Clearwater Feb. 19th BIG Raid with OOT's!!!

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Anonymous, Feb 21, 2011.

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    So, it won't get lost in the shuffle of our most awesome monthly raid, let's get this message to David Miscavige NOW. Miscavige, one of your most famous Sci celebrities is looking so shitty these days that she is virtually unrecognizable in public! The picture you're looking at is backside of the former actress/current mess Kirstie Alley walking on Cleveland St. in Clearwater!

    You want to know how bad Alley looked last Saturday? She walked within 3 feet of three Anons and they did not know who she was. It wasn't until she walked past another Anon who looked right in her face that she was noticed. Her skin pallor is GRAY. Absolutely NO make-up of any kind, face puffy, rough. Her hair looked filthy and it looks like she hadn't tried to pull a brush through it in days. She had on a sack of a top that one Anon described as a cheap old muumuu. Darker gray, old looking, K-mart looking knit pants. She was carrying a nice handbag, but she looked so much like a bum that it looked like she'd stolen the bag. And she's still HUGE, especially from the waist down. Seriously, Miscavige, can't you force her to have a makeover?

    So, I think there might possibly be one shot of Alley as she rushed into a dress shop to hide, but don't blame us----it took a few seconds to get over the shock that the ratty woman was Alley. Her kids were in tow and I believe there might be some pix of them, too. I know that when Alley drove by us later, her son was in the passenger seat and he was taking pictures of us.

    Now, on to rest of the protest.

    We had OOT's! OOT's = Out-of-towners. Hot AtlAnons came to join us in Mecca! This isn't AtlAnons first rodeo in Clearwater so they were ready for the insta-creepiness of downtown.

    We enjoyed beautiful weather. Just a little on the hot side, but not too bad.

    The Caek War between our two cells was declared a tie this month because Atlanta had the MOST amazing Three Boob Caek for Anonymous' Third Anniversary! Clearwater's caek itself was tasty, but pretty plain, but there were Anonymous Super Power Figures that accompanied C'water's caek and it put us in a tie. We can accept that with a smile on our faces because who doesn't like boob caek?

    Atlanta Anons are always fun and we would like to kidnap them and keep them forever and ever. Come back soon!!!

    Pix of our caek and the rest of the protest will be added by the camerafags later.

    We had another encounter with a business owner downtown. This was is most definitely a Sci. Valerie Shillington, wife of Ian Shillington and owner of Cafe 421 on Cleveland St. She called the cops and the SWAT team cop that showed up was a DICK. We always know when we get a cop who's working overtime downtown because they're the ONLY Clearwater cops we meet that are assholes to us. The rest of the cops that came out were great. One cop was particularly cool even though Mansell's secretary, third generation Scilon Sarah or Susie or Sherry (heh, heh.) was chatting him up. Hey, Mansell's Secretary? You're getting a little long in the tooth to be flirting to get favors from the cops. Maybe that's why it doesn't work anymore? Maybe you should find a younger, fresher, prettier young woman to do that dirty work from now on?

    Anyway, Valerie Shillington tried to muscle us and that just doesn't work with us. We have never broken the law and don't intend to, we comply with the CPD to help keep the peace, and this new tactic of the Sci's getting business owners to complain that we're bothering them or ruining their business? Bitches, we're there two, three, sometimes four times a month...why is your fucking business failing the rest of the month?

    Speaking of FAILING business...PANGEA coffee house is GONE! We cannot tell you how happy in the pants it makes us to see Sci businesses failing downtown because there aren't enough Sci's forking over money to keep them afloat. Pangea's owner has been a particularly big douchbag the whole time we've been protesting, so this is AWESOME! Enjoy your fail.

    So much horn love that one cop said that because of the noise ordinance (which we do have and which they do enforce) he almost gave one driver a citation. We can't help it if the general public can't contain their enthusiasm about our protesting the evil cult. Hopefully, no one will end up with a ticket. We would hate to see that.

    There were about double the amount of SO this month, but that's probably not an influx of new blood: they have to get things ready for Hubbard's 100th birthday bash next month so they've probably brought SO from other cities to help. They did this for the grand re-opening of the Ft. Harrison. We'll know for sure after the event is over if there's a sudden drop in SO on the streets.

    We spoke of Shawn Lonsdale at the protest. Shawn passed away on February 16, 2008 and he will never be forgotten by Clearwater Anons. Rest in Peace, Shawn.

    We spoke of Kyle Brennan and wished him resting in peace as we looked up at the apartment he died in.

    We spoke of Lisa McPherson and the horror she went through and hoped she wasn't cognizant in those 17 days of hell.

    Sea Org were shut up tight on Saturday for the protest. They can't let them see us since we've been "handled". The OSAFlaggots that are allowed to see us are looking haggard these days, too.

    So, a good day. We Run This.

    Pix and hopefully vids posted soon.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I'm shocked I tell ya, SHOCKED, that Organic Liaisons hasn't worked for ole Kirstey.
    Well done getting the pic, and for the successful raid. I'll bask in your radiant heat for a while...-37 C around these parts :(
  3. Anonymous Member

    Pangea Cafe sez it's moving to Cleveland Street according to their MySpace page?
    message left Jan 1st:
    "Pangea Cafe & International Market We are moving and changing with the times. Pangea is taking the hint and moving to Cleveland St. See us there in 2011! Happy New Year!"

    What does taking the hint mean?
    Their page also has Kate Cebrano, Lisa Marie Presley, John Travolta and Artists In Action and Youth for Human Rights as "friends".

    Looks like "Juli" of Clearwater Harbor Magazine has left a comment thanking them and looking for a photographer:

    "THANKS FOR ADDING US! We love your cafe :)

    If you know of a local photographer (maybe the one u used for this yummy picture) please send them our way. We are looking for a photog who is based out of Clearwater, Dunedin or Belleair to shoot pics of our advertisers."
  4. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Sounds like an awesome time had by Anon! And a whale sighting ta boot too, how fucking awesome is that!
    *shudders @ graphic description*
    Great reportage and Thank You for all ya do!

  5. Anonymous Member

    Ahhhh! So our glee at Pangea being gone is short lived? The move could be looked at as "circling the wagons". They can't make it a block off of Cleveland? It will be hilarious to see how closely they move to Starbucks. Thanks for the info that it's moving. We'll be on the look-out to see how long it takes for them to re-open!
  6. Bonebreaker Member

    Maybe Organic Liaison only works on the top half.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    yah know if you have any pics of Kirsty, I am sure the tabloids would love it!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Is Pangea moving to collect the 50k the town is offering businesses to move and renovate in the downtown?
  9. Anonymous Member

    WTF?! How did I miss that bit of info? Oh, I HOPE so since it was already down town, but leave it to a Sci to get a payout they shouldn't.
  10. Graham Berry Member

    Congratulations on a great picket and report.
  11. subgenius Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Is that what they meant on their Myspace page by"taking the hint"?
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Darth Xander Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    According to Krustie, she was out shopping for clothes cause she lost so much weight dieting. "guess what I'm doing today? GOING CLOTHING SHOPPING! I've lost so much weight it's time for new clothes! plus, I have nothing but fat clothes! I need something new and hot for the event on the 9th! HAPPY DANCE!! :) xxooxoxoxox:) CLOSING down the street for the Organic Liaison Grand opening GREAT DJs and Dancing in the streets!! WOO HOO"
  16. Anonymous Member

    if her tubbiness sells any of that snake oil with the way she currently looks (with the exception of the obvious COS plants buying the crap) then I just won't understand. Damn there isn't enough Spanx in the world. I bet she will be all harnessed in too.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. AquaMan Member

    As one of the aforementioned camera fags (and one of the visiting ATL Anons, for the record), I'll just note that I do intend to post pix, but can't get to fixing them up (resize, crop, etc) right at the moment. Tomorrow lunch EST at the latest, assuming no further RL intrusions on my time.

    There was more stuff on the 20th, too, if a smaller crowd due to RL issues (and "RL issues" is as far as I'm going :p ). Me, Sixy, and AMA did some marching around the various cult locations, 612 harassed many, many scilons (and chased a bunch of them away from a BBQ they were having), and got a metric fucktonne of horn love, plus even one guy who was a former PE teacher at a Scilon school stopping by to take pix with me (and maybe 612, not sure on that). Didn't think to see about if he could send me copies, though. :(

    Anyway, more later.
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  19. Scatman Member

    Fictitious Name

    Filing Information
    Registration NumberG08025900337
    Filed Date01/25/2008
    Expiration Date12/31/2013
    Current Owners1
    Total Pages1
    Events FiledNONE
    FEI/EIN NumberNONE

    Mailing Address
    CLEARWATER, FL 33755
    Owner Information
    6901 22ND AVENUE NORTH
    ST. PETERSBURG, FL 33710
    FEI/EIN Number: 59-3504302
    Document Number: P98000031302
  20. Scatman Member

    The state of Florida dissolved the corporation on 25 September 2009. So evidently, they have operated as a proprietorship since then. Sounds to me they are not doing so well.

    Florida Profit Corporation
    Filing Information

    Document NumberP98000031302
    FEI/EIN Number593504302
    Date Filed04/06/1998
    Event Date Filed09/25/2009
    Event Effective DateNONE
    Principal Address
    Changed 09/02/2008
    Mailing Address
    Changed 09/02/2008
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    Address Changed: 09/02/2008
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title DPST
    Title DV
  21. Anonymous Member

    Here ya go:
  22. AquaMan Member

  23. AquaMan Member

    On a tangential note, either CW itself or the Scilon presence there doesn't like my footwear. I had my right suitfag shoe come apart on me, temporarily repaired with packing tape, then later that evening one of the sandals I was wearing came apart while I was strolling around the beachfront area.

    I swear, all through Sunday I was half-worried that my last pair of footwear (the sneakers I wore on the way down to FL) would come apart at some point during that day, leaving me going around barefoot until I could scare up a temporary replacement.

    Scilon OT powers might have been the cause... if we didn't know they're nonexistent bullshit. I wouldn't bet against Anon SP powers being used for the lulz, however. :p
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  24. anonymous612 Member

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  25. ravenanon Member

    Sorry so late to post my pics... also I hope to video soon

    This was a trip full of firsts!

    First time I've been called a religious bigot! First time I have ever been that close to a "movie star". CW had their first homemade caek!

    As always CW anons were wonderful hosts and the CW cultys were nuts! I hope on day the Cw anons will let us place host to them and come see our nutty cult members.

    Some random pics



    Best Sign EVER!!! Also notice the bling!


    Part of the caek display! (actually caek pics on video )

    And then...................................Alley
    The pics are from my cellphone since my video camera was dead. sorry they are no more clear than she is.


    Her in the store

    I had a great time! Combining protesting and the beach time! Thanks to everyone for the directrions, great caek, food, etc etc

    over 9000 snores for the drive home


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  26. bu55ah Member

    Great job!
  27. Ann O'Nymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    My camera batteries died when I was there to. So it must be true, that place sucks the life out of everything.
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  29. Smurf Member

    Hope you guys don't mind... sent the photos to a friend of mine at TMZ... Krustie has been wailing alot lately about losing lots of weight on her Organic Liaison scam. Your photos say otherwise.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    ha ha ! looky at dat fat rump and that roll of fat her back
    Good job Krusty!
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. xenubarb Member

    What's this? YOU'RE A GINGER????

    We seem to be invaded with such lately. Did somebody clone L. Ron Hubbard?
  33. Anonymous Member

    GAH, Smurf. I can't tell how horrible she looks. Seriously, she walked within 3 ft. of other Anons and they didn't recognize her at all. You can tell that it's taking a lot of effort for her to move her weight around. I will admit that she seems to have lost weight above the waist, but it's obscene the way it makes her look because the bottom half is still huge. She was carrying a really nice handbag though!
  34. Smurf Member

    That was last month.
  35. AquaMan Member

    I suppose I should consider myself lucky that the last pic Raven posted was the worst that was done to me while I was sleeping (or more accurately, trying to do so... SUV bench seats are hardly the peak of comfort even sitting normally, never mind sideways).

    Still hardly my most flattering moment. :p

    (And, no, I most certainly am not a Hubtard clone. My life is fucked up enough as it is without THAT particular baggage. :p )
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  36. anonymous612 Member

    It would totally explain the shoes, though.
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  37. Sooo as much as I would love to post pics (as late as they may be), every time I attempt to post the link says it's broken :-/ Stupid Flickr. Either way, I uploaded them to the Clearwater Anonymous Flickr stream.
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  38. Orson Member

    great job guise. playing catchup on some of the raid threads. bravo.

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