Cincinnati December 19

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Cudgel, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Cudgel Member

    Cincinnati December 19

    Four of us: Scary, Joker, Emanon and little old me.

    Cold but bearable. Some horn love from the football fans. I ran out of flyers before we even met up, giving them to the football fans as they walked by.

    Pix to follow.
  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Damn fine jerb!
  3. MuffinKat Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Rock the fuck on, Cincanons!
  4. i'mglib Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Ooooooh yeeeaaaah.
  5. Cudgel Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Sorry, holidays and some days spent at a house without intertubes caused the delay.

    Not much real action. As I posted earlier, it was Scary, The Joker, Emanon and me. We mentioned the blown auditor, SirRalliart, by name as often as we could asking the scilons going in and out what was going to happen now that he had blown. Got no replies.

    Scary, Emanon and The Joker (Cudgel taking photos)


    Just Scary and Emanon (The Joker went down to the corner - see the following picture).


    The Joker went down to Fourth and Elm to let the fans going to the Bengals game know about the cult.

    Scary took a cookie break

    Emanon shot from above (I took a recon walk into the parking garage to look across into the org's windows to check some activity on the fourth floor: they were decorating for a party! (Christmas decorations, no less!)).

    And now the only odd thing that happened. This gent walked out of the org carrying a large insulated pitcher. He walked halfway down the block and proceeded to dump the contents out of the pitcher onto the snow at the curb. Why not just pour it down the sink?
  6. histohoney Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    He wanted to read your signs, and hear about Sir Ralliart. Hear that?, I think it's the sound of a wall cracking!
    Great job!
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19
    Not just crumbling, but tearing itself apart!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Daamn it looks cold there. Football fans. Perfect audience.
  9. OTBT Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    This thread makes me happy. Well done :D
  10. Cudgel Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19


    Can anyone put a name to this guy? I've tried all of our local sources and they either can't or won't ID him...
  11. SOJOA Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Im sure she just did it for the coverup and to disguise herself but she looks homeless. lol


    Props guys
  12. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Moar props from Pacific Anon Support Squadron #69!

    Big respect to Cininanons! Looks frikken too cold for this ol' bear (hey hey, Imma losin' mah furz!)

    And yo, Rallie has been tellin' a great story @ ESMB, worth the look-see imho.

    Keep on Rocking Guys, yer aweshum! (cakes an' kudos too)
  13. Cudgel Member

    Re: Cincinnati December 19

    Yeah. A homeless waif in a full-length fur coat...

    But on her, it looks good. Most things do.
  14. Re: Cincinnati December 19

    HAHA way to make a girl feel homelessly delicious :D Excellent write up Mr. C. Nice pics...see you next month when we further enturbulate the clams about Mike's BLOW JOB!

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