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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by amaX, Jul 26, 2013.

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    ^The Most Beloved Hamburg Anons made us this graphic many moons ago and we still love it the most...

    We're the Clearwater, Florida Bucket of Acid Chanology Cell and we are Still Alive.

    ^^^Bucket of Acid story: Anon was walking to one of our first protests with this CD player. A Scientologist called the police reporting that a protester was walking with a "bucket of acid." Big LULZ from that one! When the Anon left Florida for cooler pastures they donated the CD player to the Cell. It was stolen by another protester when they took it home, stopped coming to protests and refused to return The Bucket of Acid. Our old and now defunct website was called Bucket of Acid in honor of this very heavy, but very reliable music machine. We miss you, Bucket of Acid...

    CW protested alongside the rest of the world at the first global Chanology protest in February of 2008.

    We do continue to protest even though we no longer protest on a monthly basis.

    The Clearwater Cell also maintains a very stealthy online activism. In other words: we do legal stuff, get shit done, and we keep it to ourselves. :D

    We've always had a Guardian Angel here in Clearwater...Shawn Lonsdale. If you don't know who he is then you should do a quick google search.

    ^^^Rest in peace, Shawn Lonsdale. CULT WATCH DAY 2659. Yes, we still keep count. inb4us

    There are too many tales to tell for me to do any justice to even the surface of Chanology's history here in Clearwater so I'm not going to attempt it. I will say this much...there hasn't been one raid where we haven't laughed our asses off and facepalmed at least once.

    We do make planning threads when we're planning on protesting downtown so check the planning threads to see if we're raiding if you've got a trip planned to our neck of the woods.

    Expect us for We are Legion
    Where the waters run so clear
    For the good of mankind and for the lulz
    We walk in mecca...WE WALK HERE.

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