Chill E.B. is declaring war on the Village Voice

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Tin_Foil Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    WHOA! Chill E.B. is pushin' rhymes like weight!


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  4. BlackRob Member

    Say word? He is rhyming yo with ho and yo with bro
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  5. Tin_Foil Member

    Looks like Mr. Chill may be provoking his 'friends' (like Judson Femine) to try to figure out what Tony O is all about. Let's hope he does some searching on the VV website.

    It's funny how the clams don't realize that even what they think is 'bad press' is good for us in the long run. Chill is feeding the Anon troll.
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  6. CarltonBANKS Member

    TonyO wears troll face well

    He's a gutsy journo. How is he still alive?
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  7. Miranda Member

    Brony, Oh!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    LOL! I guess Chill is reading this thread... Look at the thread title and look at his response:

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  9. Miranda Member

    Chill E.B.
    Will he be?
    Silly be(e)
    Chill he be (not)
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  10. Miranda Member

    Chilly Tea
    Millie V.
    Till he be
    Will be free (once he leaves ScientoloGEE)
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  11. laughing stock of journalism?
    oh please
    more like laughing stock of the rap world.

    yo yo yo
    chill eb is a whacked out bro
    following a silly cult of aliens and xenu
    till his pockets are flatlining at Zero
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  12. mongrel Member

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  13. timthephoto Member

    i wonder if Mr Chill has discovered TonyO's work himself, or been given a dead agent pack?
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  14. Miranda Member

    Chill E.'s twee
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Here is going INNNNNNNN son, can't nobody mess with the B.


    This all makes perfect sense...
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  16. Ok, I'm going to guess Tony No.............

    I can't take the chance of winning that dreadful Chill E.B. download "Prove It".

    Cant' make this shit up........

    Tony Ortega deserves an award for solicitating a Chill E. response like this........

    One does not have to like Chill E.B.s music to be a fan.

    Chill E. B., you rock the party........
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  17. Robocat Member

    Word, me and all of my socks validate the tone of your theta rhymingness! Ain't nothing like coming at a journalist, saying "what you gonna do about, lonely ho?"
    Really looking forward to you leveling the village with your rhymes. I think "you, ho, bro" was genius! Who could have come up with that?

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  18. subgenius Member

    Popcorn until TO's response.
    (Or did I miss it?)

    Let's see Tony Ortega is editor of a world renowned highly respected periodical

    And Chill E. Bean?
  19. Anon PTS Member

    "Never get in a pissing contest with someone who buys ink by the barrel..."
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  20. someone should tell chill eb that^
    and remind him of the hive and bees :D Mr Tony O comes packaged with.
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  21. Malory Member

    Chill E.B's just jellus because Tony O's getting all the chicks. Yo.
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  22. omg i want Archers cartoon babies!
    yo yo yo word (throws up whatever gang sign is hip with the kids these days)
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  23. When is the legendary, free-thinking revolutionary going to show up, Chill E.B.?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Is this Tony O's "handling" we read about so long ago?
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  25. Robocat Member

    I think it Chili Bean begging to have someone put his name in print.
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  26. subgenius Member

    You beat me to it.
    There must be a digital equivalent.
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  27. Django Member

    Unless it's Freedom Magazine...
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  28. Triumph Member

    Chilli BUzzard Is desperate for attention ..Hes an "Attention HO"....

    Tony O's article Is one of the few times hes gotten Real Publicity...that the cult hasn't paid for...

    only way Tony O gonna do another Story on you is if ..

    1 you denounce Scientology for the fraud it is..

    2 you set fire to yourself in a Meth Lab explosion
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Who does Chill get his marching orders from? Clue 1: Rhymes with "Slappy Miscavige."
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  30. Miranda Member

    hornets nest
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  31. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    ...and just when I thought Chill EB Uncle T couldn't get any moar retarded...

    I got some rhymes for him... They aren't good but alot better than his shilling of the cult:

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  32. xenubarb Member

    I would never even attempt rap. Srsly, it'd be like that rappin' granny only she was pretty good. I will, however, offer this draft for this music:

    Lyrics have a couple of spots that need work, but I think it'd be a hoot to call out chilly beanie.

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  33. incog712 Member

    Damn, that was one short "contest". Either nobody can figure out wtf this guy is on about or he thought better about showcasing how nobody seems interested in a free copy of his CD.

    Or both.
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  34. Thank you for listening
    I write just for you
    Something something rum-tee-tum
    A rum-pum...would argue

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  35. tikk Member

    Tard. Rhymes with Retard.

    Looking forward to the imminent village leveling.
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  36. AnonLover Member

    What do you call faggotry thats so lame, its not even good enough to count as faggotry?

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  37. Nickofname Member

    I'm pretty sure if tony became a rap artist today he'd have more listeners than chill eb...not that that's saying much. He did a wonderful job rhyming 'ho' with 'yo' and 'bro'. Regular wordsmith, that chill.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    So, what Chili is sayin' is that despite the fact that he denied being a clam to Tony, he is a clam and he is pissed. I wonder...why he doesn't want anyone to know he's a clam?
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  39. AnonLover Member

    TBH it looks like Chill is drunk posting FTW.

    Which is pretty funny considering the time lag since he talked to Tony. If the celeb centre is just NOW getting around to handling that, lawl their slow.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Judging my the level of must be.
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