CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

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  1. CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

    ANONYMOUS Delivers...The SECOND Operating Thetan and CLEAR graduation ceremony recordings.

    The opening description of this tape says it all so I'll just paste it herein and you guys can go listen, laugh and enjoy.

    Link: Download 6801C12 AO-2 Those Who Will Put Things Right.mp3 -
  2. Voland Member

    Re: CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

    So we will see motherfucking clears?
  3. anonyleaks Member

    Re: CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

    Interesting leak. I have a couple of notable names here I've picked out so far.

    • Hannah Eldrige (CMO I think?)
    • Yvonne Gilliam (later Yvonne Jentzsch)
    • Bill Robertson (nutcase and founder of the Freezone)
    • Arthur Marin (one of the clams who went to jail with Mary Sue)
  4. HAEVEN9 Member

    Re: CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

    o0o00o0oo rareified=yumm
  5. anonyleaks Member

    Re: CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

  6. HAEVEN9 Member

    Re: CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

    slang for rare, rare-a-fied 0_0
  7. HAEVEN9 Member

    Re: CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

    Add John McMaster to the list of notables in the ceremony,
    he got to OTIII (in the ceremony), and was clear number freaking 1!!

    little info...
    John McMaster, a dedicated $cientologist in the 1960s, was proclaimed by founder L. Ron Hubbard to be the "world's first real Clear." He was a charismatic promoter and lecturer, and as a key aide to Hubbard contributed greatly to his early financial success. He was the chosen ambassador of $cientology, lending to it his personal image of competence, gentleness and love. Among his accomplishments for Hubbard was the creation of the Power Processes - Grade 7 on the $cientology grade chart. Hubbard promoted him to "Pope" in 1966, a title not to endure. And though Hubbard's income soared, McMaster received none of it.

    Under Hubbard, McMaster had no real power. He slowly became disillusioned as he saw $cientology organizations turn authoritarian and brutally punitive, far different from how he had portrayed them. He witnessed the imprisonment of a terrified 4-year-old in the Sea Org's dark, filthy, rat- infested chain locker for the "Ethics offense" of chewing one of Hubbard's papers. Such imprisonment became a common form of staff punishment. "Overboarding" was instituted, with "out-ethics" staff being forcibly thrown into the ocean. McMaster was overboarded several times, the last time being left struggling in the water with a broken collarbone for 3 hours. According to McMaster, in some orgs with no chain locker or overboarding facilities, the offender's head is shoved into a toilet bowl, which is then flushed.

    McMaster fell from grace in 1968 when he challenged Hubbard for chain-lockering a little deaf-mute girl for a week. He was subject to hard labor, sleep deprivation and other hardships. "Hubbard wanted to break me," he states. In 1969 McMaster resigned from $cientology, and was declared "suppressive" by Hubbard.

    McMaster stated in an interview: "I was so excited about the function of auditing ($cientology counseling) that I was willing to overlook Hubbard's faults - . That was up to a point of course, the final point being my realization that his intentions were entirely self-serving. I saw that he was in it for the money and personal power, and his actual intentions were not as stated. The basic function of auditing is a wonderful thing, but Hubbard perverted it."

    Sad to say, John McMaster, Clear #1, was interviewed 2 years before his death in a Manchester England transient hotel (flop house). In a tiny room filled with dead flowers, he told of being tormented and taunted by Hubbard for being gay. He died of cirrosis of the liver due to a long bout of alcoholism - ONE MORE $CIENTOLOGY "SUCCESS STORY."

    References: A PIECE OF BLUE SKY by Jon Atack; L. RON HUBBARD: MESSIAH OR MADMAN? by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr.
  8. SamJac55 Member

    Re: CLEAR & OT Graduation Ceremony LEAK (1958)

    I'm ill

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