Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by PimpXenu, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. PimpXenu Member

    Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    So, when i got there it was fairly normal. Just waving around signs
    and some honking and whatnot. The most eventful thing for the first
    hour was some little kid was sitting in the passanger seat of a
    Brougham. He drove by and yelled "FAGS!" out the window. What was
    interesting, is that he looked to be about 10 years old, yet he somehow
    convinced his mother to turn around 4 more times and drive by us so he
    could yell "FAGS!" again. I gave him props for motivation at least.

    I took to standing away from the rest of the crowd, down by the bus
    stop holding my sign up. Well, up comes this blue ford taurus, and the
    guy inside is waving frantically at me. I look inside and it's a dirty
    hippy, halfway crawling onto his passanger seat motioning to me, while
    holding a lite up roach in his driving hand. He slams on the brakes
    and drives into the scilon's parking lot. I kind of double over in
    laughter, while everyone else looks at me oddly like this was some kind
    of prank i had planned.

    Before i can even get over to them and explain what i just saw, the
    dirty hippy is out of his car, and runs over to the sidewalk and starts
    talking to them all. Everyone starts gladly talking to him about why
    we're here, what we're protesting. They hand him some literature, he
    doesnt really read it, but seems really thankful for the gift.
    My sign said "Scientology Kills". He asks me who scientology killed.

    Me and someone else pointed out to him Lisa Mcpherson, and go into a
    little detail about her, he seems interested, as he sat on the
    sidewalk, rolling a cigerette. He makes the comment "Right
    one person dies, and you start a cause, i get it". kind of snidely.
    I point out there's others who have died from scientology. Thinking
    he's kind of musically inclined (like all hippies) i ask him if he ever
    heard of Isaac Hayes. He doesnt really recognize the name, i said chef
    from south park and he seemed to remember something. I tell him Isaac
    died from a stroke that could of been prevented with medication that
    scientology wouldnt let him take. He responds curiously "
    know, thats like...his prerogative man. He wanted to die that way you
    know, more power to him". He then goes on a rant about how "Chef" was one of the greatest musicians ever (even though he had no idea who isaac hayes was), and started talking about his big hit "creamy nutty balls", as he remembered it.

    I start to realize this guy is high out of his mind, so not much use
    talking to him. I mention the travolta kid, but someone else started
    talking to the guy, and i went back to holding my sign up in front of
    traffic. Next thing i know, i turn around and this guy is walking into
    the scientology building. I didnt even think there was even anyone in
    the building to let him in, but he got in. I tried to take a picture
    of him going in there, and a picture of his license plate, in case he
    caused trouble inside, so maybe we could help the police get ahold of

    So...anywho...he was in there a very long time, probably something like
    an hour and a half. While he was in there two very interesting things

    One, a small black sedan with a single driver drove into the scilon's
    parking lot, angrily. He drove up to the parking lot drive, at about
    35 mph, and then he suddenly jerked the wheel into the lot when he saw
    us, as if he was really pissed off and wanted to make a point. I
    commented to someone that guy looked pissed.

    Now...i wasnt paying attention, but that small black sedan must of left
    at some point, as there was just that car and a dark crown vic/grand
    marquis in the driveway the whole time (plus sir smokesalot's blue ford
    off to the side).

    Well, after a while ANOTHER small, black sedan (i'm thinking it was the
    same one, though cant be sure), drove by us, gave a lot of honks, then
    did a u-turn to come around. They pulled into the scilon's parking lot, and we assumed they were somehow connected to the church, as they parked right in the scilon's parking space, by the dark full size ford.

    I ignored it for a little while, then i turned around and saw the
    occupants of the car were standing by the dianetics building, holding
    up a camera in the air and aiming it at us. I posed with my sign,
    waving at them, assuming they were some kind of scilons trying to
    intimadate us with their camera tech.

    They got back in the black sedan, and drove out of the lot. They drove
    halway out into the street, stopping traffic, and starting shouting
    "Fuck Tom Cruise!", "Mission Impossible sucked!!!", I laughed and gave
    them a thumbs up, but tried telling them they should probably get
    moving and not block traffic, which they eventually did.

    So, all the while, some of us would jokingly yell at the building "Give
    us our hippy back!!!", and some of us would dance in view of the
    windows with "Free Cake" signs. I kind of joked that i bet that hippy
    already got signed up for a detox course, and it'd be funny if he
    walked out of the building, clean shaven, wearing a business suit and holding a briefcase.

    The crazy hippy was in there for an uncomfortably long period of
    time though. Personally i thought the cops would show up about 5 minutes after he walked into the door, but he just walked in and...nothing. That was kind of creepy.

    Finally he came out, we tried making small talk with him but he didnt
    seem to be in the mood to talk. He just sat on the sidewalk, and
    started rolling another cigerette. He just sat there, watching us wave
    our signs around, not saying anything. After about 10 minutes of him
    just sitting there, i thought i should at least talk to the guy, if
    nothing else just to break the tension.
    I walked up to him and asked " any good stories from inside

    He basically said he just walked in and got their side of the story and
    it was really interesting. I just basically said thats cool, all we
    really want is people to hear both sides of the issue, and make up
    their own mind, because a lot of people who get mixed up with
    scientology never hear the opposing view.

    At first he seemed pretty cool with this, i started to walk away from
    him, and he immediatly started getting pretty aggressive with me. I'm
    not sure, even now, if he was a COS plant from the start, or if they did a number on his resin soaked brain in there, but out of nowhere he kind of angrily stated that he heard both sides of the story, and he wasnt very happy about ours.

    He pointed at my sign and said "Ok, YOU'RE the one with the sign that
    says 'Kill' here man. How many people have you killed, huh!?"

    I made a mistake and just laughed, thinking he was just a harmless
    stoner, and said "Well...i was in the military you know..." and laughed.

    "Yeah, yeah, i was too!" He replied. "Yeah, you were in the military,
    what was up with that recon shit here HUH!?" he demanded angrily.
    I think it was at this point that it really dawned on me that this guy
    wasnt just a goofy hippy, but a dangerous mental case.

    I asked him several times what he meant by "recon", which he really wouldnt answer, until by process of elimation i figured out that he was talking about the two idiots who drove up to the building in the black sedan and took pictures of us.

    "Is that lady's car safe man!? Is my car safe!?" He demanded. For one, i had no idea what 'lady' he was talking about, i didnt even know there was another car parked at the building at that point.

    Basically, random gibberish followed. He essentially said that since i had been in the military (i was a heavy equipment mechanic in the Marines btw), that i had orchristrated some kind of covert operation to tamper with his vehicle and the lady's who ran the COS. He made it a point to note that the lady inside the COS building was terrified, i tried assuring him that none of us did anything to any car around here, and if they really felt afraid, the lady could just come out and talk to us, or call the cops even. He said that he never called the cops, he handled business on his own. At this point i was kind of sick of our drug soaked, paranoid friend. He kept rambling about how i was plotting against him, and i was trying to kill him i guess. Eventually i just said "yeah, yeah yeah...." and walked away from him, while he was in mid rant.

    I went back to flashing my sign around, the whole while our friend was shouting gibberish, which i basically shut out, didnt really listen to any of it. I remember him calling us all "Spooks" and talking about some kind of government conspiracy. There was something about him singing the lyrics to "War Pig" and mixing them with some other harmless song that i forgot.

    So then the cops showed up. Two squad cars. One was a standard black car, the other was maroon. I'm not sure if the red car was some kind of special unit, like a bomb squad car or what, but it seemed to have some special purpose.

    They spent probably around 45 minutes talking to some lady from the church. She was an older, short haired lady, i watched her go over her car, practically with a magnifying glass, pointing out to cops anything she thought was suspicious. She even got on her knees with a flashlight and did a total inspection of the undercarriage. At this point, Stoney had walked backed to his taurus, leaning against it, and was smiling ear to ear at if we were all about to be sent to guantanamo.

    We could tell the cops didnt take it very seriously, because they made no attempt whatsoever to detain us, or even stop us from protesting the entire time this lady complained to them. We kept on protesting, ignoring them.

    After maybe 30-45 minutes of listening to her, the two cops just pulled us together and said basically "Hey, stay off their property, if some wierd people pull in here that you dont know, take down their license number". That was it, they were very cool about it, then they left.

    The son of aquarius got into his car and left soon after them. I waved goodbye to him and told him to take care, he shot me an angry look.

    We wanted to leave about an hour before that, but we stuck around just to see the police scene through. It wouldnt really look good to just all take off once the man was on the scene. A couple of us headed to a bar afterwards, drank some good beer. We all drank black coffee for about 4 hours to sober up before leaving the bar, that goes without saying. I tried to skip my tab unsuccessfully, and i got really lost on my way home, only miles away from my house no less.

    All in all, fun, lulz, drugs, dirty hair, cults, cake, and lots of yellow hummers. I had a good time.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    That's scilon talk, so yeah, most likely a plant. We've had scilons try to fail-bait us with the "how many people have you killed" shtick in the past as well.
  3. Relyt Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    Wow... Scientology turns you into a paranoid lunatic =\
  4. tofuman Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    Damn hippies.
  5. PimpXenu Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th


    Afore mentioned crazy hippy. Doobing it up on the sidewalk.
  6. JMac85 Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    The really interesting thing about him was his car. It was clean. Really clean. Given his own appearance (long, unkempt hair, dirty jeans with classic rock band names drawn all over them in marker or crayon, rolling cigarettes while sitting on the sidewalk) it seemed really odd for him to be driving anything other than a rusty '85 Impala or whatever.

    And, of course, the whole idea of some filthy hippy pulling into their parking lot and palling around with protesters without the Scilons calling the cops then and there sent up another big flag.
  7. PimpXenu Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    I was pretty surprised he even HAD a car. Maybe he borrowed it from his mom or something. He really did look like a homeless drugged out hippy.

    I did get a real good shot of his license plate, i wont post that though, that'd be rude. However, if he feels the need to start acting psychotic at our protests again, trying to scare people, i just might do that. Interesting you mention the car, i'm looking at the pic i took and it does look literally spotless, like someone washes and waxes it regularly.

    I tried to take a pic of him walking in, i was too late though, just got a shot of the half opened COS front door.
  8. Spylon Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    I've had my fair share of hippies, drunks, and paranoid homeless people in Columbus protests. The best thing to do is be nice, be patient, and let them get it all out. They can really consume a lot of time, but it's better to take the time then let them explode and do something violent/stupid.
  9. Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    I think it's scilon talk because he just spent 45 minutes with them, and they already got inside his drugged-out mind. He's just repeating what he heard. I'm surprised he didn't get thrown out sooner, but maybe it was a slow day for customers, you know, with the protest and all.

  10. PimpXenu Member

    Re: Cleveland (Parma Heights) March 14th

    The consensus among us currently is he was a plant. The scilons were pretty paranoid, i mean they called the cops because two idiots we didnt even know just parked in their parking lot. I couldnt even imagine what they would think if that crazy hippy came and talked to us, then went into their building. By all accounts, they should of really freaked and called the cops for sending in our covert, psychotic hippy to attack them. Didnt happen that way, so i'm assuming they knew the guy beforehand, meaning he was a plant.

    He said some things before he went in that convince me more about him being a plant. When we told him about Lisa McPherson, he said something like "Oh sure, one little person dies and you start up a cause" really sarcastically. And when i was talking about isaac hayes not being able to take his stroke medicine he said something like "Well, that was his choice man, if thats the way he wanted to die". So...who knows for sure? But i'm thinking the scilons got to him before he went in there.

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