in your ear, pretend I ain't here?
    Listen close, motherfucker, I will wreck your year!!

    I got a YouTube page and it's ready to go,
    It's my way or the highway just as long as you know,
    That you can either "stand tall", steppin' up like a man,
    Or just run away and hide like a typical clam,

    Coz L. Ron Hubbard was a child abuser,
    You're rapping in his name and that makes you a loser,
    So step up to the mic and you can give me your best,
    Or 2012 will be the year I put your ass to rest.

    And you can keep running but you just can't hide,
    I got my ears to the ground and my eyes open wide,
    I'm calling you out coz I got the real clout,
    It's Uncle Tom, it's on! Anons - Peace Out!!

    Yeah I know you heard that bitch, Chill E Bitch - I'll be waiting!
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  18. 3rdMan Member

    I always thought hip hop was more amusing when you call someone out and talk smack. That was very amusing. Word.
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  19. Ogsonofgroo Member

    LAUGHTERIN' MAH ASS OFF WITH Y'ALL, lerves de 'Chill E Bitch' line lolololol
    Ya know, I think the cult really pulled a fast one with Chilie Beeney, roped in with a cause and a few shekels, free publicity and culty backing (oh now that's an army to have behind ya! .............not), ain't just a lucky dude, he be stylin'............................... derp, the subject is so retarded I gotta stop before I start crap-rappin' again too.....
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  20. Very difficult to understand. Rhymes are phat and I adore the idea of trolling the lamest psche-hating rapper on the internet but I could not distinguish most of the lyrics.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    It's ok to suck at rap. Even Chill E B sucks at rap. So do I. Anon is legion. It will be done, of that there can be no doubt. FTW.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I'm putting a YouTube up with scrolling lyrics for the bits that are hard to hear. One way or another Chill E Bitch is gonna feel the full effect of this troll cannon.
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  23. A return to our roots. For the lulz. And isn't that what its all about people.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I'm uploading now. Looks pretty sweet actually. I would urge folk to mirror it though, because it's obvious plenty of cult folk and IAS will be bawwwing hard about this. LULZ will be had.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Here's the link - it's still uploading but it will be up in about 1 hour from the time on this post.

    If the moderators could add this to the OP on this thread, and if someone can send it to Tony O, that would be awesome... I gotta go sleep now... big day tomorrow with IRL stuff...
  26. Anonymous Member

    Oh and ... someone on Facebook send it to Chill E B ???

  27. Anonymous Member

    Yo people of the colonies do record quite the rad track. God bless you all.

    Elizabeth R
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  28. Smurf Member

    My pleasure. And, in the event, Chill E.Boob blocked the message from going through, I sent the link to his sons Jasen & DeVon, requesting they forward it to their dad. ;)
  29. Anonymous Member

    LOL, Smurf... awesome!

    Re-embedding the linky...

  30. Smurf Member

    I have a feeling that the YouBoob Team will yank the video... I hope it is mirrored all over the place.
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Damn - trying to post a link but it keeps embedding... sorry
  34. Anonymous Member

    Might be a glitch in the new forum... but it's auto-parsing all the links...
  35. telomere Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    vocaloid? or will that only suck more?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Thanks /b/rother.

    As far as lyrics, they're embedded in the video. I'll upload the source file to a fileshare if the vid gets pulled, though I dunno why it would. Apart from butthurt clams lying.
  38. afternon Member

    Anonymous certainly delivered this time-
    Y'all slap chilli bitch with killer rhyme!
  39. xenubarb Member

    I believe it's spelt, "w3rd."
  40. xenubarb Member

    I am in awe. SRSLY, whoa!
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