Chinese inspired by Iran, using Anonymous methods?

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. / Comment / Analysis - Control, halt, delete

    Includes an interesting sidebar on methods of internet censorship, including US corporations that cater to totalitarian regimes.

    TL;DR: It's going to get worse before it gets better, and it's not going to get better if everyone loses interest.

  2. Holy Shit!!

    I think China would be a little harder.. arent they supposed to be pretty salty on all things tech?
  3. WE, I assume is anonymous.

    “We are the anonymous netizens. We hereby decide that from July 1 2009, we will start a full-scale global attack on all censorship systems you control.”

    WE, I assume is anonymous, and I do not believe they have the resources available to respond to China, Iran, Burma, North Korea or anywhere else the leadership of any given country does not want its people freely communicating. It is interesting post and I would be more than happy to help wherever I could but do not think I have the skills required. What they need are network and computer engineers capable of building and distributing devices that will create a new network in those countries they want to usurp the control of. July 1st is only a few days away. Lets see what they do. This is no longer a software issue, it is a hardware issue.

    The problem as I see it is the network itself. Communications networks in Iran and China, as in every other country, are visible components of the infrastructure, are wired to electrical services for power, the access points/nodes must repeat every so many feet, and they have one or very few muxed exit while they allow easy access they are easy to control. These networks are complicated to install and require well trained personnel to manage and maintain.

    The problem is NOT encryption or hiding an IP address anymore. The problem in China, Iran, Burma, North Korea and anywhere else the leadership does not want its people freely communicating is is that the powers that be are capable of scanning data and making a decision about every transmission or only allow those on a short list to communicate with the outside world.

    For you to win this battle every citizen of these countries must have access to whatever network is designed. You have to drop in your own high bandwidth network, must be off the power grid or must access the power grid surreptitiously, that is simple to access technologically for at least the three major operating systems(XP, OSX, Linux), that can be advertised for all to access in any manner and who's access will cause there to be the automatic creation of an anonymous account, avoids a single choke point at the uplink through millions of uplinks that appear, disappear and know when to hide so as not to be easily found, and must still offer basic encryption and IP address hiding. Of course, it should be backdoored, and managed by the FBI, NSA, CIA, and DISA so as to monitor system use so that it cannot be misused against the USA and its allies.

    In order for this to work the network is going to have a satellite backbone, and be numerous enough in nodes to penetrate the region like grains of sand. These "grains" need to be able to be visible and be in the millions and millions of locations...they need to look like common everyday devices and be everywhere. They could be tires, pop cans, hidden electrical components in the engine bays of vehicles or cell phones, etc, but NOT look like a satellite dish pointing at the sky...or you are busted.

    "Grains of sand," is also used another way, it is used to describe what China is doing to the USA...when they use everyday run of the mill Chinese citizens to infiltrate US govt and corporations. That network is hand to hand...very slow, and capable of being broken up.
  4. Swarm Theory Member

    Hardware is a chair. That chair requires software to twirl around.

    You are looking at it rong. Hardware is clicks and switches. Flicking the light switch. All communications hardware needs software to tell it what to do.

    The Internet is not determined by electrical necessities (open connection/closed connection) anymore.

    Any filtering, monitoring, or packeting requires software instructions.

    The world is now an open book. For all to read if that is the desire.

    Governments choice is now only on or off.

    On - they come to our world.

    Off - they can no longer sustain as they network all their critical needs.

    China is distributing a computer based censoring mechanism. C++ it and reverse engineer a solution. Flash drive it. Insert into USB and bye bye.

    Or did I forget that the olde ways of ROM were unchangeable, but nowadays we can update BIOS? BRB gotta kick some ass on Pong.
  5. It's useless to build a parallel network, their idea is to destroy actual systems blocking free knowledge exchange on Inet.

    About it being hard and the resources available and all that...

    Fights are fought because we must, even if the enemy its too big or too hard, even if it takes years, people will finally win, no one can control Internet.
  6. Swarm Theory Member

    Exactly. I have a 2009 level router. Hardware. Yet I can go to its IP address and change the WEP WAP WUP code. I can fuck with its brain is what I am saying.

    The world is now open. We just need to <Go West><See Room key on floor><Pick up key> now.

    Children of the double otts. Learn from the X-Team. It's all changeable software now. Only matters who is the fastest typist.
  7. Swarm Theory Member

    In the early 90's I had a csu/dsu and T1 with class C of IP addresses (yes, I am a sad broken man these days/or I went Galt - same difference) and AT&T could remotely fix it. Someone could remotely change it if they only had the balls and energy.

    Yet when I was young I preferred this advice: "A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age"

    Ah, now that statute of limitations is up I can declare that I stole that ROTC sign at the University of Texas at Arlington after TP'ing the tree outside of Brazo's dorm using the TP from the janitors cart in the student center.

    Don't judge me, fuckers!
  8. Huh?

    Yea. Go do some pong? Whatever.
  9. lETS SEE.....

    Lets see how long this post lasts...every time I mention the issue it gets canceled.

    When I last worked in Silicon Valley as a Sys Admin at a biotech I, me, myself, capisce, caught a Chinese, Director of Bioinformatics stealing ALL the companies data by having a tap put on the line. We caught him red handed. He came back and killed the Vice President a year later. And I can tell you from that ONE episode, that had he been using a satellite dish or other transmission media we never would have caught him and we would have been sunk.

    When I talked about it online in 2002, when the story was hot in Silicon Valley, the FBI called me up to talk about the issue...because I was ripped off by the biotech and they were getting wet in the pants about what I knew and the fact that I would discuss it openly on the Internet because it involved two or three huge biotech companies whose stocks would suffer.

    I know what I am talking about. If you want the data out of Iran, China, Burma, use a dish.

  10. So where are the anonymous "hackers" located? I can see that you guys are incapable of thinking out of the box... If I had to depend on the people who responded so far to save an entire nation we would be sunk.
  11. Have you stopped to consider that the anonymous elements who made that statement are scattered throughout China? No one knows where or who these people are, in just the same way that I don't know your name and personal info.
  12. Da Sandmastah Member

    Declaration of the Anonymous Netizens 2009 - Shanghaiist

    Here's a link from a blog from Shanghai that explains the same thing.

  13. holy crap. let's see what comes of this. if they actually do have a major victory, this will be the most historic summer ever - Iranian revolution, MJ died, internet vs. China.
  14. Hai Anons.

    Afaik, chinks use 5(6) "entry points" for their internets, much unlike the Iranians single chokepoint which means we can really let loose the laz0rs.

    Downside is they are better at Internets than the Iranians and slowloris just wont cut it.
  15. Ariana Member

    I know you likely won't care what I think, but I must ask you not to use epithets like that to refer to the Chinese. Racial epithets are unacceptable, no matter what reason you have for using them.
  16. Hello, you must be new to the internet.
  17. Ariana Member

    Not at all new, been around ages. However, I don't believe in letting people make racist comments without at least saying something. Whether they choose to listen or not is up to them, but I don't believe racist terms are ever okay, even on the internet, even when someone doesn't mean it in a derogatory way.

    Laugh if you like, think what you will of me. It's just what I think is right.
  18. anoniemNL Member

    so is there a cloud video with that?

    Apparently you are new at the internet. Having been online for ages doesn't matter in this context.
    so called "derogatory" terms are only such if you allow them to be.
    On the internet they have lost all value.
    "Fag", for example, simply means "person" to anyone who has a slight knowledge of web culture (anon culture)
  19. hmm, this is almost getting past the point of lulz... do the people of china really need our help with that? Where are these chinese anonymous gathering? I'd like to know that this isn't some undercover agent provocateur..
  20. Swarm Theory Member

    The world is a vampire....

    The world is now a WAN LAN MAN.

    What has been shown is that the tyranny of the few can be opposed.

    Successfully, unsuccessfully. Whatevs.

    When you write a script, sometimes it's bwoke right? So you debug it. And fix it. Then it gets haxxored. So then you figure out what you did rong and you fix it.

    Do not feel as you sit amongst your dirty clothes and rotting leftovers you hate the smell of but not enough to throw away (the dumpsters is SO far away) that our collective actions here. Now. Have not inspired pplz just as fucking smart how they can adapt the techniques used here for their own purposes.

    When I said this was FUCKING MONUMENTAL this is what I was talking about.

    Replicating, Perfecting, Freeing.

    To me it's like a symphony in which all the world will contribute and benefit.

    In fact, the old adage: Too many cooks spoil the soup

    Is now the new adage: Too few cooks make you eat the same shit every day
  21. Awesome, this case is different btw, isn't only about taking information out of China but to destroy the chinese gov firewall system and to control "Green Dam" that its a rootkit will be installed in each computer sold.
    In China the situation is even more complicated because with Green Dam the gov can control what you do on your own computer, that sucks...

    My support to the Chinese Anons
  22. Swarm Theory Member

    I may be totally fucknutz, but after the hard drive pre-installed virus scare of the early 90's, I buy a computer - I still lowlevel format the fuck out of it and partition it as I see fit and then reinstall all the programs.

    Can we get Dos 3.0 out on the Inztanet so's they can build their own futures?
  23. Swarm Theory Member

    Another quick tip

    In the 80's we used an electromagnet (looked like an iron plugged into the wall) to completely wipe any memory traces on disks.

    If the Basij are breaking down your door - easy way to wipe evidence clean away.
  24. An electromagnet will do nothing to an actual hard drive, and low level format can damage your hard disk as the manufacturer record some info in the process that will be lost.

    I won't even comment about the DOS 3.0 because its uter nonsense... The other things too are total nonsense btw.

    Green Dam will run only on windows platforms for what I know, so people using *nix platforms will be free.
  25. Swarm Theory Member

    So I guess my 28 years of experience in programming very effectively using these methods is nonsense.

    Good to know.

    As they worked. Not sure how to compute. *Head explodes*

    Reminds me of the Star Trek episode (the inspiration for the first movie) when Kirk asked the Voyager satellite the unanswerable question.

    Only this time I have 28 years of experience that says it works. And you have nothing you have said that backs you. DOS 3.0 lowlevel format. Electromagnetize before you are caught.
  26. hahaha in those 28 years too much things changed.
    If you want to kill an HD you use thermite.
    DOS 3.0 low level format?? what's that crap?? Show me how you can format a 60 GB using 16 bit addressing fag
  27. Swarm Theory Member

    You know, I am reminded of the two years I studied at the University at Albany, part of the SUNY system, where ********* was developed. Now, if you can tell me what contribution SUNYA gave to the computer industry allowing tetrabyte storage - you might get closer to being believable rather than simply, silly.

    So, fill in the blanks. What did SUNYA (while I was there) contribute to the computer industry? ______________________________
  28. You didn't asked how much info can you address with 16 bit.
    And I'm sure that in those super secret places where you been working (sweeping the floor), had mainframes running on DOS 3.0 hahaha
    Do us a favor an shut up faggot
  29. Swarm Theory Member

    16 bit Dos 3.0 physically cleans out the hard drive whereas 32 bit formatting doesn't.

    Now answer my question. What was University at Albany's contribution to the computer industry. Even a 12 year old can answer that.
  30. Swarm Theory Member

    Hell, even Atlantis showed it over and over again in their storyline.
  31. Swarm Theory Member

    I do like cock. But so tired of waiting for you to google it. Nanotechnology FTW.

    Try and top that.
  32. Swarm Theory Member

    Aside from the unregistered getting me hard, can we get back to freeing people from tyranny?
  33. ohhh no fag... It was pretty fucking funny watching you reply to yourself once and once again trying to justify your ignorance
  34. Swarm Theory Member

    Soooo, what you are saying is we're moving to Iowa and getting married. Otherwise you are just an ignorant whore who just found out about the concept of nanotechnology.

    Right g?

    Crap, how do they say it today?

    Right, hella cool?

  35. Mr. Barea's comments lack all manner of logic, are dangerous to anyone who wants to take part in acts against the will of Iran or China and his comments need to be removed from the server.

    Tell us, Mr. Barea, should the people breaking down the door to look for evidence against the State on our hard drive, should they be asked to have a cup of coffee while they wait for the "low level format," and then the "electromagnetizing of the disk surfaces" to take place? Maybe we should ask them to come back some time tomorrow, late in the morning after breakfast, because a decent 7 pass wipe alone takes ALL NIGHT if you have ever done one on a 150GB drive. A single pass low level format can be retrieved with software that you buy for less than $150 US.

  36. Is this you?

    What a S.C.A.M. If they hired you it was definitely NOT for any tech support.

    If you want them to be safe, then YOU write a script to make the installation of a Linux or Open BSD box very simple, mounting all drive partitions so they are encrypted...if you use a drive other than a USB key at all, log in using a mouse to click on a graphic of a keyboard, then when the door gets kicked down, you just pull the plug on the system from the wall outlet. DONE.

    Now they have to torture you to get the password. Got any tips for that? Hahaha!
  37. gb2/whatever board you came from if you want to discuss your computer expertise

    can we confirm that these are really anons posting this or is it a trap??
  38. inb4admiralackbar
  39. The very nature of what it means to be anonymous would mean that it would be impossible to identify a member of anonymous. You are as legit as I am.

    If you followed any of the news regarding the anonymous/Scientology fiasco, some of the software people used to attack Scientology's servers ended up getting a few people busted. The software available for the attack was juvenile.

    All of this is a probe to see where people fall. It's all recorded. Like all the sites on the Internet. Who cares. It's good for the "lulz." What else are you going to do, watch reruns of "I Dream of Genie," hell, maybe, at least she got to go to NASA! Oh, that was a fake too.....
  40. anonymous - participating in popular revolutions halfway across the world because there's nothing good on television.

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