China:Strafgefangene müssen nicht nur im Steinbruch zwangsarbeiten

Discussion in 'Deutschland' started by Zythron, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Zythron Member
  2. sooleater Member

    endlich sind die chinesen auch angekommen in der zukunft

    die frei marktwirtschft lässt sich halt nicht auf halten.
    auch von so evig gestigen

    Der Markt reguliert sich halt selber.
    Der Preis bestimmt die Nachfrage.

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  3. TrixyM Member

    Have you heard this news that tackles about Chinese Space Station? Well, in the news they mentioned that China has declared the kickoff of a new spacecraft. With the end of the shuttle program and the future of American space flight in question, many in the United States fear losing our dominance in space. This is a good reminder that the faltering economies and misguided leadership of the West do not represent a worldwide decline. The US space program could still recover - if leaders of Western scientific organizations would address the experimental observations that showed Earth's global climate and our ultimate fates will be determined by Earth's unsteady heat source. I read this here: Chinese space program blasts off as U.S. frizzles
  4. Anonymous Member

    Und für diesen Blödsinn hast Du Dir ein neues Profil erstellt? *gähn*
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