Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Cudgel, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Cudgel Member

    Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    It's late, sorry.

    Four of us started at the org at 1:30 p.m.: The Joker, True, Skeets and friend (didn't catch her name, probably know if but I'm getting old and tired) and me.

    Some more foot traffic than normal because of the Taste of Cincinnati a few blocks away, but not tons. Some horn love but we weren't encouraging it. The high points of the day:

    1. A young African American girl (maybe 20?) who was standing on the other side of the street under the smoking area watching us. I'm not certain if Joker called her over or she came on her own, but I noticed that she came over while my back was turned. We (OK, I, mostly) talked to her for about 10 minutes explaining the evils of the cult management (RPF, forced abortions, etc.) and the tinfoil nature (Xenu) of the cult. She actually accepted a copy of Ethics for Scientologists from the free book pile! As we were talking, a 30'ish blonde came out of the cult and crossed the street halfway calling to the girl that the class was about to start. I yelled that she should be careful as they might not like that fact that she spoke with us and she waved. (Pic edited to hide her face)

    2. Karin came bopping up in a late-model van chauffering an older guy who got out with a rolling suitcase. Skeets and I noticed that she was having trouble closing the back sliding door of the van. We offered to close it for her after we asked (loudly, of course) why she didn't use her 'powers' to close the door. We asked what happened to her MEST control (and named them, again loudly, Matter, Energy, Spacew and Time). She got a very frustrated look on her face, grabbed her purse out of the van and stomped back into the org, leaving the van standing open. It was still open when we left at 3...

    3. A pre-teen girl in pretty striped dress was in the window of the bookstore retrieving a balloon when we got there. She took the balloon into the org and the bookstore closed, lights off even. After a while I noticed here standing in the double doorway between the org and the bookstore reading our signs ("Would the last one in the building turn out the lights?", "See you in Kentucky: Expect Us!", "If OT8s had any powers, would we still be here?", and the usuals). I waved. She half-waved an disappeared. A little later (after the class started), she was standing outside in front org playing with the balloon and watching us. I yelled to her that she might want to go back inside so her parents didn't get angry with her for looking at us and she went back in. In accordance with our agreed rules, no pix.

    Four of Five Enterbulators

    Giving Fair Warning: thyey're running away to Florence. KY. We'll be there.

    The Joker and a part of True

    Pick a Card, Any Card...

    Joker's in Theirs Heads...

    She took a book!

    Called back to class: hope they didn't punish her!!

    The Open Van

    Leaving the van open to get the guest speaker inside, away from us

    Cincinnati Dances!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Where are the nuclear wessels in Toledo?
  3. Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Excellent write up Cudgel, Thank you!
  4. Crappy Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Bery nice.
  5. RightOn Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    great report and enturb!
  6. anonohio Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    hey is there a guy that looks like george carlin on staff there? pony tail?

    before i knew what scientology was i was downtown one night and he tried to pull me in for a free stress test.
  7. Cudgel Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    I haven't seen anyone looks like that since we started this rhing. Maybe he got a haircut? Let me look through my pix and I'll see if he's been there, just hanging in the back...
  8. Cudgel Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    There are no nuclear wessels in Toledo. There's a city ordinance against them...
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Karin? Me thinks you may have wrong data. :eek:
  10. Cudgel Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Please clarify and provide the correct data.

    Thank you.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Are you speaking of this tall lady with the long hair?
  12. Cudgel Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Yes, this person.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Cincinnati May 29 Post Game

    Her name is Talia. (sp?)

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