City Of Edmonton Blocking Right To Protest

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, May 29, 2011.

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    Greetings fellow friends and family members of anonymous. I have watched and believed in our operations since project chanology. I have supported our movements every step of the way, And I now ask for your help.

    The city of edmonton is denying the right to peaceful protest for those walking in the "Slut Walk" Protest on june 4th. What is Slut Walk? (Copied Directly from the Facebook Page)

    "What is Slutwalk? - Slutwalk is a protest, a rally and a demonstration of frustration and anger. We are protesting blaming of victims of sexual violence for the violence perpetrated against them. No one is responsible for the violence perpetrated against them, no matter what they wear, who they associate with or who they are.

    What are we trying to accomplish? - On January 24th, 2011, a representative ofthe Toronto Police Force stated that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. As a community we are rallying against the attitude that victims are “asking for it” by dressing or acting a certain way and we are demanding increased awareness from our Police and our community as a whole. We are demonstrating that our community does not tolerate sexual violence or victim-blaming in an effort to create a culture of safety for men, women and children.

    How is walking around dressed like sluts going to help? - First of all, no one has to dress ‘like a slut’; participants are encouraged to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable. If that means dressing provocatively, then so be it. This rally is not about clothing and participants of a diverse clothing choice background are expected. The point is that no piece of clothing, or absence of such, makes it ok to use sexual violence against someone.

    But why use the word ‘slut’? – This event is called ‘Slutwalk’ because ‘slut’ is the term used by the representative of the Toronto Police Department to identify a particular look or type of dress that could cause sexual violence. The term ‘slut’ has historically been used in a negative light, associated with women who are sexually promiscuous by choice. To associate sexual freedom (expressed through clothing) with somehow attracting sexual violence is disturbing, outdated and disappointing coming from anyone, much less our law enforcement. It is also a provocative term that catches the eye and ideally inspires the person who sees/hears about the event to learn more about it.

    Who can/should attend this event? - this is a community event! So all members of the community and its diverse makeup of ages, colours, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and political persuasions are invited and entitled to come out and declare that victim-blaming and sexual violence are not welcome here. Children and youth are welcome!

    How do I convince <insert person> to support this event? - this is a provocative event, and as much as we believe passionately in using the Slutwalk to demonstrate our outrage at and intolerance of victim-blaming and sexual violence, there are going to be members of our community who don’t think this is the best way to go about demonstrating that. That’s ok; they have every right to their opinion. If you want to engage dissenting people in a discussion, use information and discuss the issue; do not be reactionary and attack them. Treat their opinions with as much respect as you want for yours.

    We believe in taking a peaceful stance to spread awareness and that
    the term "slut" needs to be reclaimed and used as a power word, not
    one that demeans. Anyone can be sexually assaulted and it's time for
    it to stop because nobody ever asks for it.
    Be inspired by the voice that our city will cry out on June 4, 2011
    stating that "NO means NO!" as Edmonton first slutwalk takes to the
    Because no one deserves it, ever.
    Because we've had enough!"

    This started out as a general protest, A place to meet, But the City Of Edmonton keeps road-blocking us at every turn with a new fine. A Permit was required,Had to pay 2 million dollors for insurance.Then they wanted 2000 dollors for police protection, Only asking for this in 9 days before the walk ( ). They are suppressing our right to peaceful protest and it must not go unnoticed. I ask from someone who wants a valid protest to happen. I want Anonymous to remind the City Of Edmonton and Mr. Stephen Mandel why its wrong to supress protesters over a name choice for the walk.

    Please, I ask of all members of anonymous join me in this fight, Whether it be through a email to Stephen Mandel, Posts on our facebook page, Post a video to wherever, I ask of you, To help us stop this textbook blocking of the right to protest.
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    This /r/ is worthy of consideration.
    I hate the fact they are blocking your right to protest this way.
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    bump for justice
    good luck edm
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    Good news, We've managed to get ahold of the Canadian Civil Rights board, We still need some more support and pressure from another party while The board is working it out with their lawyers
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    Need any poons? If so, please to be providing the who and the where :)

    Check out the City of Saskatoon police response to that city's slut walk held on Saturday
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    This thread was a lot longer because it derailed from the OP's project into a discussion of women's clothing, rape, and related issues. If you would like to continue discussing these issues, the thread has been moved to Drama--or, you can always start a new thread on one of these topics. Just trying to keep the OP's project in view.
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    Okay, thank you. I got all tangled up in trying to split and move the thing, not surprised I missed some stuff. Will move those back. Let me know if there are others.

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