Clarification: Who is the "Old Guard"?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RandomTexfag, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Two different groups really. There is the Internet Oldguard and the Critic (ex-scis and other) Oldguard. The "thrilled to the tits" is the internet Oldguard
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    Re: Clarification: Who is the "Old Guard"?

    People need to be able to better clarify then, make them more distinct.

    And don't tell me to lurk moar plzkthx, I'm dealing with enough lurking as it is with my own private sector of Chanology, not to mention my standard *chan lurking.
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    Re: Clarification: Who is the "Old Guard"?

    You're going to love this: both.

    The Old Guard does refer to long-term critics of CoS. They have been working together for years trying to get the message out. Anonymous is taking advantage of their experience and advice. They present us with ideas and information, and Anonymous sifts through it, taking what we can use and leaving the rest. They are not our leaders, but advisors. We don't have to do what they say, but the truth is that 99% of the time, Anonymous does listen.

    The Old Guard who are thrilled to the tits are the oldskool computer guys. They are the ones who hacked using toys out of breakfast cereal. They are working behind the scenes, quietly sifting through the ones and zeros. They may be our lifeline someday.

    I suppose it would be less confusing if there were two monikers. My suggestion is that we continue calling the long-time critics the "Old Guard," since they had the tag first. Can anyone think of a better handle for the oldskool computer guys?
  5. Re: Clarification: Who is the "Old Guard"?

    Old Guard refers to any group that's been doing something longer than all the tons of newfags who are doing the same thing in the present. Basically.

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