Cincinnati, January 10

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    Cincinnati, January 10

    OK, here's the post. Video is downloading now, but I have to comb through it. Give me a few days, or maybe a week. I took better effort on my camera work this time and I hopefully shot steadier video.

    OK, arrival! I got there about 15 minutes early, and despite rain, freezing fog and ice there were a lot of people downtown! I handed out flyers in my mask with old 40's swing tunes playing and it made me very approchable. I handed out nearly 50 flyers in just 20 minutes! Usually no one wants them but today with the swing music playing from my backpack mounted speakers, everyone wanted to come get one. Very interesting! Also interesting is that if I had the honk sign, few people honked. But lots of people honked for scary, a girl with a fake beard. So people will honk for a bearded lady, but not so much for a guy in a fawkes mask. LOL.

    Scary and Haddug showed up a bit late but this gave me time to hand out those flyers. The ones I handed out were from the Clearwater anons and included a story about an ex-sci with an autistic son they spoke to and who layed out all the terrible things the scientologists told them including telling them to get him off any medication. They were very well received and since scilontology has been all over the news about this, people understood what this was about. The public is very much supportive of us here in Cincinnati despite all the cult spin and celebrity blogging trying to tell them we are the bad guys. Of the nearly 50 flyers I handed out, most were to people walking in groups of friends or with families. I probably reached at least 70-100 people with these flyers.

    Oh and it gets even better. The scilons tried to counter flyer for just a few minutes shortly after we arrived at the cult building. I don't know yet if I got this on camera, but three guys they tried to give black PR flyers too LAUGHED IN THEIR FACES!

    Once everyone was there, we went down and found that we have a cop to watch the protest again. This is the nice cop that was there at many of the other protests and he was 100% supportive of us speaking our rights and he was just there to keep either side from doing anything dumb. No scilons came out to bullbait buuuuut....

    Near the end of the protest, a group of young people were walking down our side of the street and stopped by to see what was up. They had head of Anonymous and were curious about the protests. The scilons ran someone up to the 3rd floor and turned out the lights and started taking pictures of them from there. The dumbasses had their flash on and the people were were talking to spotted them. These guys were not even part of our protest and the scilons started taking dozens of pics of them. The cop saw it happen too. I can tell you this... this was scilon creepyness and paranoia on display for everyone to see. Nice footbullet cult! I can't wait to put this on youtube!

    Despite just 3 protesters we had some very big win tonight! Lots of flyers handed out, lots of honks, lots of support from people, including some guy on a bike who stopped by to tell us about how he saw aliens once, but at least he didn't plan on worshipping them. LOL. Thanks everyone who came, this was great! I may not be able to make next months, as I have some family related traveling to do, but I hope it is fun as always!
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    Re: Cincinnati

    aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh....we demand it nao
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    Re: Cincinnati, January 10

    I'm going to slowly put any interesting stills here.

    Starting off with... epic ham fisted camera man.

    This buffoon started taking pictures of some people who stopped to talk to us. We had just been talking about how they go after critics and this OSA moron start taking pics with a flash from inside a dark room (means their pics will be washed out from reflection of the flash) and draws the attention of the people we are talking with. Way to demonstrate fair game for the public scientology, lol!




    And another, is this the red headed chick who tried to follow you guys in March?


    Some fatbeard I've not seen in there before.


    Tall clam.


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