$ci recruiting through Meetup

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AlienCooties, Mar 25, 2008.

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  3. random Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    flash mob?

    JOIN US!
    your name: _______________
    your email: ________________
    create a passwerd: _______________
    I agree to the terms of service and I am 18 or older

    .Sign Up.
    We'll never share your email address without your permission.
  4. Hieronymous Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    Can anyone post the info in the pdf so we don't have to open it
  5. Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    I have pasted below the copypasta text only.
    I am not going to reformat it similar to the orig so you will have use your imagining hats to make it look purty.

    for being such great communicators I would have thought the PDFs should also say "Glendale" since having the tearoff along the bottom suggests it is intended to be printed and posted all over the LA Basin. Perhaps all 25 million gullible people in southern california already know where "2441 Honolulu, Montrose"

    is it in Glendale? is there a city of Montrose around there?
  6. Hieronymous Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    What I'm wondering is, what are the ratio of curious non-scis to sci plants going to pad their numbers like tissue paper in a teenage girl's cup size? As funny as it would be to roll the meeting, you might come to the realization you are literally surrounded by them.
  7. Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    Does it matter?
    They really aren't that scary.
    Especially the ones that would show up to this.
    I doubt more than 3 or 4 staff are ever there.
    Any new prospects probably only come once or twice.
    After that the either got registered into paying for a regular class,
    or got tired of the hardsell at the end.
  8. NonMoose Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    I know where that is! unfortunately I'll be working tomorrow. :( I wish I could go.
  9. donttaxmebro Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    Are they doing this anywhere else outside of Glendale? I would gladly take a moment of my time for some Rick Roll fun on their shindig.
  10. anonopotamous Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    Great chance to protest or have some kind of anon intervention. The best way to slow down the progress of scientology (besides tax exemption) is to cut of their flow of recruits. Get people out of it before they even get into it. Plus, it will be fun to see the higher up scinos flip out because they just wasted money.
  11. NonMoose Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    TODAY! 8pm
    2441 Honolulu Ave
    Montrose, CA 91020

    Montrose is just north of Glendale. I won't get off work until probably 8:30pm though. I might make it there at 9pm to catch anyone who comes out and possibly flier them. Which flier should we give them? They have lots of meetups coming up. If no one RSVPs, will Scienos even show up?

    LOL at "New Member: Mudkip Anonymous" maybe you should RSVP...
  12. donttaxmebro Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    Let me know if they ever do this in St. Louis. I'll be there, pics to prove the win.
  13. AlienCooties Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup


    Only thing is, is it in a residential area and what are the laws regarding protesting there?
  14. Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    who said anything about protesting?

    • just show up
    • sit through the fluffy introduction slideshow
    • do the co-auditing (sit across from someone and take turns trying to make each other laugh)
    • try not to roll your eyes too much during the hardsell sales pitch at the end
    • stealth "" cards to other participants
  15. NonMoose Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    I didn't get off work until 9:30pm :( DAMMIT!

    Oh well I bet no one showed up anyway.
  16. DarthAnon Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    too bad you all couldn't just show up in the suits and V masks and sit through it peacefully ;)

    It would drive them batshit insane.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    The use of by Scientology to hook prospects is still happening, although the organization disguises its true intent by creating groups to promote self esteem and improved relationships. Living up to its strategy of deceit and trickery, the meetup groups prey on those legitimately looking for support in improving their lives. With the current economic conditions creating stress and losses for many, Scientology is finding victims by misrepresenting themselves on social networking groups. It's just more of their sick, predatory tactics. Preying on the down and out like vampires to suck them of whatever money and spirit they have left. This self serving cult MUST be stopped.
  18. Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

    I haven't seen anything on Meetup that I could link to the CoS or one of their front groups.

    On another browser window I have open. I just looked for "personal development" and "self-esteem". I found a Meetup created by something called Silva Mind Control (which I thought had died out by now but whatevs) and others of that ilk, but, again, nothing that seemed to have anything to do with Scientology.
  19. DeathHamster Member

    Re: $ci recruiting through Meetup

  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology, the soft sell version

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, August 31, 2018


    John P. Capitalist sent us this gem that was posted in the New Haven branch of We’ve reported in the past about Scientology’s extensive use of Craigslist to lure in newbies, and we suspect they’ve also been using Meetup for a long time as well. But this one seemed especially brazen. Make sure to read that fine print, folks!


    All of the meetups for this group will take place at the local Church of Scientology, where I am a volunteer. You can be of any religion to come. For example, I’m a Christian myself. You are not expected to change your religion here. Your divorce or breakup can be devastating, and I understand that, but the important thing now is to move on EMOTIONALLY. That’s why I created this group. I want to help everyone who is still hurting from a divorce or breakup to get over and move on from the betrayal or disappointment. You CAN do it. You just need some help and tools. And to provide for that help and tools, we are going to have meetups. We are going to have some free classes about life improvement, we are going to read some self-help books, and we are going to help you regain your self-confidence, happiness, stability and mental wellness, for these might have taken a hit due to the divorce or breakup. But most importantly, we are going to help you work on having a better future — a better mindset, a better lifestyle, better mental health, and a better future relationship. Join this group now and let’s get started.


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