Church of Scientology of Nashville photoshops 3 floors onto the top of the building

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. anon8109 Member

    The brainwashing goes deep when the suckers know they're being suckered but don't care.
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  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  3. CarterUSP Member

    Every time I think I've seen it all, something else comes up.
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  4. Kilia Member

  5. Kilia Member

    The CoS is just as stupid as Sarah Palin now.
    Both think they're fooling people. ;)
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  6. RolandRB Member

    If that's not "straight up and vertical expansion" then I don't know what is!
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  7. Mr. Magoo Member

    Just bizarre.
  8. RightOn Member

    meh! I just think the shopped floors was their "fun" way of showing "expansion" and was a joke. you know… good 'ol theta humor.
    I don't think they expect people to think that the Nashville org looks like that.
    But, hey who knows
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  9. anon8109 Member

    I think that there are three things at work in the photo.

    One is humor as you say.

    The second is scientology "intention", where to make something true all you have to do is believe it hard enough, as you pointed out by saying it was theta humor.

    The third is deception, as everyone else in the thread is decrying, where if some people are fooled by the image and thereby give more money to the Scientology corporation, all the better.
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  10. Ersatz Global Moderator

    The building is an historic landmark. I don't think they can alter it that way.
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  11. amaX Member

    Pffft. The floors are already there! We can't see them because we're not clear.
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