Clearwater April 16 & 17 postgame: Cultwatch Anniversary

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonymous612, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I have her in my cellar.

  2. anonymous612 Member

    That is actually a possible option I hadn't thought of. Thank you.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Word games. And you know how I feel about word games :)
    Having tax exemption is an advantage. If you are entitled to it then it is not charity. The Church made the case successfully that they are entitled to it. I did not have to tell you that.

    PR people do scummy things. Someday enlightenment will be even theirs. See the below:

  4. Anonymous Member

    Screwed up the embed. Sorry.

  5. RightOn Member

    I am pleasantly surprised by your answers. Thank you!
    I can't tell you how glad I am that you took the initiative to call the other orgs and find out for yourself. May I suggest if you have the means, to visit some other orgs yourself unannounced, or at least look into it more.There are many videos that show just how dead they are.

    About Shelly, Sorry to say I highly doubt that Shelly is in the audience. DM even stopped wearing his wedding band. Look at the Ron's b-day vid. He was wearing it on and off for a while, but the last vid, he wasn't wearing it. He has been seen with Laurisse Stukenbrock by his side on occassions (sorry I know I murdered the spelling of that name). Dont know what that is all about.
    So I take it that you do not find it odd that she has not been seen anywhere for such a long time? I find it very odd myself.

    I am signing off, I appreciate your time and your answers. PLEASE keep digging. There is a lot more you will uncover when you are ready to.
    It's all out there for you to see and read. PLEASE read the stories of the ex's. Please ask yourself......can that many people be wrong? Ciao
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I am about done, too. Unfortunately, and unlike you, I also have to ask myself, how can so many intelligent, ethical, and honest people that I have known for many years and that are Scientologists be so wrong as you would have them be.

  7. anonymous612 Member

    Not intentional wordgames. Just don't understand the Church's stance on giving unto others. IMO it's our basic duty as humans to help our fellow humans.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Odd? Not odd? Wedding ring? No wedding ring? Are you really so interested in some guy's marital life? I'm not.

  9. Anonymous Member

    Scientology feels that the best way to help everyone is to make lots of Scientologists and elevate the condition of Mankind as a whole.

  10. Diablo Member

    The video's at the beginning of this thread are GREAT examples of how a tiny little temper tantrumed midget has HANDLED anonymous!

    Boy, you won't see us anymore. You have done a great job of building up the confidence of the asylum once again. I am sure no on is looking to escape your misguided CULT!

    Good job little dog fucker!!!!
  11. amaX Member

    Unlike you, we do worry about Shelly Miscavige. David Miscavige's niece and the rest of the family are worried about her, too. While Miscavige parties like a rock star with his Macallan scotch and Uwe Stuckenbrock's former wife Laurisse. Who's Uwe? Uwe died in the Rehabilitation Project Force. He suffered horribly from Multiple Sclerosis. Miscavige ordered Laurisse to divorce Uwe.

    We worry about these people and what they're going through because we care.

    Scientologists need to elevate mankind by abolishing the Sea Org.
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  12. Darth Xander Member

    Nothing yet. But I will say, I'm thinking whatever they could throw at me would be worth it if lead to a bunch of grown men wearing SP Busters Productions t-shirts and cameras on their heads showing up on my doorstep. The lulz would be worth anything they could throw at me.
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  13. conatus Member

    Indeed. You're spot on there. It's sad but factual. Paul Haggis, Geir Isene and many other intelligent exes can no doubt empathize with you on that, and you may find their own musings relevant. However, to the extent you are still drinking the Kool-Aid, I'm sure you're aware you'll find little sympathy or audience here.

    You probably get this already, but tl;dr Freezoners, "Independents" and even the merely Marty-curious are generally under the impression that Scientology is in theory or at some historical point a workable system for something positive, typically with the corollary that it is only the current imperfect incarnation of the organization that is problematic.

    Anons/Chanologists, OG protesters and other critics are largely of the opinion that today's Church of Scientology as run by David Miscavige is pretty much working EXACTLY AS HUBBARD DESIGNED THE SCAM TO FUNCTION. Getting paying members to believe in their subjective experiences of benefit has been part and parcel of the con from day one.

    If you are comfortable posting here, you are already moving along a 'gradient' of sorts. Many here would like to point you towards more 'advanced materials' and conclusions, but you will only be able to process those when you are ready to do so for yourself. Good luck on your journey.
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  14. over9000OT Member


    Somewhat, not only did you avoid all of my questions (and many asked by others) you proved with the above quote that you are a soulless sack of shit that will cheerfully fuck whoever it takes to get "clear". Fuck you. Fuck you over and over. This is why I protest. You know what? Fuck you some more.

    Don't like my tone? Fuck you.
    Don't want to answer "tricky" questions? You guessed it, fuck you.
    Have no problem supporting a fucked up cult that fucking KILLS people and breaks up families? Fuck you... and fuck you again.

    You and your moonbat culties can go fuck themselves. Your busted "religion" has been failing for decades and will likely not survive to see the '20s. In case I've failed to make my message clear: fuck you. When your last org closes (and it will before I'm 40) I will travel to wherever the fuck it is, eat clams until I feel like I'm going to puke and then take the biggest, clammiest, lulziest shit of my entire life on the smoldering ashes of your disgusting fucking business. Fuck you dude.

    Fuck you.

    EDIT: Fuck you.
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  15. COREarg Member

    ^ Here over9000... calm down.
    It's not good for your pressure!
  16. over9000OT Member

    I'm not even mad. In fact, I feel quite relaxed at the moment. Can't wait for the next protest, oddly enough.
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  17. Anonymous Member


    You need to word-clear "pyramid scheme" because, by its very definition, a pyramid scheme "for good" is an oxymoron. The whole basis of a pyramid scheme, regardless of the particular model used, is fraudulent.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    They do seem to reserve the pure distilled crazy for their ex-members. If they do try and harass you it will probably be the boring usual - followed/investigated by PIs, frivolous bar complaints, maybe petty vandalism.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    You guys sound like a bunch of vitriol-spewing bigots in this thread. Just sayin'.

    inb4 OSAOSAOSA
  20. amaX Member

    You sound like someone who has no grasp on why we protest. We march on the front lines against this evil cult. Scientology is not a religion. There is no comfort or care given to anyone who is a member. Hell, grief and sorrow are not allowed. Everything costs money. Scientology is a pyramid scheme business and it's not run well and it's not run with any ethics.

    It's 4:45AM right now. The day has already started for Sea Org in Clearwater or maybe there was no sleep and their day actually might have started 24 or 48 or 72 hours ago. They have to take Sci classes well before dawn. All they're ever allowed to read is what is written by L. Ron Hubbard. Will they eat today? Where are the RPFer's going to be tormented today? In all of the times I've gone downtown to watch, I've only ever seen two of them. Both were wearing horribly thick black sweats and both were running with no regard about what was around them. One ran right out into traffic on Ft. Harrison Ave. The other was being made to run along the rooftop area over the cabanas on the backside of the Ft. Harrison Hotel. The cabanas where they kept Lisa McPherson prisoner as she lost her mind and then her life. Lisa is not the only person to die horribly at that hotel or while staying there.

    I know for a fact that Sea Org are screamed at all day long. They all scream at each other, too. If you could only see the abject fear in Sea Org members' eyes when the OSA guards are sneering at them and directing them to go another way or stop or wait. They are terrorized and it's not by Anonymous members.

    Flag is not doing well now. The very reason the Tampa Yborg offices were moved to a nicer place is because the local Sci's can't stand the horrible pressure at Flag these days. These are the public Sci's who still have a little bit of money to spend and even they can't stand it. Imagine what it's like for the Sea Org who can't leave that hell.

    Why am I supposed to be a sweet person in the face of such evil? It's a horrible existence for these people in Sea Org and I want it to stop immediately. I want the Sea Org done away with. This is my home. Slavery shouldn't exist in my backyard. I shouldn't have to be Mary Sunshine while fighting a war. I am out there protesting this cult because they hurt and destroy people.

    If we were vitriol spewing bigots we wouldn't give a fuck what torment is being heaped on these people and we'd be long gone from these protests.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I'd just like to know about one guy's marital status.

    Did he have a second wife?
  22. RightOn Member

    nice one
  23. There's a simple answer to this one. Hubbard was such cause over reality that he was able to be married twice without having a second wife.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Bullshit removed.
  25. Bullshit.

    I'm ex staff. Staff worked long hours under constant pressure for way less than minimum wage.

    Time off? You have either never been on staff or you are knowingly lying. Working 80 to 100 hours a week on regular basis. Trying to CSW to get time off for emergencies is damn hard, or next to impossible. While I was on staff, one of my siblings was in a near fatal car accident in another state. I was not allowed time off from staff to visit her in intensive care. My parents and family were pretty fucking pissed. Yeah, I was brainwashed cultie, just like you are now.

    Adequate rest? Again, bullshit. Being on staff is a constant INVENTED Hill 10, rushing around like mad doing stupid busy work, trying desperately to get this week's stats higher than last week's stats.

    Medical and Dental? Don't make me laugh, no medical is provided to staff. If someone is sick, see the Ethics Officer and write up your O/Ws. Sick staff are downstat, PTS, get a cut in pay.

    Well treated? Jesus fucking Christ, getting harassed on a regular basis by senior staff, pressure from uplines to get the stats up or else.

    David Miscavige has plenty of money for himself. Staff, not so much. Not hardly any money, in fact.

    Sea Org is not a Religious Order, they just claim to be one to avoid labor laws and paying minimum wage.

    How do you justify Scientology's claim that all staff, not just Sea Org staff, are members of a religious order?

    Scientology does not help people, it is a money extraction business founded on the basics of lulling people into a semi-hypnotic trance, to get them to feel good about themselves.

    And look around you, Scientology is collapsing. Orgs are empty.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    You misunderstand me. I say that Sea Org SHOULD . . . and if they are not then that is an area that needs to be addressed. Not the pay though, compare other religious orders.

    Were you in the SO or org staff?

  27. RightOn Member

    THANK YOU!!!! <3
    Another true account story of an ex
    I hope all the stories are read about the exs
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  28. Staff deserve to be treated better, under laws of the land, with the same rights afforded to regular wog employees.

    I was Org staff.

    I disagree that Org staff and Sea Org staff are members of a religious order. For one, real Religious Orders don't threaten staff with bogus Freeloaders debts if they leave.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Me, too, a while back. And my spouse, more recently.

  30. RightOn Member

    question.... whether you believe the Sea Org is a religious order or not ....
    don't you think they deserve to make minimum wage at the very least? Forget about other religious orders.
    Don't they work very hard honoring KSW?
    Wouldn't you rather have your money going towards another person who has the same goals as you, and who is suffering for that goal, rather than the money going into DM's pockets?
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  31. RightOn Member

    wow interesting
    so you are no longer staff, if so why?
    and is your spouse stilll on staff or not?
  32. Anonymous Member

    No. Regardless of how you think you can load the question. They are provided room, board, and a stipend. If they made minimum wage at Blockbuster, they would be paying their own room and board. It a religious order, not a "job". You can think it a scam or whatever you like but what you think does not matter, it is what the member thinks that matters. You need to respect their ability and right to make their own choices about their lives. And yes, Scientology needs to respect that same right when someone chooses to leave.

  33. If that is true, that both you and your spouse are ex Org staff, then there is no reason for me to continue debating you. There is no way that we see eye to eye, judging by your earlier posts in this thread.
  34. lostatsea Member

    How do you feel about the Sea Org recruiting teenagers (not yet of legal age, or otherwise)?
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  35. RightOn Member

    Oh crap, I have to leave
    Maybe we can chat later
    The main reason I got into fighting against the COS was because of the Sea Org.
    No, I was not in the Sea Org myself, but I have been following it's abuses for almost three years now.
    I am very passsionate about these things and I have many questions for you.

    Once again I appreciated your willingness to talk in what sometimes can be a very hostile environemnt for you.
    If you have any time today, please go to the link below and read up on some ex's stories

    I would like to know what your feelings are. I know you agree the Sea Org should be reformed, but I am convinced that it is not possible.
    I am interested to know how you think that can be achieved. I have not come up with a solution that would work due to the suppression that must be enforced for compliance to happen and succeed.
    Yes I know people's experiences differed in the Sea Org, but there are many who tell the same story of abuse (s).
  36. Anonymous Member

    I am totally against it and condemn any parent that lets their child be hard-sold into the SO. I think that the SO should have certain training and auditing minimums for membership, e.g. Clear and classed auditor and stop recruiting random bodies. And I have taken a little heat for taking that stand but my wishes are respected as regards my family.

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  37. lostatsea Member

    We agree on this point.
  38. RightOn Member

    Why do you think that is happening? COS does have a creed? are they following it?

    I must leave noooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  39. lostatsea Member

    Re: "Random bodies". So true! I've witnessed them recruit someone who was nearly a senior citizen just so someone could meet their recruiting stats that week. It didn't not have a happy ending, except for maybe the stat-haver.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Stat push and the general lack of integrity in human beings. That I think is the danger of Scientology. The tools for persuading and motivating people (brainwashing, if you prefer) are too powerful for the integrity level of mankind in general. Too powerful and often misused.

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