Clearwater Hearings '82, Scott Mayer (in german)

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    Clearwater Hearings '82, Scott Mayer (in german)

    The Clearwater Hearings were an investigation held by Clearwater City Council on Scientology in may 1982. They are an important document, which everyone should be familiar with imo. This includes people who are only able to speak german or wouldn't otherwise get to know what happened there.

    This is just the first part of Scott Mayer's statement. After this there's much more which is interesting as well, e.g. reports about threats at least one member of the commission received with regards to his children and Mr. Mayer also talks about infiltration of a campaign for governor. It's uncertain whether all of the remaining stuff is going to be translated as well. So this post may or may not be expanded at a later time.

    original here:

  2. RightOn Member

    re: Clearwater Hearings '82, Scott Mayer (in german)

    aaaahhhh wall of text!!
    Can you summerize?
  3. indeedindeed Member

    re: Clearwater Hearings '82, Scott Mayer (in german)

    Former Guardian's Office member talking about smuggling of money, violating regulations and laws, drilling people to do so, fair game not really being cancelled, confessional folders not being confessional, having his car blown up, working as an advisor to the IRS during court proceedings...
    Haven't read it all by far, but I caught a glimpse about an alleged large scale infiltration of one campaign for governor and about the RPF.

    I think Mark Bunker has video on his site.

    BTW, is there still anything to do about the list of people on that german page mentioned in the other thread? I didn't really understand what this was all about and what should be translated there and how to translate names.
  4. RightOn Member

    Re: Clearwater Hearings '82, Scott Mayer (in german)

    thanks for the summary.
    As far as the german list goes, it was translated and there was noting there. :(
    Thanks for asking though

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