Church of Scientology sues longtime Clearwater leader over New Year's Eve email

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. anonymous612 Member

    Awfully confident. I think I'll sit over here ready and willing to redirect my attention to the little ones in case they decide to not be so cooperative.
  3. Sponge Member

    Please tell me this is anon trolling the dwarf.

    Lol clams and raw meat @ 1:40

    oh u
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  4. adhocrat Member

    I'd say that's a very good troll.
  5. Random guy Member

    And this is a problem how?

    Miscavige is not going to go peacefully. The harder the battle, the more weakened the winner. I very much wish the "reform movement" all the best if this is their intent. Heck, I'll even consider contributing to their cause. Miscavige, that little runt, holds all the cards. He has an organization who has being setting him up as demigod for decades, he has an army of lawyers and most importantly, he has the keys to the money bin. The chance that Debbie and the M&Ms will be able to wrestle control of the cult from him is exceedingly small.

    Should the unthinkable happen, the cult is going to be in tatters from the battle. I'm going to sit back and watch for a bit. I want to see the end of the cult in it's current form. I'll fight whatever monster follow after if it is needed. My guess is Miscavige is going to take his whole house of cards with him in the fall.

    Go Debbie! Go M&M!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Unless its all just a scripted charade to protect the cult from a proper, criminal investigation.
  7. Random guy Member

    How do you suggest dragging the whole "ZOMG, we're so a religion, only we are a corporation" into the courts is going to protect the cult from scrutiny?
  8. billybob Member

    The problem - is the part you cut when you quoted my message.

    I don't want to see the Church of Scientology salvaged. You happen to think that this case will bring the whole house of cards down, while I think that it may prompt an ousting of Miscavige, but the Church will survive.

    And the problem with that - all the LRH true believers will simply rebuild the same old shithole, because all the abusive practices of Scientology came from L Ron Hubbard's twisted brain.

    Go Debbie? Go M&M? Yeah, lets cheer for the gang who killed Lisa McPherson!

    Marty's still serving up the kool-aid, and Mike and Debbie and all the rest are lapping it up.
    So now, instead of waking up and recovering from their LRH induced madness, ex-Scientologists are merely switching to a kinder, gentler mind-fuck.

    Any Anon who thinks these shitheads are heroes makes me want to puke.
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  9. Random guy Member

    And I still want to hear how exactly that is going to come about without any major infighting, severely weakening the cult. Remember, Miscavige holds all the cards.

    I want the guilty in the Lisa McPherson case to go to jail for what they did as much as the next Anon. I do however wish they go to jail for what they did, not for fighting the bloody cult!

    Yeah, and one that's going to fall apart and dwindle into insignificance without the massively abusive structures of the mother cult in place. People can believe what they want to, it is Debbie and Rinders right to be idiots. Should a CoS II start to become what you fear, I am sure Anonymous will be right there continuing where they left off, at least I intend to.

    I roo for the underdog in a bucket-of-popcorn kind of fight. Suck my ballz of it offends you.
  10. Anonymous Member

    What colour wine goes with toast?
  11. TinyDancer Member

    sallysock, think of certain birds who puff up their feathers to make themselves look bigger and scarier than they are. Sometimes lawyers adopt that posture. The letter to Debbie threatening her for possibly breaching the TRO while putting together a defence was such a situation. Going public about the nature of the defence sent a message that Debbie's lawyer was going to make these legal proceedings extremely embarrassing and painful for Miscavige. Doing it in the media means that by Thursday there will be a lot of attention focused on a courtroom in San Antonio. Again, that's more heat applied to Davey's tiny feet.
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  12. TinyDancer Member

    The 1969 article talks about what sparked the 1969 New Zealand inquiry into Scientology:

    Interesting fact: Erin O'Donnell has a daughter named Virginia.

    Yes, Virginia, there really is a disconnection policy.
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  13. billybob Member

    Good, because I do think it will come to that.
    I understand how some Anons have become excited about this, and have high hopes that this is going to bring great damage to COS.
    I wish I could be as optimistic about it, but that Alamo video just gave me the willies. Those two (M&M) were snakes in the grass when they worked for Miscavige, and they are snakes in the grass now. Remember that, Anon.
    I think we should be very cautious about any Scientologists who solicite money, for ANY reason.

    But, as for the infighting, I do agree with you. For now, this aligns with our cause.
    Break out the popcorn, and let's watch 'em eat their own.
    Are they Chocolate Salty Balls?

    P.S. ^ Cult of Scientology killed him, too.
  14. RightOn Member

    vid is win
    the use of the words slave labor, the pics of the meat, pics of the clams and the barbed wire at the end.
    should spark some interesting coversation
  15. billybob Member

    I have one thing to add...

    Debbie Cook's message to the general public was printed before the gag order.
    Read the New Letter at the bottom of the column.
    This is what Debbie Cook wants us to know about her:

    She fully supports the Church of Scientology, and repeats every fiction about how much help Scientology brings to the world, Vulture Ministers, Winter Wonderland (Oh, hey, have they sent the slaves, oh, I mean Religious Workers, over to clean that rattrap up yet?), and Blah blah blah.

    Debbie Cook maintains the fiction that Scientology Organizations are a great place to go to get help with
    " drug addiction or alcohol abuse, marital problems, school problems, kid problems, work related stress or pretty much any of life's twists and turns."

    Debbie Cook makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with exposing the evil practices of Scientology, which were going on right under her nose: Religious Worker Visa Slaves, the treatment of Lisa McPherson, the NarCONon abuses, and so on? Do you think she has any intention of coming forward, and admitting her part, as Captain of Fucking Flag?

    No. Even when she's fighting Scientology, she's selling Scientology!

    She's trying to lead an internal takeover; she'd rather do it quietly, using "internal group pressure to keep things on the straight and narrow." She certainly doesn't want to expose the ugly parts of the Church to the outside world. She strives to keep the reputation of L Ron Hubbard's Church intact.

    I'm for keeping one eye on Miscavige, and one on the new Triumvirate. We'll see what happens.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    There is absolutely no way I would ever trust or help anyone that sides with Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder. Those two are despicable.
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  17. Quentinanon Member

    The NDA is not a common law instrument, but rather subsumed under commercial law. You are correct that the purpose of a NDA is protect intellectual property, to wit, trade secrets, product development, business plans, etc. But knowing the scientology corporation, they will "squirrel" it to interfere with a human right, in this case free speech. Even from a commercial perspective, I don't see how private criticism can produce real harm. The most prosperous businesses I am aware of accept criticism from customers without retaliation and I have never seen a business sue a former employee for privately criticising the business. I have also never seen such a "gag agreement" used by any business. This Texas case can have precedential ramifications beyond Debbie Cook if the Judge allows it in equity.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I see what you are saying TD, but that whole strategy didn’t seem to matter much as the TRO stood :(
  19. Sponge Member

    Scientology's Gag Reflex: The Church's History of Enforcing a Vow of Silence
    by Tony Ortega. Village Voice. 7th Feb 2012
    See link for the full article.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Because its Scilon vs Scilon, not FBI vs Scilon.
  21. hushpuppy Member

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