Chinese inspired by Iran, using Anonymous methods?

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. damn straight there isnt anything good on television just ads, ads, and moar ads

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  2. Swarm Theory Member

    Colt 45 with plenty of ammunition.
  3. Swarm Theory Member

    No, just wave the elctromagnet. Takes 2 seconds. No coffee. Wanna make out now?
  4. Swarm Theory Member

    Also, a Dos 3.0 low level format can never be retrieved. $150,000,000 in U.S. software purchase or otherwise.
  5. Whatever....

    2 whole seconds! Hahahaha...yea right. You are funny. Do you have any research to back that up? Nahhhhhh....I bet you don't.

    Jeff Barea, you realy do not give up but you are such a PHONEY. Why do a "low level format" when you can mount file systems virtually in 2009? You are HILARIOUS! You keep going back to mounted file systems. OK. So that is where we are.

    Here. Here is a company that I found on the Internet in five seconds that offers data recovery from a format. Speak to Jeff at 1-800-882-8178. Jeff told me that they had a client that had formatted his drive several times and they managed to retrieve more than 40% of the data from the drive. The following link is to their site:

    Services | Data Recovery Corporation - We Recover any data storage media.

    Here is some more data, skip to the chase and avoid the beatdown you are going to take:
    Disk formatting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Serial ATA / Upgrading and Repairing PCs

    Using the term Low Level Formatting makes your knowledge sort of dated." True Low Level Formatting has not been done since MFM drives were sold. Those drives were last in systems sold around 1985....I know because my dad worked for IBM and I had 5MB MFM drive in my first PC XT. SATA uses 8B/10B or what is also known as RLL 0,4.

    If you want to quickly recover files you need to know the type of encoding used on the drive and the type of file system.

    From Wikipedia: "The primary reason low-level formatting cannot be done [ON SATA DRIVES] is because modern drives do not use stepper motors to locate tracks, and hence there is no way to determine where tracks should be recreated on the media. Instead in modern drives the heads are positioned using a stepless analog servomotor, often referred to as the voice coil since it operates almost exactly like an analog audio speaker."

    If I were a Chinese or Iranian person I would stay with virtual file systems that exist in RAM only and just pull the plug from the wall and everything disappears. Do you even know about these systems because you never mention them? Why even bother with your stupid, stupid idea of writing data to a drive ad then formatting it when the operation is life or death, or Top Secret? What are you back in the 1980's? Do all of your contacts in Iran and China use MFM drives on IBM PC XT systems? are funny.

    Data recovery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "When data have been physically overwritten [WHICH IT IS NOT NECESSARILY IN A LOW LEVEL FORMAT] on a hard disk it is generally assumed that the previous data are no longer possible to recover. In 1996, Peter Gutmann, a respected computer scientist, presented a paper that suggested overwritten data could be recovered through the use of Scanning transmission electron microscopy.[6] In 2001, he presented another paper on a similar topic.[7] Substantial criticism has followed, primarily dealing with the lack of any concrete examples of significant amounts of overwritten data being recovered.[8][9] To guard against this type of data recovery, he and Colin Plumb designed the Gutmann method, which is used by several disk scrubbing software packages."

    So assuming that the data is not overwritten it can be recovered.

    "Wanna make out now?" huh? I've seen your posts supporting queer rights all over the Internet, and its wonderful. Hahaha. Is this how you meet guys? You seem like a typical empty vassal queer. And that my friend is why I am not gay. Who wants to hang out with people you have to follow around everywhere they go to make sure they do not cheat on you because all they do is think about their penis or cunt all day long. Hilarious. NO thanks.
  6. DeiBellum Member

    I prefer the good 'ol Hydrochloric acid drives that can be programmed to release the acid into the hard drive should x,y, or z happen. No platters = no data. Although this idea is really not cost effective :/
  7. Director of Covert Operations

    Hahahaha...and what you know fits in toenails that I clipped a decade ago and are already fully decomposed at the dump. Run along now.....
  8. OpenBSD Encrypted Virtual Filesystem Mini-HOWTO
    OpenBSD Encrypted Virtual Filesystem Mini-HOWTO

    Ok, now go out on to the street and hold up a sign. And then click your heels and say "There's No Place Like Home"

    [ame=]YouTube - The Wizard Of Oz - There's No Place Like Home[/ame]

    It truly is amazing. The brainwashing was very convincing. For a while any way. Now my question is, given that there are two sides, and ONLY two sides, my question is do they want me on their side or not? It does not look like it.
  9. In case you miss the point of the very well researched link in my last comment:

    "Such thoughts underline an important truth about collective intelligence: Crowds tend to be wise only if individual members act responsibly and make their own decisions. A group won't be smart if its members imitate one another, slavishly follow fads, or wait for someone to tell them what to do. When a group is being intelligent, whether it's made up of ants or attorneys, it relies on its members to do their own part."

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