Chill E.B. is declaring war on the Village Voice

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. James Spader Member

    ^ Nice. Got some Seussian je ne sais quoi goin on.
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  2. Miranda Member

    OMG Johnny that's awesome! lolol
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  3. adhocrat Member

    What she said
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  4. Tangerine Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Child B. Meh. Whatever.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yo yo chilly, why U b hatin
    Got some N-gramz all up in yo' thetan
    We need 300 mo' G's to get U Operatin'
    Or it be some thin vanilla ice on which U be skatin'

    You ain't real enuff 2 front Tony Or-T
    While U down on yo' kneez servin' L'il Shorty
    U best not b tryin' to crash our party
    Betta go independent, do da canz with Marty
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  8. LocalSP Member

    White boyz be rappin' en shit
    rollin' out the Anonymous wit

    Trollin' the hell outta ol' Chill E B
    knowin' they always be better than he.

    Diggin' deep lookin' for a rhyme
    Chilli he be runnin' outta time.

    These boyz really know how ta rap
    Better than Chilli's old crap.

    Now my ol brain might be rusted
    But Chill ol' boy...Yer Busted!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry.

  10. another123 Member

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  11. Chipshotz Member

    You're back as a mod?
  12. Tangerine Member

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  13. Smurf Member

    It must have been one hell of an amends project. ;)
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  14. Chipshotz Member

    To me this is just too over the top. The cult as usual is trying to change the focus from the Debbie Cook email.
    Ain't a gonna work Chill e bean.
  15. Tangerine Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Who knew WWP had so many poets?
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  17. you assface!
    i knew you could not stay away!<3
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  18. hes signned off my asshole!
    i just linked this thread to his fb and got blocked!

    keep enturbulating him anons, hes still there just coward hiding behing the mask of the internet
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. telomere Member

    Try post #98
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  21. Random guy Member

    Damn it, you're actually good! (unlike a certain earwig bearded goon I could mention)
  22. Anonymous Member

    Just been lookin' at Chill E B's Facebook - that little Runnin' Scared bitch knows he's been called out here and on Village Voice - but he hasn't got the confront so he's using "ignore tech" and hiding and hoping this rap battle will all be forgotten about...

    Uh-uh, Chill E Fool, I got you in check,
    And if you keep hiding then I'll show you some "tech",
    How about a YouTube video clip?
    With your name up in lights as I start to rip?

    I'll devastate your reputation,
    You're avoiding confrontation,
    Lyrical enturbulation,
    make you choke on this creation,

    Coz I will wreck your name, and your chance of fame,
    When you step up to the plate and play a real rap game,
    They said a million bucks for a million hits,
    But you only got twelve coz your rhymes are so shit,

    See your pussy ass lyrics might satisfy clams,
    But in the real world you throw your toys from your pram,
    I can prove it if you like, can't step to this rhyme,
    Y'all busted like Rex Fowler and you're doing hard time,

    If it helps, I'll be your psyche, or I'll be an SP,
    Coz you're gonna need a shrink if you're stepping to me,
    But put your fingers in your ear, pretend I ain't here?
    Listen close, motherfucker, I will wreck your year!!

    I got a YouTube page and it's ready to go,
    It's my way or the highway just as long as you know,
    That you can either "stand tall", steppin' up like a man,
    Or just run away and hide like a typical clam,

    Coz L. Ron Hubbard was a child abuser,
    You're rapping in his name and that makes you a loser,
    So step up to the mic and you can give me your best,
    Or 2012 will be the year I put your ass to rest.

    And you can keep running but you just can't hide,
    I got my ears to the ground and my eyes open wide,
    I'm calling you out coz I got the real clout,
    It's Uncle Tom, and it's on! All Anons - Peace Out!!

    Yeah I know you heard that.
    Rest in pieces, Chill E Bitch.
    I'll be waiting...
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  23. pedrofcuk Member

    Hmm it appears that Chill EB has lots in common with other scientology celebs, a fat lack of talent in any area whatsoever.
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  24. Miranda Member

    Okay, Johnny: VILLANELLE.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I hope someone has been posting all this delicious lulz on Chill E B's facebook.
  26. subgenius Member

    There is a nice little study showing that the more one is unskilled the more one over-estimates their abilities.
    tl;dr: when you're stupid, you are too stupid to know how stupid you are, and therefore think you're brilliant.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    He's pretending it ain't happening.

    Fuck it - I was gonna do this months ago but maybe it's time to get to a studio and do this for real.
    Full YouTube exposure calling him out and a lulzy Anon rap video with all the quotes and shit from the culties mixed in.

    Ant nobody want what he's perpetratin, coz he's on the wrong side, he's in league with Satan,
    And now he's gonna cry and pray to L Ron, when he hears the cold fury of a lyrical Anon! Bring it on!!
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  28. Random guy Member

    Yo, yo, yo!
  29. Anon PTS Member

    "Avoid, at all costs, pissing off Anonymous..."
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  30. Anonymous Member

    He (or someone) scrubbed the FB page but left his own comments up. So now it just looks like he's responding to imaginary voices in the long thread and randomly insulting the people he names in the post reproduced in #43. Oh Chill!
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  31. RightOn Member

    WWP is so street lol

    mad rhymes
    for turbulant times
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Toasting epic bread.

    In the Nineties in LA you coulda been rich
    But now you're blowing Hubbard like a punk-ass bitch
    You can rhyme yo and ho and bro, what a trick
    But dig this rhyme, suck my motherfucking dick

    You rappin you don't believe in brain biology
    But yo sad-ass raps display psychopathology
    Ron told his wife, "get yourself a nigger."
    But you rap whiter than any suburb wigger.

    You believe that whack-ass cult shit that you shilling'?
    You think Dianetics gonna cure how you illin'.
    I'm tellin you bro that I think that you're funny
    Cause all that shit cures is you havin some money.

    Ya twistin yo face like you some kinda baddy
    But I see yo face when you learn I'm yo daddy
    I see ya on stage rapping how you went Clear
    But last night in bed yo mama said you queer

    You think you can hide with Facebook misdirection
    But your resistance only inflames my erection.
    Get used to the butthurt, you'll have it for weeks.
    From lubeless rape by badass geeks.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I have no idea what's going on.
  34. RightOn Member

    its a throw down yo! lol

    although I am sure Chill is busier than a beaver copying all these lyrcis down and then putting his own spin on them, and then he will call them his own.
    you guys are actually helping his "career"
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I once thought blacks noticed how racist Hubbard and Scientology were, and that most would never venture near it.

    I've also been wrong at times about other things :)
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  36. xenubarb Member

    Well FM, nicely done!
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Holy shit this thread is epic & oh so clever
    Chill E Bitch hasn't got this much attention ever!

    Try googling LRON's racist remarks
    and you'll see quite clearly
    That hubbard was a biggot
    and they loved him dearly

    So if your too dumb to know what
    your involved in
    better look it all up & start
    that evolving

    There are more rhymes on this page
    to give you a lesson
    I pity you fool, ya don't know
    who you messin'

    If your washed up ass can't see
    what your headed for fool
    let me remind you, it's a scam-
    your a pawn and a cult tool

    So kiss your pathetic career goodbye
    and good luck
    With spendin all your loot and gettin'
    royally fucked

    When you insult a journalist whose
    articles are backed up with facts
    You'll get called out, schooled
    and slapped the fuck back

    Google is your friend
    if your allowed to actually view it
    so try reading & learning about
    your cult and then do it

    It's a scam you dumb fuck
    just look at your career
    Your reduced to doing the dirty
    work out of stupidity and fear

    Do YOU have a pulitzer, a grammy
    or even a hit?
    Then how dare you insult a pro
    when you ain't got shit!
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  38. Aurora Member

    ^^^^^^^^ Enough rap toons here for a double CD and world tour.
    Watch' all callin yo selves? Gang name? Membas names?
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  39. Anonymous Member

    I just spent some cash money on a little studio time with a rap producer buddy - gonna upload an mp3 of the results now.

    This will hopefully troll the fuck out of Chill E Fool if it got a video behind it.

    It's 6 minutes long and it's not safe to play loud at work. And I had to disguise my real voice.
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  40. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    A sing along:

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