$cientology is giving our details out to reporters and possibly police! UK Please read.

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Lacelotte, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Lacelotte Member

    Yesterday I a reporter tried to contact me by phone and then later called to my home as he was investigating the hacking group anonymous and had been provided with information that I was a member.

    After a brief conversation with the freelance reporter on my doorstep last night, I was again contacted by a the main reporter from a major national newspaper this morning.
    Here is what I found out....

    After trying to explain that what we, the Anti-$cientology movement, are not involved in any criminal activities and that we are really nice and cuddly, we got on to those letters many of us received from Co$ lawyers warning us off.
    He was very interested in hearing about this and found that inadvertently he had just uncovered another story as he believed that the list of names he had been supplied with as possible members of Anonymous now looked as if it had not been supplied by an honest private detective company, but by the 'church' of $cientology as another way of stopping us.

    If this list of names and details have been passed to national press, I have no doubt that it will have also been forwarded to the police.

    One thing I believe the clams have done to shoot themselves in the foot is that when I received this letter back in 2008, I made a request to them and their solicitor to provide and then stop processing any information held on me, under data protection legislation. I am inclined to say that they have failed to do this and have thus broken data protection laws, which I intend to take up with the relevant authorities.

    It looks like the clams are still actively using fair game against members of this peaceful movement. I would suggest that any other member who has been namefagged or had a similar letter from Co$ lawyers to don their tin foil hats and ensure their information has not also been passed on without their consent.
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

  3. Orson Member

    Thank you for letting others know about this.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Do it.

    Get evidence from the reporter. Then get straight onto the ICO.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    This ^

    Cult acted illegally - will face prosecution.

    This is what they do - we know it, but many public do not realize this is why we wear masks.

    Creepy cult is creepy, pet-killing stalking bush hiding bastards. Report them to the cops. Get the journo to reveal his source using court procedures - in light of the phone hacking scandal the law is on it like Sonic. They will be in trouble. Criminal cult is criminal.
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  6. basil Member

    Would the "honest private detective company" happen to be connected with Hodkin and Co, solicitors of East Grinstead (run by Peter Hodkin, who is the UK copyright contact listed on all Scientology/RTC stuff) who send out the lulzworthy "C&D" letters?

    Because if Hodkin and Co have given out information on people they know to be part of Anon, that's most definitely in contravention of Data Protection laws and a very big shitstorm could well ensue.

    If the reporter does contact other people and asks them if they've had letters from Hodkin, then they have more or less committed commercial suicide because I'd say that could quite possibly be a de-barring offence.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Not suggestigng you're stupid or anything but did you get a résumé of the "freelance reporter" or did you just trust that he was who he said he was?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    ...also, does the name of the national newspaper rhyme with "fail"?
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  9. pedrofcuk Member

    Here in Ireland, myself and another ex have requested dox regarding ourselves from the scilons under the Data Protection Act, it puts the boot on the other shoe or frying pan or something.
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  10. RightOn Member

  11. SwordofTruth Member

    Stay safe guys.
  12. Anonymous Member

    If this does turn out to be genuine may I suggest possibly making it an alert so UKanons can all be aware? I only clicked on this forum because the title of the thread was interesting, it wasn't where I normally go for my daily dose of scifail.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Anons may wish to refer police to this 2008 document from the Met: File Note1 Report.pdf

    which (on page 4) discusses the Police's approach to Scientology's 'Fair Game' tactics:

    "In effect this policy ['fair game'] advocates revenge and retribution ... This area, in particular, may cause difficulty to the provenence of integrity of the complainant if not considered in the gathering of the evidence of the crime."

    i.e. if Scientologists are accusing anti-Scientology protestors of criminal activity then the Police should know not to take those accusations at face value.
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  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    If Peter Hodkin were to be dis-barred it would be lulzy.

    Worth a try - I can't think of anyone else that could be illegally leaking this info.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Idea: Direct national newspapers to Dr. Martin Poulter.

    Although relatively quiet on the scientology protesting/critic front these days, most of you will know he has been around since the OG days as well as resurfacing in 2008 when he did a piece for sky news when the Tom Cruise crazy video first broke in Jan 2008, then subsequently protested with anons, and recently appeared on channel 4's "4 thought" programme speaking against scientology. There's also his podcasts on the Guardian website ("Strange Quarks") and his talks at Skeptics meets both of which included scientology critical info.
    Not saying you're all incapable by any means but, you know, I just think he'd be a good one to come back and comment if one is going to do a reasonable article with any inference to the surge of scientology protesters since 2008 and which gets tagged to almost every article these days on "hackers" because of the word "anonymous".


    "These are the nicest protesters I have ever had the priviledge of policing", as one London policeman said to this reporter for The Times....



    "Anonymous has made campaigning sexy for the first time since 1968", Tom Whipple, The Times.

    The man in this video with the glasses alongside the big-nosed blonde scientologist is their scientolgist solicitor Peter Hodkin. They are trying to make out that the protesters are terrorists or something.......

    Man: It invites people to destroy the church.
    Woman: This is the video that's on the internet where they say they're going to destroy the church.
    Bobby: Ok well they have a right to protest, and I'm happy with the level of protest at the moment, and that's not going to change.
    Woman: *nods*
    Bobby: What do you want me to do?
    Woman: Well the noise level is disturbing the services upstairs
    Man: Could I have a word with you inside?
    Bobby: No
    Man: Sorry?
    Bobby: No. My business is here, yeah I'm happy with the protest, my inspector is as well. At the moment I'm happy with the policing, it's all good natured. [inaudible] difference but that's all the nature of the game [inaudible] So I'm happy with the protest, it is being recorded, and I'm more than happy that the protesters [inaudible] at the moment. They've been asked to move off the streets, there's no intimidation, I've been out here, and I'm quite happy at the moment.
    Man: Yeah but they are disturbing people inside when it gets loud.
    Bobby: Well people have a right to protest.
    Anon: Good man! What a guy! Woo!
    Bobby: People have a right to protest, I don't take sides, I'm happy with them they've been as good as gold. I've seen a load of demonstrations in my time and I'm more than happy. Ok?
    Woman: [inaudible]
    Bobby: I'm not going to argue with you, alright?
    [Full length protest video: February 2008]
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  17. DeathHamster Member

  18. Herro Member

    Lol no. You can't touch them for this. Journalists are investigating Anonymous. Scientology gives journalists a list of names of people calling themselves "Anonymous." Good luck proving that the CoS didn't give up the names in good faith.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I'm totally sure that they didn't give the journalists booklets like the one Jeff Stone had.
  20. Herro Member

    So what if they did?
  21. Lacelotte Member

    Business card and he introduced himself as being sent as a regional reporter asked by the guy who called me earlier in the day.

    Only on the Sabbath.

    I assure you this is genuine. Whether it definitely was Co$ handed over a list of names is still to be proven, but it makes a lot of sense. Enough for the journalist in question to ask me I would be willing to provide a copy of my C&D letter for him to see evidence of the cults threatening behavior towards critics. That was my intention of posting today.
    As for passing on the message to other UKAnons, please do. Anybody else who has been namefagged may now be on some kind of watch list as bonified "cyber terrorist"! har har har

    I care or need to know why they handed my name over. What I care about is that they may have passed on my personal information without my consent and against a legal request to cease processing any of my details in the future. That my friend would be a breach of data protection laws here in the United Kingdom.
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  22. afternon Member

    I never tire of this video- it warms the cockles of my heart, and Peter Hodkin comes across as a creepy guy trying to bribe a policeman..on video no less!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Contact the nearest FBI Legat office near you ASAP.

    Please trust me on this, even though I am posting anonymously.
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  24. Herro Member

    Lol wait, you don't even know if the journalist got the names from the Church?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Lay off herro or i'll sue England!

    And what the fuck do you know of English law?
  26. sooleater Member

    this sounds bad

    hope osa only get false infos
  27. Lacelotte Member

    I am 100% sure that "the Church" in the UK did not pass on any of my personal information to journalists. Nor would "the Church" accuse me of being a cyber terrorist. I do however feel it is a hell of a lot more likely that a company like that of $cientology, who's aim is to make money, would be very happy to illegally hand over the personal information of outspoken critics who may damage their cash flow.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Then ignore post #23 and quit trying to create drama.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    If multiple reporters have been given a list of Anons, we should hear from more people quite soon. Until then, it's a bit thin.
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  30. AnonyVix Member

    I've given my name and contact details out at a couple of protests to reporters of local rags. I've since been called on unrelated issues because I have no less than 2 local namesakes who are also politically active and open to speaking out and I keep being mixed up with them. The last call was on a local budget deficit.

    If reporters want to call me and discuss Anonymous I am quite happy to. (OSA you ought to know who I am I've left enough clues. If you don't know who I am then I over estimated you; it really should be simple to work out.)
  31. I am really disappointed they haven't been able to namefag me yet.
    Mind they probably cannot even figure out which county my caravan is parked up in this month.

    Here's a hint. Your looking out for the van with the over-engineered military spec cantenna mounted on the roof.
  32. RolandRB Member

    If they contacted me then I'd be tempted to sell them the whole sex ceremony initiation thing and meet the leaders, for the right candidate, that is.
  33. Anonymous Member

    So is the newspaper going to run this as a story then?
  34. Anonymous Member

    did they say how many names they have on the list? who is the person who gave it to them? Are they contacting everyone and writing an article? this could be win
  35. WhiteNight Member

    Hmmmm.... If you could provide me with any dox (such as names and companies) I can get a lawyer to have a glance at it to tell us if there's a decent case against the CoS, or at least whoever they got to do their dirty work. Win happens when Private Detectives start to refuse to work for them for fear of legal retribution.
  36. CarltonBANKS Member

    In this instance, I agree with Herro. He is right.
  37. CarltonBANKS Member

    Peter Hodkin isn't a barrister? Unless you mean he'll be chucked out of the solicitors membership body?

    I'd say this is OSA, rather than Peter Hodkin. (Peter isn't a mastermind, he just happens to be Margaret Hodkin's son (she's the person who started Greenfields School) and he isn't even a shit-hot solicitor) . He just sends out boilerplate letters. I've interviewed a bunch of people, independently, and they consistently say the same thing .i.e. Hodkin is replaceable.

    Just FYI,

    Man = Peter Hodkin
    Woman = Janet Laveau
  38. Anonymous Member

    If journos really want to get to the bottom of lulzsec, maybe they should lurk at 4chan & EbaumsWorld. They should pay special attention to the subtle, coded messages in the photos (which should be studied carefully, for clues)
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  39. jensting Member

    Yep, this sounds like it's worth pursusing. And, since the criminal organisation known as the "church" <spit> of $cientology has gone to the trouble of namefagging you once, they've created the perfect adversary. Oooops.


    D O E E E T T ! ! !

    Best regards

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  40. CarltonBANKS Member

    Jens is picking up the lingo

    ITT - OG picking up dialect.

    It can creep into very day conversation

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