Civil case: sparrow harrowing II

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2011.

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  1. subgenius Member

    Those claiming wit are usually only half right.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    My point exactly. Charges should be brought against those idiots.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Hang em all!
  4. Herro Member

    For what?
  5. Anonymous Member

    harrassment and stalking
    they have anbushed him and others several times now
  6. Anonymous Member

    For being criminal Scientologists..........yah that's the ticket!
  7. Anonymous Member

    What about for just being criminals?
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  8. Interrobanger Member


    You realize that is a double-edged sword. After suing someone for harassment and stalking it is difficult to justify showing up outside their workplace on a regular basis.
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  9. subgenius Member

    Not really.
  10. Interrobanger Member

    It's possible I'm wrong and I like to learn. Any chance you have a nifty legal analysis to back up your cavalier quip?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Yah, that's the ticket throw the book at criminals!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Aggravated mopery.
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  13. subgenius Member

    legal social theatrical i can imagine many scenarios where it would be cool as fuck
    give it a try
  14. Anonymous Member

    Not really. Sparrow is protesting against an organization, not a given person. He shows up outside their place of business. Scientologists follow a particular person around, no matter where he goes and whether he on a business visit, or whether he is taking his girlfriend to a doctor's appointment. Big difference.
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  15. LocalSP Member

    That statement is one of the dumbest things you have ever posted.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    There have been two incidents of assault by two Church of Scientology parishners. One where a protester got punched, another where HT was pushed and tackled. Police neither investigated nor arrested anyone after these incidents, sadly. I think Sparrow was the one who got punched, actualy (could be wrong tho).
  17. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps you can also provide a legal basis for your remarks, sir. Then you'll receive the same courtesy. ;)
  18. Interrobanger Member

    I was addressing the scenario where a critic sought to sue a Scientologist for stalking and harassment while desiring to continue to regularly protest outside the org - their workplace.

    You are denying a moral equivalency that was never asserted, and is, in fact, wholly irrelevant to my point. You then try to attribute that paper tiger to me, which is utter nonsense.
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  19. Interrobanger Member

    There is a precedent described earlier in this very thread. At the time Kim Bellote received her preliminary injunction against AnonSparrow the judge warned her that she also was subject to limitations with regard to approaching AnonSparrow, including being required to go out of her way to avoid him under certain circumstances. I thought it would be common sense to recognize that a critic suing a Scientologist for stalking and harassment would similarly face potential limitations with regard to voluntarily encroaching upon that Scientologist's probable proximity.

    There is also the whole touchy business of convincing a judge that you are afraid of a stalker and in danger if you repeatedly show up voluntarily in front of his workplace - the org - to protest.

    I will be surprised if I receive in-kind courtesy. I won't be surprised to face further blind hostility. ;)
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  20. 90% of wit is 1/2 mental...........
  21. Diablo Member

    Heeee's Baaaaack!!!

    "Emeters can only be used by ordained ministers, are you an ordained minister, TOM?"
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  22. subgenius Member

    full of some awe
  23. Anonymous Member

    That's not a legal argument, though. That's a factual argument. If someone criminally stalks, threatens, and/or harasses you, those are illegal acts. The fact that they are revenge for your First Amendment protected activities does not mean you're obligated to waive your First Amendment rights if you press charges or sue.

    Obviously, you'll be cross examined on the facts, especially if you claim you were actually intimidated. The fact that some people are particularly brave, though, and might not be deterred by threats of physical violence or stalking, does not make the threat-maker immune, unless the specific statute requires the target actually be intimidated. So avoid suing under statutes with that requirement, and avoid claiming you were actually intimidated. If the objectively unreasonable conduct of the defendant breaks the law, the fact that the defendant broke the law in revenge for your protected free speech actually cuts against them.

    The main reason to stop protesting while pursuing such a suit is that it makes it easier for them to try to set you up in various ways to discredit you in the lawsuit, and that, they would attempt to do. But the fact that you protest, and the cult illegally takes revenge, does not make their revenge legal. If anything, it shows their harassment to be even more reprehensible.

    You are correct only in that it could make it more difficult to prosecute a case in that if they could get in videotape of you acting like a fanatic, shouting, yelling, and saying obnoxious things, you might be a less sympathetic plaintiff. You'd probably want that stuff excluded as irrelevant and prejudicial.

    You might also want to stop protesting if you actually are intimidated, and are making a claim of being intimidated in the case. Your evidence of being intimidated is that you have stopped protesting, which you would have kept doing, except for the threats.
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  24. subgenius Member

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  25. Herro Member

    Why's he got to sound like such a whiny bitch?
  26. subgenius Member

    please post your raids so we can see how it should be done
    until then....well, you know....
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  27. anonsparrow Member

    Don't watch my videos faggot.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Herro Member

    I'm just saying you come off like an asshole and make the scientologists look very sympathetic in the process. Hey but you keep telling yourself you're actually doing something. Cling tightly to that next time you wind up in jail. Remember how fun that was? Totally worth it what with all you've accomplished. Oh wait...
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  30. Anonymous Member

    You'd snivel too if your underwear grew into your nut-sack....
  31. Anonymous Member

    pix or gtfo
  32. Anonymous Member

    Yes because any time he asks scientologists a simple question and none of them can respond;

    despite their claims about having a Communication course, "the degree of complexity is equal to the degree of non confront", and that scientologists are able to talk about any subject you care to name;

    Joe public who watches the Scientologists stand there totally silent while the website makes these claims can see for themselves how empty the claims are.
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  33. Herro Member

    I think you confuse being unable to respond with ignoring a fool.
  34. anonsparrow Member

    Fuck you. And you can keep your $150 donation. Oh wait..
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  35. Nick_Nolte Member

    ^ Amen brother. Even if you're in the right, if you're an asshole, an unbiased party will just think you're asking for trouble and feel sorry for the Scilons.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Like I should be ignoring you.... but regardless, I still speak to you to counter your claims.

    Still, that video really highlights the Dauntless, Defiant and Resolute Homo Sapiens really well doesn't it?
  37. Anonymous Member

    I think he sounds fine and his videos from in front of the org were pretty funny. Now people that do make Scilons look symphatheitc are New Yorks anons. They make Sparrow look like a pussy cat.
  38. anonsparrow Member

    But compared to Herro's protests I appear whiny. No wait, the difference is that I appear.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    oooo, snap.
  40. Herro Member

    But here's the problem, you don't accomplish anything when you appear. You just make a fool of yourself. All you do is bullbait, and you're not even good at that :\
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