Clearwater, FL, December

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by SRQanon, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. SRQanon Member

    Clearwater, FL, December

    Report in FlagOTs!

    I had fun today. Much better than last month's iron man fail fest.
  2. Re: Clearwater, FL


    Yep, it was a blast!

    + Beautiful day with nice cooler weather for a change
    + Public education FTW
    + Epic horn love, thumbs ups and support from the locals
    + Pizza and delicious holiday cup cakes that were no lie
    + Singing an anti-cult Christmas Carol to our OSA cult stalkers in a White Chevy HHR LT Florida Plate X58 JKL (and yes, there is video to come)
    + A few top notch photogs, so brace for epic pix on flickr
    + Calling the CPD on some 10-15 yr old scifag kids who lit a small string of ladyfinger fireworks at the rear of the march. No doubt they were following orders to try and scare and/or blame the fireworks on Clearwater Anons. But what resulted was an epic footbullet as the Clearwater PD and Clearwater Anons are no fools.
    + Moar LULZ

    - A few sick/working Anons that were missed

    75 other pix here: Operation Snow White Christmas
    More pix here: Flickr: CLRWTRanon's Photostream
    and here: Flickr: AnonAlice's Photostream


  3. francie Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    The town looks particularly deserted this day.

    What's a "Happy Holiday Market"?
  4. Bane Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    I had a great time Protesting again!
    I hope all anon have a Merry Chirstmas!
    and a
    Happy New Year
  5. SRQanon Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    interesting story about CW being deserted... they were trying to radio in every time we left to march. two $cilons siting in the parking lot were thoroughly enturbulated though. we sang a carol to them. a very merry entheta christmas to them.
  6. anon0004 Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    no they can´t be serious, nooo , nooooo



    I´ve never seen somthing so hilarious

    Oh do I spot Spartaaaa?

    Okay now this is unfair
    just compare clothing and weather on these pics:




    I also want to protest in the sun, under palmtrees, near the seashore!
  7. Re: Clearwater, FL

    A trap

    What a beautiful day to protest the cult

    I thought the public delivered better than ever

    I buggered my protest dismount and captured the attention of the grey corrolla (anyone get that fuckers tag #?) and was followed.

    I deliberately walked by the CWPD office and outside was a car with a very cool officer that understands the cult. To make a long story short the scilon corrolla got cock blocked by the cop for being a cult douche. it was beautiful.

    Is there a caroling video yet?
  8. Mumei Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Finally posted this crap! This is video from School's Closed in September. Sorry it is so late!
  9. francie Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Any signs in shop windows saying "NO ANONYMOUS!" ?
  10. Hammurabi Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Just started editing most of the video from Saturday...not a whole lot of time lately.

    Winter Wonderland portion is uploading to YouTube now.
    Carolling will be ready tomorrow.
    Main video will take a few days.

    Awesome pictures!!!
  11. Bane Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    another late clearwater vid

  12. CuntwArt Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    you guize wanna know by greatest fear concerning our whole "protest"?

    It's that I may never get to vistit ClearWater while under siege w/creepiness.

    Stop Ruining things for me CW, stop using my initials and please stop being SO GOWDAMN Eeffective
  13. SRQanon Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL


    Anywho... glad to see I wasn't the only slowpoke here.
  14. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    PROTIP: AnonMom's leftover "Happy Holidays" slips make awesome YouFoundTheCards.

    Anon0004: It gets better. They offer free pony rides and petting zoos. Also hahahahaha no parkas for us.

    I would be very curious next month if CPD has anything to say on the fireworks boys.

    And to answer an earlier question, there haven't really been No Anonymous signs since we started pointing them out to the public and laughing with them.

    Also sheep.
  15. Bane Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    To the Anon who Has Mini V
    Might I suggest sending a Sheep to Tory Mcgoo and maybe MarkBunker for a holiday gift?
    Tory Would love it she Loves the Plushys!
  16. Re: Clearwater, FL

    Let's hope.

    But it just shows how nasty and desperate the cult bastards are to use kids as bullbaiters

    The back of the line was a little startled from the firecrackers but as always karma worked her magic. The little mudflap wearing scilon spawn busted his ass trying to be OT on his bmx in front of the BofA building just as we were waiting for the light...

    Scilon spawn are fail from the nut
  17. ILikeMasks Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    My friend and I got all the way to Clearwater and then we couldn't find Coachman Park. We were right by it too, but we started to panic. And we didn't want to ask anyone for directions so we left. It sucked because we really wanted to participate and we spent so much money on the toll road and what not. (We live a good hour and a half a way.)

    Hopefully we can come to the next one. :)
  18. francie Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Next time, when you're on Cleveland street (the one with the goofy concrete balls adorning the median), just keep driving West towards the water. The road will dip DOWNHILL and you'll see the water. The road dead-ends at Coachman Park.

    If you get lost again and don't want to ask the creepy scilon locals, just drive 5 blocks in ANY direction and you'll be far enough away from Scilon-ville to be asking a non-scio. Everyone here knows where Coachman Park is, and can give you some good directions (with arm waving and arm-length pointing for assistance).

    Sorry you missed it after such a long drive.
  19. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Great job as always Clearwater. If I only had some balls :(

    Speaking of me and my lack of balls, I have an idea that would be super lulz:

    Inspired by the Free Pschiatric Help booth from California, how awesome would it be for Anon's to set up a "Free Scientology Information Booth" on that strip in Clearwater Beach with the pirate ship, the parasailing and all that (you know, right by Crabby Bills) on a busy Beach day. When people ask you can point towards Clearwater and tell people about the crimes, probably can see buildings from there too. Anyways, itd be hella funny if someone did this (dunno if its even possible though)

    Anyways, food for thought, disregard as necessary.
  20. Lorelei Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Great job, CW Anons!
  21. Re: Clearwater, FL

    Indeed. When I drove through downtown on a march break to get more bottled water, there were 100's of SeaOrg on the streets. But we never saw more than 8 or so on each peaceful protest march. So more of the same bury your head in the sand "Ostrich Tech" at Flag, shuttling the low level SeaSlaves off the street when each march started, so they wouldn't witness the entheta.

    There's two sides to that coin, 0004. When Northern Anons are enjoying mild summers from July-Sept, South Florida Anons are sweating balls in the 90+ deg F heat and 70%+ tropical humidity. During the summer it's miserable and we have to drink so much water to avoid heat stroke that it's not even funny. But all you northern Anons facing that nasty snow and sleet the next couple months are welcome to come join us in Clearwater, Orlando or Miami for our wonderful Florida winters! The forecast for the next couple weeks are for lots of sun and highs in the upper 70's F!

    The December protest planning page for Clearwater had the Coachman Park address and two maps; the annotated one I provided and the county government link above it:

    I'm not sure how much clearer the park's location and Clearwater protest details could be, but as always suggestions are appreciated. Maybe print out the map and take it with you next time or use Mapquest to get turn by turn directions from your place to the park? Personally, I never go in to an unknown town without a map and/or GPS.

    It should be noted that those type of explosive fireworks the kids set off are ILLEGAL in Pinellas County and have been for decades. Around the 4th of July the police tend to look the other way, but I doubt they will turn the other cheek when such explosives are used as a threatening weapon by a juvenile. So this may turn out to be a juicy cult footbullet surpassing even the infamous "bucket of acid".

    And yes, sheep.


    MOAR pix and videos should be up starting tonight!
  22. francie Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    I think the best protest idea is to dress everyone up like RPFers and shuffle-jog around town in pairs. Best to use DIRTY black clothes -- black jeans, black or gray t-shirt, paint stains on the shirt and jeans. Black arm-band (to restimulate those longer-term Sea Org staffers.

    Scientology tries soooooo hard to HIDE these people. So... put them out in the open.

    PAC Base RPFers always wore black jeans and gray t-shirts.
    I think Flag RPFers wore black boiler suits or black jeans and any t-shirt.

    Anyone is welcome to correct me.

    One could get very creative on this. Black t-shirts with HUGE "RPF" on the back, followed by mid-sized "imprisoned by Scientology" or "Scientology Slave" underneath it.

    Wear the sign.

    Run in a slow shuffle-run with head down, dejected.

    Very restimulating to the scios.

    Ok... I'm on a spark, here. You could have a few "supervisors". Dress them like Flag security ----- khaki trousers with white shirt. Going around town would confuse the shit out of the scios and security staff. They might even think you guys are real.
  23. Re: Clearwater, FL

    Here's 31 Moar pix: CLRWTRanon's Photostream

    In front of the cult's "Winter Wonderland" joke, complete with vulture minister's tent this year


    Xenu-Santa greets SeaOrg on a Flag bus


    This is Sparta-Sheep!!!

  24. SRQanon Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    AWESOME PICTURES GAIS! can't wait for the video. had sooo much fun!!!!
  25. ILikeMasks Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Good to know, thanks. We'll be there next month now that we know where we're going.
  26. francie Member

  27. Scatman Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    You are most creative. I think your idea would be a great theme for a worldwide demonstration.
  28. francie Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    It would be most effective around Sea Org orgs (Flag, PAC Base, Gold Base, NY area, AOSH ANZO, AOSHUK, Saint Hill Manor).

    Some other "punishment costume" would have to be imagined for the Class V orgs and missions, as many of them are not familiar with the RPF. It won't be restimulative for them.

    But I can see it now at PAC Base. About 12 black-dressed foot-shuffling downtrodden wretches, shuffling around the base (LRH Way, Fountain, Catalina, Sunset, back to LRH Way, on and on). Chanting RPF type songs but not in an enthusiastic way like the military, but downtrodden.

    It would scare the bejezuz out of the LA staffers and public. Even public have seen the RPFers at PAC Base; it's too hard to hide them. They used to muster on Catalina, and work all over the place.

    In Clearwater, the shufflers could go around the Coachman Building, downtown crossroads (Ft Harrison/Cleveland), near the new Oak Cove building, maybe Ft Harrison (if anyone is working in that shell), and around the Sandcastle.

    Super brownie points for doing this around Winter Wonderland in Clearwater. Around and around the block they go; catching all the staffers and the partygoers between their parked cars and getting inside.
  29. Hammurabi Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Clearwater Anonymous Protest - December 13th - Winter Wonderland

    Now up on Youtube! :)
  30. Re: Clearwater, FL

    ^ first vid is great. Love the music and the truthishly accurate intro!

    Here's the link, just click the title if youtube vidz still aren't embedding right.

    [ame=]YouTube - Clearwater Anonymous Protest - December 13th - Winter Wonderland[/ame]

    And we have had Clearwater protesters dress as mock RPF'ers in the past, but never as a monthly theme.

    If fact, if you look closely at this months pix you might see one femanon with purposely stained slacks.
  31. Adanon Member

  32. Re: Clearwater, FL


    CWfags doin' it rite again!! Makes me even moar determined to come ovah and join in the fun!
  33. Hammurabi Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Ok homies. Clearwater Anonymous Protest - December 13th - Carolling

    should be up by around 4AM EST.

    Catch you guise on the flip side.

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  34. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    CW does a great job, as usual.
    Awesomeness in action.
  35. Bane Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    I am working on having a complete Spartan outfit!
  36. Re: Clearwater, FL

    Great shots Adanon and video Hammurabi.
  37. amaX Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    ahhh, yes. another stat-crashing miserable failure of a day for the cult in it's mecca.

    here's hoping xenu santa will see that all Anon girls and boys have been good this year and he'll reward us with everything on our wish lists.
  38. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Hey Clearwaters,

    So that inn off 19 that used to be Sea Org housing has had a ton of work done on it.

    -The high wooden fences are gone from the front and now they are metal see through fences so you can see back in (I saw a payphone and a basketball hoop)

    -Doors have new doors

    -Blue awnings on front building.

    -LOTS of work daily on it. Bunch of guys, white trucks, white vans, all with tinted windows. Are the Scilons fixing the property up and reusing it, or did someone else buy it up finally?
  39. amaX Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    i think someone else bought it, but don't quote me on that. it's been so long since i heard that. we shall keep our collective eyes open to see what goes on, right?

    i do know that the cult is moving more and more into the city of Largo---south of Clearwater. the belleair mission---where miscavige's sister works---is on west bay in belleair. then they purchased buildings on east bay and they've also purchased a corner lot at martin luther king jr. and wyatt. supposed to be building a new delphi school building there, but all they've managed to put up is the fencing around the property after getting the permit put up.

    we're watching you, cult...
  40. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Clearwater, FL

    Fuckin great.

    They are expanding into my hoodz.

    On that note, Largo != Clearwater. What poons are available for city council if they can help to stop growth.

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