Clearing Antarctica

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by BLiP, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. BLiP Member

    Scientology's latest money-making scam


    Item filched from the wonderful Blown In ANZO at ESMB. EDIT: added public image
  2. BLiP Member

    <sigh> Why do I always make typos in the thread-topic box? Still, gotta chuckle - AnTARTica, hehehehe, sometimes I crack myself up.
  3. Miranda Member

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  4. Rheinländer Member

    This stupids believe, whe aren't there.

  5. TinyDancer Member

    Granted, those scientific libraries really need The Basics.
  6. Anonymous Member

    This...can't be real.

    Antarctica has the highest per capita IQ on the planet (being mainly science, engineering, medical people as well as support staff who are also knowledgeable).
    And while some smart people get sucked into the cult...Antarctica has a larger than normal amount of critical/rational thinkers.

    If it is real...there are no plans to really give books to libraries...just to raise the money to do it.
  7. They can't even afford to purchase toilet paper for their Empty Orgs, and they're looking for some of their idiots to cough up $33K to pollute Antarctica with toxic waste.

    I'd say these fuckbags have reached the pinicale of delusion with this one, but I know better ... they have plenty of Epic Fail left in them to entertain us with.
  8. I love how we can sit around on this website and come up with perfectly legal (and cheap) ways to spread the message about the Cult of Scientology and actually inform the public about it.

    Then when the culties get around to try to clear the planet.... THIS is the best they got?

    There's this something called passion, desire, and Humanity in what Anonymous does.... All are qualities considered low on the Tonne Scale of Scilons. Perhaps if they studied Anonymous and why we're still around... they might learn a thing or two. But they won't... because Hubbard's Research never encountered how to handle Nameless people who care for others.
  9. Zak McKracken Member

    Hubbard's Research never got around to understanding humans, which would be OK except
    per Hubbard's Orders, Scientologists are not allowed to perform any new research ever again.
  10. Zak McKracken Member

    Can you rehost the image?
    Its only visible to people with accounts on ESMB who are currently logged in.
  11. Zak McKracken Member

    South Pole anon pics also need rehosting, as the site that had them seems to be defunct.
  12. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I say we let them clear Antarctica but only if they all promise to move there.
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  13. Miranda Member

    Lol. We pit the cult against the snocult (snoccult?): Win/win.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Is this because of that whole Anonymous -v- Snow thing? Jeezus!
  15. Miranda Member

    Yes. It's a tactical maneuver to lure them down there and then... whatever happens, happens. End of derail, back to Scientology In Antarctic, sorry.
  16. WMAnon Member

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  17. Rheinländer Member

    Thx for this!
  18. BLiP Member

  19. Zak McKracken Member

    OK so,
    who's gonna pay for shipping?

    and WTF tux‽
    (lol open source)
  20. hushpuppy Member

    @WMAnon, Thxs for the pics!!!

    Antarctica is inocculated :--)
  21. SOJOA Member

    Please save those penguins!
  22. Anonymous Member

    What kind of citizenships do the Antarctica people have? Antarctian citzenship? Do they live in more than one town?
  23. lostatsea Member

    That's hot.
  24. DeathHamster Member

    I know just the place.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Haha, no that's cold there.
  26. moarxenu Member




    Shoop credit: Barbz
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  27. Triumph Member

    oh sure clear a land mass (well a really big Iceberg) thats populated for the most part with penguins
    they can use the DVD's for bar coasters..and the books to start a fire

    its not like anyone is gonna go down there to check if the Books and CD's ever materialize..
  28. Anonymous Member

    Ok, where the **** is this "Antarctca" described in the graphic?
  29. moarxenu Member

    There are 42 permanent scientific stations in Antartica and a whole lot of summer camps. There are nine Anglophone permanent stations:

    Australia: 3
    New Zealand: 1
    UK: 2
    USA: 3
    Canada: 0 :(

    Instead of this ...



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  30. Anonymous Member

    Antarctca? Who proof-reads this stuff, anyway?
  31. Anonymous Member

    ha! I remember in another thread I was joking about Antartica
    Maybe DM will move there.
    nah his dick is aleady too small, he doesn't need any more shrinkage
  32. Anonymous Member

    The prufe reeder dyed.

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