Clearwater April 16 & 17 postgame: Cultwatch Anniversary

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonymous612, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    And another video. This time, of the protest on the 17th.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Awesome signage!

    Awesome Dancing! Even more so sans music!

    Awesome Costumes!

    Very impressive, Clearwater Anons! Bravo!
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  3. anonymous612 Member

    Apologies for the length, I went to cut it in half and my editor crashed out.
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  4. Lancaster Member

    I wish you had gotten video of me and Matt Mudkip going toe to toe with that boss.
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  5. anonymous612 Member

    I guess you'll just have to repeat it next month... >:3
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  6. RightOn Member

    wow great recap. thanks
    shall watch the vids with me cereal
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  7. Darth Xander Member

    Just wanted to say I had a great time. You youngins made it fun (except for the reference to me as looking like someone's dad-you'll be in my shoes before you know it Lancaster!).

    I also had the privilege over the weekend of chatting at length with Tom Smith, host of The Edge with Tom Smith. Very smart guy doing some of the best interviews on Scientology out there. (His interview with Mike Henderson provides the most detailed description of life in the Sea Org out there.) Keep up the good work Tom! AND I got to meet the legend, Ken Dandar! He's got some great stories about client tampering and other assorted mishaps. I couldn't tell if he was being facetious when he made a comment about writing a book, but I for one certainly hopes he does. Had I know my little legal tussle in Chicago would lead to such associations, I would have gotten arrested the first time CPD tried to shoo me away.

    Ok, uploaded the pics I took from over the weekend. Some highlights for you.


    The Bat Belt. But two walkie talkies?

    MM was last seen being hauled off to the RPF. He's going to be gone for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg time.


    Here's a link to the rest.
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  8. RightOn Member

    wonder if the Flag bus drivers ever get the urge to honk. lol!
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  9. Darth Xander Member

    We did get a mailman to honk. That was cool.
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  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Ditto X2 ! The caeks look as yummy as they are funny, and its so great to hear such an aweshum reportage of
    what seems to be an epic event!

    Yay Floridanons settin' the bars high (can't wait until the Hamburgers try and top this ;) )

    Y'all frikken ROCK! (and heal up well Anonmom, that looks like shite and owie.... knee pads fer us oldsters nao?)
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  11. AnonLover Member

    so much awesome and lulz in this thread i can hardly stop smiling!!!

    Well done everyone,
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  12. COREarg Member

    Maybe they their minds.

    But maybe their minds are also captive of the cult,so I don't really know.
  13. anonymous612 Member

    Don't forget the trolley! She rang her bell for us.

    From Xander's pix:

    lmao it's the emergency meeting. :D
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  14. Paladin Member

    "Who's really in control of your life, you or a dead science-fiction writer?"

    Excellant! I like that! I'm gonna use that the next time I'm at the Chicago org!
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  15. RightOn Member

    I like to think that they would want to honk
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  16. anonymous612 Member

    Wasn't sans music, it was Rick Astley, you just can't hear it over the traffic. They had the speakers that time, not me.
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  17. Marty Rugburn Member


    Have you had any dead agent crap happen to you?

  18. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Wow look how fucking full that tent is! Man that 8 million is going to top 9 any day now.
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  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

  20. RightOn Member

    they need to fix their tent and add a "t" to the word can
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  21. Lancaster Member

    Me and my fellow Anons can't make the 14th protest as our theatrical department will be running their matinee play on that Saturday. I myself will more than likely be coming each month after May. So don't forget me
  22. Anonymous Member

    O hai!

    Saw you guys on Sunday on my way to and from the Marine Aquarium (Winter says Hi!). Would have stopped and chatted but had someone with me that I did not want to overly confuse.

    Just gave him/her the basic outline, i.e. "Anonymous protests real and valid abuses in Scientology but gives no credence to anything positive about Scientology and gives too much credence to anything negative. I am glad they are out there for two reasons - 1) they draw attention to real abuses in Scientology and may shame the Church into addressing them and 2) they highlight the hypocrisy of the Church as it tries to suppress the protesters while enjoying the right to protest organizations it opposes such as psychiatry."

    If you see a silver Toyota Yaris driving by on Fort Harrison it is probably me?

    A Somewhat Scientologist
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  23. anonymous612 Member

    Fine. Give us something positive in Scientology.
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  24. amaX Member

    Dear A Somewhat Scientologist,

    As long as there are slaves in the Sea Organization that trumps any fucking good you get from your highs and wins. There is NO good that comes from Scientology as long as the Sea Org exists. None. You have no right to claim that you're helping people and that you're ethical while people suffer every single day in SO.

    You get to go see Winter the Dolphin while we protest against the abuses of your cult and the Sea Org suffers.

    The fact of the matter is that Scientologists don't have the fucking balls to clean up their own mess. Prove me wrong, asshole.

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  25. BLiP Member

    Beeewteefulll - jezz beeewteefull . . . and in the very heart of Scilonville. Big ups to youse.
  26. Cudgel Member

    Not wanting to brag or anything, but in Cincinnati we get buses, semis, city vehicles, etc. to give us hornn love as they go by. Even had a police car or two over the years...
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  27. RightOn Member

    yes but were scilons driving them? I am talking about the Flag bus drivers
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  28. anonymous612 Member

    The Clearwater Scientologists have a private fleet of Flag buses to shuffle them between the scilon buildings -- the ones that are, you know, two blocks apart -- so they don't have to actually walk on the sidewalk with us normal people. God forbid, right?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Well, here you go, then:


    No hard feelings, mkay?

    A Somewhat Scientologist
  30. anonymous612 Member

    Still waiting for an answer to my question. What good about Scientology could possibly justify its existence, considering all that is bad about it?
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  31. lostatsea Member

    I think this is a valid question for Six to ask, Somewhat Sci, but I'd also think it's healthy for you to stop by this site, so I'd like to say "welcome". Stick around a bit, to lurk and read. I hope you're checking out the other critical sites as well.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Well, if you are serious about answering that question for yourself (as opposed to simply rebutting anything I might offer), start by visiting and click on "Meet a Scientologist". Watch a dozen or so of those videos and see if you spot a pattern. Then we can talk more.

    A Somewhat Scientologist
    ps Thanks for the welcome, Lost, but I am an old hand at critical sites :)
  33. lostatsea Member

    Oh my, you pulled out the old "visit" non-answer. I am disappoint. :(

    (Psst. BTW, the question wasn't "What is good about Scientology?", it was "What is good about Scientology that JUSTIFIES THE ABUSES?".)
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  34. amaX Member

    Ahhh, I see. You're one of those Scientologists who could give a shit less about someone being horribly abused in the Sea Org as long as your life is rosy.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    That is because 612's question virtually begs for that response. He is asking what value a Scientologist sees in Scientology. That question is best answered by that site. And if the asker is not willing to go to that effort then he is not a serious seeker. Similarly, if you asked me what is Scientology's beef with psychiatry then I would direct you to My answer was by no means a rote "non-answer" - it is an invitation to someone with a purported interest in the answer to expend a bit of effort before I offer up my personal thoughts or experiences for dissection on this site.

  36. amaX Member

    Could you start signing your name A.S.S.? That would be great. kthxbai
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Well, since you have decided to pass judgement on me, I could be wrong, but I think I know a bit more about what goes on in the Sea Org than you. Please correct me if I am wrong. What is your personal experience with Scientology?

  38. Anonymous Member

    I was waiting for you to notice that. OK, just this once cause I wanna be your friend.

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  39. Anonymous Member

    The terminal on the left.

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Actually, Lost, the original question was "Fine. Give us something positive in Scientology." When I did not reply to that it was asked again is a somewhat different format but not strictly as you put it. So I see the question as more in the original sense of simply "What is good about Scientology" and that was what I was addressing.


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