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    Notorious troll Chuck C. Johnson suspended from Twitter after threatening a prominent activist

    By Dylan Love, The Daily Dot

    Controversy machine Chuck C. Johnson has apparently been banned from Twitter after tweeting about soliciting money for “taking out” political activist Deray McKesson.

    Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson1 · 7 minutes ago
    A little disappointed you didn't mention my new Twitter account, Daily Dot people. :-( | @dailydot
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  3. Sorry no screenshots cause I can't do that as a fucking guest, but so much fucking lulz:

    Charles C. Johnson retweeted
    [IMG] An0nCl4ssW4rri0r @AnonClasWar · 5h 5 hours ago
    Fellow #anons, please follow @ChuckCJohnson1 for the epic take down of #ChuckCJohnson by #Anonymous #anonfamily #Deray

    Happiest of Sundays to everyone
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    I moved these posts to their own thread as I think this story is just beginning, popcorn anyone?
  6. I very much like this development. But the thread title is meh. Deray is not in it.
    It's anon.
    Sites are down and email list have been leaked.
    That fucktard?
  7. Smells like censorship and bullying.
  8. Your trolling skillz suck.

    For anyone interested about the fuckhead:

    What Is Chuck Johnson, and Why? The Web’s Worst Journalist, Explained

    J.K. Trotter

    J.K. Trotter
    If you were active on social media this weekend, you may have noticed frequent references to a website called “GotNews” and a writer named Charles C. Johnson. Often these references took the form of tweets like these:
    Who is @ChuckCJohnson, and why do people want him banned from Twitter? This guide is for the lucky few who haven’t caught up on the story of Charles C. Johnson, and are curious why so many people, particularly in the mainstream media, despise him.
    Who is Charles C. Johnson?
    Johnson is a California-based 26-year-old independent journalist and proprietor of, where he publishes the majority of his articles. According to his online biography, he’s written for a litany of conservative publications in the past, including The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, and The New York Sun. He is also the author of two books, one of which is enthusiastically blurbed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

    He’s a conservative journalist?

    Not exactly. Johnson rejects being labeled as “conservative,” and describes himself instead as “a radical” and “a revolutionary.” He frequently feuds with other conservative journalists. In a tweet published earlier this month, Johnson wrote: “I’m going to enthusiastically burn down the entire political establishment for fun. It’s time someone did.”
    So he’s a crazy conservative journalist?

    Sort of. Johnson is well-known for ending the career of a foreign policy analyst named Elizabeth O’Bagy, who among other things misrepresented her academic credentials to her employer, The Institute for the Study of War. More recently, he’s drawn attention for his (flawed) reporting in the Senate Republican primary race in Mississippi.

    If he’s just another crazy conservative journalist, why has he become so internet-famous?
    Johnson is equally well-known for publishing stories that fall apart under the slightest scrutiny. The list of Johnson stories that have been proven wrong is long, but his greatest hits include:
    • Falsely accusing a New York Times reporter of secretly posing for Playgirl (after that reporter, David D. Kirkpatrick, published a story that deflated a few Benghazi conspiracy theories).
    • Erroneously reporting that former Newark mayor Cory Booker didn’t actually reside in Newark.

  9. Reconsider the tread title plox,
    Deray isn't vs. anything...other than dead kids. JS
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    He came back on Twitter with a new account - - which soon after was suspended.

    He's currently using another new handle,

    Charles C. Johnson @freechucknow · 1 hour ago
    Here is Twitter's response to me asking what rules I violated. I have appealed obviously.


    Charles C. Johnson @freechucknow · 42 minutes ago
    Twitter can restore my account and avoid the unpleasantness. #ChuckCJohnson

    Charles C. Johnson @freechucknow · 32 minutes ago
    My attorney sent a demand letter to Twitter this morning. Next up is a share holder suit. Did I forget to mention I own twitter stock?

    Jimmy Phillips ‏@Bristols_Jim 12 minutes ago
    BREAKING - The award-winning journalist Chuck C. Johnson will have more BREAKING NEWS about himself very shortly. Stay tuned.

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    Hurumph, ass-hats, they're everywhere. Chunky-dink-foo-pawz doesn't seem worth the sweat offa my left nut, and trying to get through all the twit-drama is as much of a time-waster as bagging a handful of air. Trying to make heads or tails of the tweets thing gave me the urge to drink, drink alot, whilst ignoring that part of the universe. What a fucking waste of time and space.

  13. I can see how this is. Probably very good advice.
    Guess it was one of those times that watching it onfold is lulzy- you had to be there shit.
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    Thanks, an' yup up thar^^^


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    Here’s the remarkable letter Chuck Johnson’s attorney sent to Twitter threatening legal action

    By David Holmes, PandoDaily, May 25, 2015

    For at least the fourth time in his sad, shameful, misogynist, racist career, Twitter has suspended the rightwing blogger Chuck Johnson.

    This expulsion came after Johnson solicited donations toward the goal of “taking out” civil rights activist DeRay McKesson. McKesson, who quit his job as a school administrator in Minnesota to join and cover the protests following Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, says he took the tweet “as a serious threat” and thus a violation of Twitter’s policies against threatening acts of violence. Johnson claims it was not a death threat but rather a call to support “investigative journalism” into McKesson’s past, presumably to discredit him.

    Moreover, Johnson is outraged over the suspension, tweeting under a new account @citizentrolling– which a few minutes prior to my writing this sentence has now also been suspended — that Twitter is guilty of “censorship” and writing that the company’s enforcement of its policies exhibits a clear political bias against rightwingers like himself.

    “Twitter doesn’t seem to have a problem with people using their service to coordinate riots,” Johnson wrote. “But they do have a problem with the kind of journalism I do.”

    I’m struggling to know where to begin in describing the lunacy of Johnson’s argument. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t engage at all with Johnson who has failed to build a career through producing quality journalism or analysis and instead — in what must be an overwhelmingly sad discovery — has found that the only thing anyone will pay him for anymore is to spew hatred at the most vulnerable members of society, in particular rape victims. But his complaints raise some important misconceptions about Twitter, free speech, and who controls what can or can’t be said in the new digital content paradigm.

    Now it appears that Johnson is threatening legal action against Twitter for loss of income that would otherwise be generated by his hateful tweets. Johnson emailed me the letter his attorneys sent to Twitter demanding the reinstatement of his accounts, attached in full below. What makes it so absurd is the notion that Twitter is somehow guilty of “censorship” or that the company owes him a living.

    The Constitution bars the government from passing any law that infringes on one’s freedom to say whatever they like. But there is no law prohibiting corporations from preventing a troll like Johnson from using their services or resources to speak their mind. Twitter has every legal right to ban whomever it pleases, regardless of the merits of what that person has to say. It doesn’t matter whether Johnson’s tweets meet the legal threshold for what constitutes threats, abuse, or harassment. In this case, that determination is up to Twitter and Twitter alone to decide. It can ban a person for buying fake followers, for tweeting violent images, or for spreading hate speech. To be completely frank, it can ban a user simply because it doesn’t like that person. If I were to enter Twitter’s headquarters and hang a pornographic photo in its lobby, nobody would complain if Twitter removed the photo. And banning relentless trolls like Johnson is no different.

    More to the point, while Twitter may have started as a communication tool, not unlike a telephone or some other utility, Twitter is now a public and for-profit company, and one whose advertising model is more akin to that of a media company like NBC or CBS. Therefore, barring Johnson from using its service to broadcast his message is the same as a television station failing to renew a talk show because its hosts’ controversial or hateful statements had compelled advertisers to pull their support. Johnson can stand in Times Square and spread his crazy hate-speech, but neither Twitter nor any other company “owes” him a digital platform for it. This is the bargain users sign up for when they join Twitter, and so to invoke “censorship” or “free speech” in this context is deeply disingenuous.

    But perhaps the most remarkable thing about the letter is how it clashes with Johnson’s GOP bonafides. Chuck, my man, I’m afraid your argument is — dare I say it — pronouncedly leftwing. The letter suggests that Twitter has a “monopolistic position” in terms of how information is shared and spread in today’s digital landscape; and that therefore the company has a responsibility to the public interest that transcends its God-given freedom to do business as it sees fit, and that transcends the wider of interests of shareholders and advertisers. Never mind that Twitter’s “monopolistic” control over information pales in comparison to that of Google or Facebook, or what Johnson characterizes as the public’s interest is really just “Chuck Johnson’s interest.” The message of the letter is clear — and it’s also the most populist and anti-corporate thing he’s ever written. I imagine most of Chuck’s GOP friends will be shocked to learn that he believes corporations should put the public interest over private profit motivations, and that Twitter’s private property is also the property of the public.

    So here’s to Chuck Johnson, progressive hero.

    Read the full letter below:

    Continued here:
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    This week, an anonymous person or persons put up posters around Columbia University emblazoned with the image of student Emma Sulkowicz and her now-iconic mattress. The posters, which were put up to coincide with graduation, accuse Sulkowicz of making it all up, dismissing her as "Pretty Little Liar" with the caption "Emma Sulkowitz" [sic] and "RapeHoax."
    There was speculation that professional Twitter troll Charles C. Johnson (if that name isn't familiar, then you're living a better life than us) was behind the stunt, or possibly involved in some capacity. Despite some questionable Tweets (as he put it, "I admit it's a weird series of coincidences.") in the days before the posters went up (see below), Johnson has denied any connection to it.

    Wouldn't it be great if tomorrow the butt slut #EmmaSulkowicz got handcuffed for her crimes of #FakeRape on stage, instead of a diploma?
    — Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) May 20, 2015

    .@annamerlan I own and I have said some stuff about fake rape. I wish I could hire the people who did it.
    — Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) May 21, 2015

    It seems some people still are convinced he was involved though, as a new series of posters were put up in the Columbia University area early this morning of Johnson with his Twitter handle and the phrase, "Public Pooper." For anyone who isn't familiar with the meaning of that phrase, just know that even if Johnson isn't involved in this current "Fake Rape" postering, this couldn't have happened to a nicer person (who allegedly can't control his sphincter).

    I spat my cup of tea out :D
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  21. That's the acct that is a parody of him. It also provides tweets such as his phone, supporter lists, etc.
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    New Evidence Chuck Johnson May Have Been Behind the "Pretty Little Liar - Rape Hoax" Posters at Columbia

    By Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs

    During Commencement Week at Columbia University earlier this month, someone hung posters on the Columbia campus and on Broadway with a photo of activist Emma Sulkowicz and the words “Pretty Little Liar.” At the same time, someone created a Twitter account: @fakerape, and according to Anna Merlan’s article linked above, one of the first people to follow that account was infamous cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson.

    More than a few people suspected Johnson was behind this stunt, and there’s a substantial amount of evidence for that suspicion. For one thing, Chuck tweeted this ugly comment on May 1st:

    Someone should let Emma Sulkowicz know this psycho is plotting to harm her.
    — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) May 1, 2015

    For another, as we pointed out at LGF a week ago, Chuck Johnson recently registered the domain names and, listing his photographer friend Peter Duke (who took the photographs of Chuck stalking me at my former apartment) as the registrant organization. Chuck has made it very obvious that he’s obsessed with rape and smearing rape victims as “frauds,” with or without evidence. And he was particularly nasty and obsessive about Emma Sulkowicz.

    Well, now there’s another interesting development that strongly suggests Chuck Johnson was indeed involved in this ugly stunt at Columbia: shortly after all of Johnson’s accounts were permanently suspended by Twitter, that @fakerape account set up to promote the posters was also suspended — raising the possibility that it was identified by Twitter as being either registered by Chuck Johnson himself, or by someone closely associated with him.

    Obviously this isn’t absolute proof Chuck was involved, and he probably didn’t hang the posters himself even if he was. Note that he was in New York a few days before Columbia’s commencement, however, in time to prepare the posters and arrange to have someone hang them.

    We may never know the truth, and Johnson will lie about it, of course, because that’s what he does. But there are an awful lot of coincidences here, and Johnson explicitly mentioned “planning something big.” So draw your own conclusions, dear readers.

    And here’s even more circumstantial evidence that Chuck was behind the posters. Check out the design and the font used in this illustration from Johnson’s website:

    Continued here:
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    And now, back to The News That Matters™.

    Chuck C. Johnson Sues Gawker For Defecation Defamation, May Also Have Banged Sheep

    By Gary Legum, Wonkette

    Ginger-haired ass boil Chuck C. Johnson is in the news again, and thank god for some comic relief. Late last week, the chubby-cheeked leprechaun filed suit against Gawker and two of its writers, J.K. Trotter and Greg Howard, over stories published last December on Gawker and Deadspin profiling Johnson and his particular brand of “journalism.” Let us read the complaint and laugh together, again, at this terrible “human.”

    Continued here:
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    All I get is a Uber ad
    That won't close
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