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    Clams are posting all happy thoughts, go get em!

    Published: June 5, 2012 Updated: 7:37 p.m.

    Church of Scientology opens new Santa Ana home

    SANTA ANA – The Church of Scientology of Orange County, formerly in Tustin, held a grand opening on Saturday, June 2 for its new home at 505 N. Sycamore St.
    The church about six years ago purchased the historic 48,000-square-foot Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center, which was built in 1931 as the Santa Ana Masonic Lodge.
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    On June 2, more than 5,000 Scientologists and guests celebrated the grand opening of the Church of Scientology of Orange County, at 505 N. Sycamore St., Santa Ana
    Church officials said about 5,000 people attended the event to see the dedication, led by David Miscavige, Scientology's ecclesiastical leader.
    The executive director of the Orange County church is Ed Dearborn.
    The building was designed by W. Horace Austin, who also designed the original Santa Ana City Hall and the Bowers Museum. After acquisition, the church renovated the building's facade and Gothic Revival style interiors, including its arched ceilings, leaded glass doors, glass and alabaster chandeliers, and hand-carved mahogany staircase, church representatives said.
    Hours are 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 9 a.m.-6 p.m. weekends. The auditorium is available for banquets and civic events, the church said.
    Call 714-544-5491 or see
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Too bad you have to be a FB member to post. Then I would.

    "Louanne" did. ;)
  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    5000 there for the opening? They must be overflowing with happy "publics" coming in for courses! That org has got to be SUPER buried in traffic from free and able beings coming in every day and night! Anybody have video of the people streaming in and out their front doors?
  4. Anonymous Member

    • It is all about the shiny new big box
      Louanne Lee · Top Commenter · Los Angeles, California
      I was at the opening ceremony of the new Church and fell in love with the facility right away!
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    • 41397_1395641388_2059977295_q.jpg

      Saralinda McCrink
      What a gathering! I drove by today and the building is truly beautiful. What a great contribution to the Downtown Santa Ana area!
    • Sue Rabin · Costa Mesa, California
      This building is fantastic! The restoration and attention to detail is amazing. I love it! Having the church in Downtown Santa Ana is so great and the community was so welcoming!

      • Marc Abian
        Lol, how was the community welcoming when they weren't even allowed to attend the event?
    • Clay Bock · Fontana High
      I was introduced to Scientology in 1974 and have been a Scientologist ever since. I've always been proud of my religion but to see the ribbon fall and the doors open on the beautiful building so that all can use the technology whether they are Scientologists or not to better their lives and our community, I have never been prouder. I use the information I've gained through it with my wife & children and family and in my business and my relationships with others. These are rough times in which we live and Scientology is definitely a stabilizing influence in my life.
      You are welcome to stop by and visit, take a few minutes or a few hours and find out what Scientology is first hand for yourself.
      L Ron Hubbard wrote "What is true for you is what you have observed yourself.

      • Ed Coenen · St. Joseph's Dunlap,Iowa
        It looks like there's 3 smiley faces on the buildings with the banners & windows...I wonder if it was planned that way...pretty cool! :)Marianne (Ed's wife)

    • Danielle Marie Sciacca · Subscribe
      such a beautiful building!
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    I hurled.
  6. BigBeard Member

    And a pox on all news sites that require a Farce Book account to comment on an article.

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    Silly sheeple are silly
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