Clearwater Fl anyone?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Darthanon727, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. laughingsock Member

    This isn't going to end well.
  2. Anonymous Member

    does it ever;)
  3. Darthanon727 Member

    Why do you say that?
  4. Anonymous Member

    So anyway, this weekend, the Flag event. Eat before you go, the food looks terrible.
  5. Darthanon727 Member

    Awesome sounds good
  6. Darthanon727 Member

    Sounds good to me
  7. anonymous612 Member


    Did someone say 2008?

    Marine from 2008 who left for service? I know one CW Marine and you're not them.

    Yeah, no. If you were around under this nick -- and granted your url sounds vaguely familiar but it's not exactly unique -- you were not around in any sort of significant capacity and I would be very surprised if you attended more than a couple protests.

    If you were around under a different nick you're welcome to contact me privately and have me vouch for you. But until then, nope, don't know you, and I knew everyone.
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  8. anonymous612 Member

    For the record, after talking to the OP privately, no, the claim that he was one of us -- and by us I mean a protester -- in 2008 is not accurate. I don't suspect OSA, though, just overly tough-guy, but you be the judge of that.

    And he'd better leave that other shit he was talking about on the fucking chans where it belongs or I'm going to be very angry. Don't fuck up my cell, I don't want to have to come back to clean up your mess.

    But now that that's settled.

    Sup Sarah, sup Mansell, don't worry your pretty heads, this isn't a return, you know me well enough to know I wouldn't spoil the surprise like this, fucking stop sending me IAS newsletters all I do with them is tell AMA or whoever when your fundraisers are going to be. -vanish-
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  9. laughingsock Member

    I knew it. Good luck guise and be safe.
  10. Darthanon727 Member

    Well regardless of the joyful previous conversation, I'm in. Ill keep my eyes open for specifics for the Dec flag ill be there.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for endeavoring to persevere. CW is a special place to protest. OSA regularly attempts to infiltrate both this forum and the group in real life. Caution is advised. Do not give your personal details to anyone.

    Enjoy. Protesting in CW is an adventure.
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  12. Darthanon727 Member

    Thank you. I will remain vigilant.
  13. go fuck yourself and DIAF, OSAbot
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  14. LOL @ MOD
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  15. Darthanon727 Member

    That's cute..
  16. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, they do that so you won't stick around and do anything. They have very little imagination. Pretty sure they're retarded.
  17. Darthanon727 Member

    I can see that. It seems few like the idea of insulting for gratification instead of focusing on the topic of discussion
  18. Anonymous Member

    Eh, we're trolls by nature. Its what we do.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    And we do it well, we do.
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  20. Darthanon727 Member

    Good point...
  21. anonymous612 Member

    I'm finding it really hard to believe you have experience with Anonymous.
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  22. Darthanon727 Member

    This again. I did explain my affiliation but didn't go into detail except with you in private. I plain on gaining more experience here and legally of course in support of the Anonymous cause.
  23. laughingsock Member

    They come and go bro LURK MORE before you insult our culture. Your skin is paper thin
  24. Darthanon727 Member

    Insult? Come on ive insulted nothing. I simply want to be here and so far im getting nothing but shit for it.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Your approach was that of a bull in a china shop, and treating the old hands in here as if they are stupid didn't earn you any bonus points either.

    Basically your attitude stinks.
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  26. Darthanon727 Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Can you close the door from the other side please?
    That's a good boy.
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  28. Darthanon727 Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    It's not simply insulting for gratification. Not that it isn't gratifying or anything, it's just that if you're one to get butthurt in here, you'd likely to get yourself and possibly others into a more serious situation with some whackjob OSA bot in your face trying to bullbait you into doing something really stupid IRL.

    By and large it's best to leave the aggressive tactics to the culties. So far, our record is clean - globally, save for a few lost pubic hairs, make what you will about that. The cults record, not so much.

    Flag is in the midst of what is possibly it's worst period since it first set up shop in Clearwater. This was supposed to be "The Big Push". Instead it's been nothing but a big disaster for Flag, for the Sea Org, and for David Miscavige personally. There are a lot of scilons under a lot of pressure right now, much more than what even they are used to putting up with. Some are blowing (Op Wafflehouse FTW!) , others are near their breaking point and don't yet understand that blowing is even an option.

    Tread creatively, but carefully. Kthx
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Can you? That would be great.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Please report your findings back here. Thx.
  32. Darthanon727 Member

    Unless i am given full permission from Anax and our cw cell i cannot as much as i would like
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  33. Anonymous Member

    You don't need anyone's permission to act like a tourist in Clearwater.
  34. Anonymous Member

    You learn quickly. Wise anon is wise.
  35. Darthanon727 Member

    Yes to be a tourist isnt a problem but regardless my intent is for intel and that is something needs to be asked of. My camera but still a joint cause.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    You will do well here anon.
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  37. ask mike rinder you wanna use the chopper again
    use drones ..;
  38. laughingsock Member

    And i thought you were hopeless. Drop the bravado be a team player and good things will follow
  39. Darthanon727 Member

    Thx laughingstock, i do have a chopper maybe during the flag i could use it to give us a good perspective of things. In time we will see.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Yes, we have plenty of bravado here already. God knows we don't need any more from new comers.

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