Clearwater/Ybor City March 13th: Grand Opening of Tampa Org's New Location

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonymous612, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Darth Xander Member

    Okay, finally got my pics uploaded here:

    These are my faves:

    Six chillin'.


    I do believe this is an EPF crew. Maybe. Anyone?




    Ben friggin Shaw!!! With PK!


    Sparrow's fav Flag security guy.


    And of course no Anon's trip to Clearwater is complete without a visit to the infamous Hacienda Gardens. Except Paladin didn't think to ask me if I wanted a pic too. :(

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  2. anonymous612 Member

    Lmao, I think this may be one of my favorites...because if you look closely enough you can see the HONK AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY sign directly between the cameraman and the video chick. ;D

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  3. Darth Xander Member

    You caused some serious enturbulation that night Six. Great job!
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  4. anonymous612 Member

    I'm still trying to figure out why every year they ask me to get out of their camera angle like they think I'm in it accidentally. -slow headshake-
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  5. Darth Xander Member

    You chased that poor lady out into the street. Bad Anon.
  6. amaX Member

    Xander, I think the navy blue shirts with the khaki pants are some kind of maintenance crew? Don't quote me on that though.

    EPF'ers wear filthy, light gray t-shirts and grimy, greasy, filthy blue jeans.

    Great pictures! I especially love the pictures from Monday because we really got to say things to the Sea Org on Watterson St.

  7. Darth Xander Member

    Did I mention I'll be in town April 9th?
  8. anonymous612 Member

    BRB walnuts.

    EDIT: Wait a sec, wtf is up with this guy's sunglasses? When was the last time you saw a pair of glasses (sun or eyeglasses) so cheapass they didn't have a curl on the end of the earpiece? That boy looks down and those are coming off his face.


    <eyeglasses snob>
  9. Darth Xander Member

    Of course I meant the 16th. Getting the Chicago and Clearwater raid dates confused.
  10. anonymous612 Member

  11. BigBeard Member

    They're "Aviator" style sun glasses with ear pieces that are shaped to press against the side of the head. The idea being you can wear an aircraft headset without your ear getting mashed between the headset and glasses ear piece. Some folks wear them because TC did in 'Top Gun'.

  12. anonymous612 Member

    I know the style you're talking about, but those earpieces are far thinner than they usually use for that. You'll lose the curve of the metal that pushes the earpieces against your head after a month or two, it'll just bend itself out of the curve.

    That's not to say you aren't correct. I'd suspect this is one of the pairs of sunglasses Flag sells (seen 'em in the giftshop). So, yes, they could be aviators, and yes, they could be really shitty quality.
  13. BigBeard Member

    I should have clarified, they're "aviator style" sun glasses found in gift shops. So you're probably correct thinking they came from Flag. All the real 'aviators' I owned when I was a "paid passenger" in the AF, along with the pilots I've known, had clear plastic ear pieces that are thicker, and the lenses are shaped differently.

    I chalk it up to a TC wannabe.

  14. Paladin Member

    Hey Xander! Don't worry! I'm sure the security cameras behind me got plenty of pictures of you. Maybe the Scilons will be nice enough to post them here.:)

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