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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by amaX, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. amaX Member

    We're going two weekends in a row in bee-yoo-tee-ful downtown CrAzEE cULt LaNd!

    Same info both weekends!!!

    Meeting Place: City Hall Fountain
    112 S. Osceola Ave.
    Clearwater, FL



    Protest Time: Meet at City Hall Fountain at 11:00AM & finish around 3:00PM
    Protest times can vary. Heat, bad weather, boredom, etc. can make us finish early.

    Clearwater Anonymous provides water and signs.
    ***For anyone who might show up wanting to protest about the Life Force Charter School: we have NO signs concerning the school. You will have to make up your own signs. You are welcome to join us, but we can't make signs for your cause. Thanks.

    Suggest thick black lettering for easier readability. It's windy downtown most of the time so foam board actually works better for a sign rather than thinner poster board.


    1. You don't have to pay the meters on the weekends in downtown Clearwater.

    2. IF YOU MUST REMAIN ANONYMOUS THEN I SUGGEST YOU WALK INTO AND OUT OF DOWNTOWN. Either have someone drop you off at least 6-8 blocks from downtown and have them pick you up after the protest. Scientology does still follow new people to find out their identity. If you can't have someone pick you up and/or drop you off then you can take the bus into downtown. Familiarize yourself with the bus system, park somewhere, take bus into downtown, and then take bus back to vehicle when protest is done.

    3. You don't have to stay for the whole protest.

    4. If you get there late and we're already gone then you can either wait at the fountain or come out looking for us. STAY ON MAIN STREETS. DON'T GO DOWN ALLEYS.


    6. I also cannot stress this enough: if you need to stay anonymous then you need to cover your face. Masks, loop masks, and bandanas with sunglasses work fine. The Clearwater Police Department is aware that we wear masks and the CPD is knowledgeable about the mask law here in Florida.

    7. WEAR COMFY SHOES and COMFY CLOTHES. We no longer have to keep marching, but we do move around a lot and stand almost all the time.

    8. When it's hot...we do take breaks back at City Hall Fountain. We do supply water, but if you need a snack then you should bring that yourself or make plans to go somewhere to get something to eat.



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  2. I didnt see this in the events section. I may be able to make the 26th. MAYBE. big maybe.
  3. RightOn Member

    yikes be careful out there guise!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Why you no have to march anymore? That is great news!
  5. amaX Member

    because six and myself worked tirelessly with the CPD and the attorney for the CPD Rob Surette. the "keep marching" ruling was made due to the LMT's protest tactics. we proved ourselves to not be like the LMT and not affiliated with them. the police attorney agreed that we shouldn't have to keep marching. there are still rules we have to follow which mainly deal with not blocking pedestrian traffic, but it's been great to not have to keep moving during our protests. ugh. especially in the killing heat of summer.
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  6. anonymous612 Member

    For any new protesters wishing to use the bus to get to the protest: contact me if you're unfamiliar with our bus system and I can help you make sense of our bizarre scheduling to plan your route.
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  7. For you experience protest guys and gals out there, what's the best way to keep my identity hidden before, during and right after a protest? Those scientology people they send out after you to find out who you are freak me out.
  8. anonymous612 Member

    Anon305, depends on whether you're driving, taking the bus, or having someone drop you off (and don't specify which on this thread).

    If you're driving, park at least 8 blocks away, preferably in a large parking lot, then walk the rest of the way. Don't put your mask on until you're considerably away from your car/parking area. Then, when you walk back, don't walk directly there. Meander around for a bit until you can tell no one's following you (watch for cars driving by multiple times too), then take off the mask, then go to the place you parked. And since you parked in such a big park, you can also walk around the lot or go into a couple stores if you're feeling extra paranoid, since you haven't led them to your specific car. And remember, the rule of thumb about telling whether you're being followed is if a car follows you for four blocks and through four turns.

    If you're taking the bus, drive to a parking lot near a bus stop, don't use a stop right outside your house. And on the way home pay attention to anyone who gets off at the same stop as you.

    If you're having someone else drive you, the same business applies as if you were driving yourself...unless the person doesn't give a shit about Scientology knowing who they are.

    Something else to keep in mind as a possibility: when you're outside of downtown after the protest but before you go back to your car, it might be a good time to stop and get some dinner somewhere. Worst case scenario, and if you are being followed, and if for some idiotic reason they decide to wait you out, you get to make them sit around for a couple hours while you stuff your face. ;)

    As for at the protest itself: Wear a bandana, cowboy-style, over your face underneath the mask. It helps with condensation and it means you can push the mask up a bit in order to eat or drink. Just take small bites under the bandana. And DO NOT go around unmasked. I don't care if we're just hanging out after the march, or no one's around, or what. Do not take the mask off until you're already on your way home. Do not refer to yourself by name. Do not give out personal info. If you want to stay in touch with us off the forum, make up a new email address just for anon stuff not related to a screenname you've used elsewhere, don't start handing out your facebook page or phone number or some shit like that.
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  9. Thanks. i am paranoid so this is helpful
  10. Anonymous Member

    In the past I have used a taxi. Got picked up at a busy place (department store or bus station) and then arranged to have that driver come back to pick me up and then return to another busy place. Don't know the busy places in Clearwater though.... just a thought.
  11. amaX Member

    don't use a taxi. i used a taxi once. the driver followed me into the store that i chose to be picked up at. i was just going to go in and then right back out until i started to go outside and taxi driver man was inside the store looking for me while on the phone. it was the grocery store i usually shopped at and i knew everyone in there so i stopped to chat with some of the people who worked there and went ahead and shopped. the taxi driver was still standing outside the store when i got ready to leave so i just sat outside.

    you can't trust the taxi drivers in clearwater.
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  12. anonymous612 Member

    No way. Normally you'd have to give personal information in order to do that. Just use the bus.
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  13. Ill be there. With my Winter Coat and all :3 Gonna need to bring some water for my self considering lol
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  14. Hello guys,

    I went there at about 1:30 pm and did not see anybody. I drove around for like 30 mins and still didn't see any of you guys. I did sea a professional filming crew but I didn't know if they were scientologists or not, although I suspect not because the guards over at the fort harrison were on phones and walkie-talkies looking the way of the film crew.

    Oh well, I hope you still had a good time.

  15. Hello all.. Me and a few anons are getting together on 3/13/13 for L.Ron Hubbards bday and protesting the scion building. We are meeting at 11am at Coachman Park. I would love your support!!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Welcome Sage! CW has some very active anons. amaX and anonymous612 are tried and true hard core CW protesters. Seek them out. They know the area well and will help you, maybe even join you if you are nice and bring them something like cake or money. Or a goat. Protesting in CW is a different critter than protesting in most cities and requires some know how. Protect yourself by reaching out to 6 or amaX.
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  17. Thanks a ton mate!! I'm really unfamiliar with florida so thisll be interesting!!
  18. amaX Member

    We'd love a goat.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I knew you would.
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  20. The Founder Member

    Thanks everyone for remembering my birthday. Bring cake, lots of cake.
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  21. skeptic2girl Member

    What would you like it laced with? Pinks only, or...?
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  22. The Founder Member

    And remember that the greatest gift you can give me is a cleared bank account ... sorry, I meant planet.
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  23. are you stupid???!!! bring your own fucking water, you hapless unsuspecting aquachlortards!!! don't buy, drink, eat or SMOKE ANYTHING ANYONE OFFERS YOU in Clwtr, EVER! even- and I can't emphasise this strongly enough- ESPECIALLY if given to you by your "FRIENDS"!!! TRUST NOONE- EVER!!! The Agent Smith Effect is REAL.
  24. places to park for clwtr protests: clwtr public library--a few blocks from The Shithouse, and Publix parkinglot on Fort Harrison just south of Ground Zero.
  25. amaX Member

    ^^^FYI: both of these parking suggestions are shitty if you're trying to maintain anonymity.
    1. The library sits smack dab in the middle of the shithouse=Sandcastle and the Osceola Inn are located in the next block to the north and scientologists of all kinds public and Sea Org traipse South Osceola Ave. right by that parking lot all of the time.
    2. Sea Org and OSA shop at that Publix.

    to top it all off? this is last year's protest thread. you can come down off of the ledge and relax for a bit before your next meltdown.
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  27. Pique Member

    Oh my. Do ya need to get back on your meds there sir?

    Thread locked at least for now.
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