Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ClearwaterAnon, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Excellent raid with quite a few scilons enturbulated and tons of honks, waves, thumbs up and screams of support by passing motorists and the occasional non-scilon foot traffic.

    + It wasn't as hot as we expected and the recent thunderstorms gave us a break.
    + One motorist seeing our signs yelled "Fuck fiction books!" xD
    + Another motorist asked "What's scientology?" An Anon's reply was "It's a cult!" The woman's reply was to immediately lay on her horn in support. Even in the cult's own "mecca" some folks haven't even heard of them. That's how effectively they're "Clearing" Clearwater.
    + Enthusiastic honking from a Progress Energy truck as well as waves from an ambulance crew.
    + Pleasant conversations with some of Clearwater's Finest.
    + Vulture Minister/Anonymous Volunteer Protester shirts from London Anons once again.
    + Extra Large Papa John's pizzas donated by ex-sci PodPeople and hubby made for excellent noms as usual.

    - August in Florida sucks, period.
    - A few Anons couldn't make it this month due to more important matters than trolling the cult.

    The epic Operation /b/lackup caek was delicious and moist

    Posing in front of a "Flag" van with the Time Magazine front page quote:
    Read the whole article which scientology sued over but lost here: Scientology: 'Religion' a Thriving Cult of Greed, Power - TIME

    Top of the cult's "Super Powers" building in the background:

    A message at our City Hall basecamp to the cult's Sea Org slaves who are the main foot traffic in downtown cult-town:

    Waving and smiling at all the local's bypassing downtown cult-town and showing their support:

    AMA with her bedecked mobility scooter:

    On the back of the scooter AMA's signs of support to DC's anonsparrow as well as the current Cult Watch counter in memory on Shawn Lonsdale:

    The typical cult "Flag" security dufus' inordinate amount of geeky belt accessories they use in an attempt to make them look like some kind of authority figure. The running joke is you can tell their rank by how many they have. At one point in the past they actually wore dark uniforms with embroidered badges that looked very much like police uniforms and even carried sidearms. That was until the Clearwater Police Department told them to GTFO with that police impersonation bullshit.

    The cult's eternally unfinished "super power" building in the background:

    Larger versions of those pix here:

    Moar pix and some video to follow.
  2. add1X Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Awesome. As always, was with you in spirit. Thanks!
  3. Rockyj Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Love the gray sky background PIC!
    & the cake! Mmm
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Well done!!!! Love the signs.
  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

  6. RightOn Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    great signs, sounds like you got some good horn love, really awesome cake!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

  8. Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    The cake is awesome, but the best was even people in Clearwater are still wondering WTF is Scientology.

    The average person's view of Scientology

    I have no idea what Scientology is, but I know I want nothing to do with them
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    And no arrests? But, the e-lawyers said...
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    A public Sci did the "IMMA SHOOTIN YOU WITH MY FINGER GUN!" at us today, too.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Dorks. Truly. Ewwww- so scared.

    Anyway- awesome job- looking forward to the vids.
  12. Radio Paul Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Great Sparrow REF!
  13. Bipolart Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    That's one helluva cake.

    Great job as usual guys & gals!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Woo Hoo! Awesome show!

    Totally love the Cake and Sparrow Tech.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Awesome show and cake!
  16. ravenanon Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    beautiful protest
  17. grumpus Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

  18. N.A.T.E Member

    Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Yeah, I see what you mean by belt accessories. Security doofus is right, I see nothing but cheap shit on his belt. That &quot;taclight,&quot; if you can call it that, is an Ultrafire C1 with outdated LED technology and a poorly made, over-exaggerated striking bezel. He doesn't even have a case for it, he's just keeping it on his belt with the clip. Some of my guys got a hold of a few of those as a cheap alternative to the stuff we were already using to blind out their film &amp; picture cameras and not a single one of them lasted. I got one out of curiosity, the EXACT same one in the picture, and for shits and giggles I tapped it together with my EagleTac light of similar size and proportions. EagleTac light: not a scratch. Ultrafire light: huge fucking dent on the head under the lens area.

    Here's a better idea on exactly how cheap those things are: you can get them from China for $20, shipping INCLUDED. DealExtreme: $19.41 Ultrafire C1 R2-WC 5-Mode Memory 250-LM LED Flashlight with 2*Assault Crowns (2*CR123A/1*18650)

    Post some more pictures of their shitty belt equipment and I should be able to tell you what else is on there, where you can get it and for how much. And then you too ought to be able to put together an untrained-security-asshole costume-kit for less than $70.
  19. Re: Clearwater 8/7/10 Postgame

    Holy shit that's awesome!

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