Close encounter with an OT V Scientologist

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by pedrofcuk, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. pedrofcuk Member

    I encounter Dermot Ryan, "world famous case supervisor", and an un-named associate, who accuse me of harassment and stalking. Judge for yourself!

    "OT V: New Era Dianetics for OTs

    "The Second Wall of Fire consists of 26 separate rundowns and has been described as dealing with "living lightning, the very stuff of life itself." This level addresses the last aspects of one's case that can prevent him from achieving total freedom on all dynamics."
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Good work, pretty poor bullbaiting from the Scilons, but I guess the picture taking will show you!

    I like the way you handled yourself, keep up the good work.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    "when I came out, you were there" "I consider you following me" lol
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  4. RightOn Member

    Pedro you have an MU!
    Leaning on a lamp post = you are following me

    good job keeping your cool
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  5. afternon Member

    So, this is what thousands of Euro and thousands of hours of "processing" can produce- the end phenomena of being an arsehole who says "piss off" and "you're following me" to a man leaning against a lampost, where can I sign up to become an OT?!
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  6. Well-played, Pedro, you should bottle your 'Follow-Tech'........

    "This poor, unfortunate, over-processed Hubbard OTV, one Dermot Ryan, being of unsound mind and one of the most ethical beings on the planet has hereby considered you following him.......Guilty!....... See the Scientology 'Justice' Chief to begin your amends project for this brutal crime of harassment. (Bring that out-ethics lamppost with you to the RPF)........
    "Hail Xenu!"

    One day I truly hope this deluded follower will thank you, Pedro........
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. xenubarb Member

    Need a paper DM head on a stick to hold up when they take your piccie! Teehee!
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  9. Herro Member

    Dude don't fuck around with those OT V's. They'll pelt you with levitated ash trays. And you had best just run if they break out the tone 40. FOS RO DAH!!!
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I hope OT's don't postulate arrows in knee's.
  11. Anonymous Member

    OT-V, OT-V
    By the C-O-B sworn
    Keep the S-P's at bay
    and their sup-pres-sive scorn
    Let they con-front and shatter
    And their spirits be splat!
    OT-V, OT-V
    We pay thou-sands for that!
  12. Herro Member

    I'm so conflicted right now. Part of me loves you for that and part of me hates you for that.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Which part is Miranda?
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  14. Niiiiiiccccccccceeeeee.
  15. Anonymous Member

    No problem, I can fix that.

    "I used to be an OT-V. Then I took a thetan to the knee."
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  16. Herro Member

    The best part is that if you pronounce it as "oh tee vee," it rhymes- for extra cringeworthiness.
  17. The Heretic Member

    I don't claim to take thetans to the knee.

    Eorlund Greymane has that honor.
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  18. Thanks for the update man. Did you ever get around to mentioning DM's squirreling the "new basics" in 2007? Has he said anything about the MRs?
  19. pedrofcuk Member

    Yes, he said that what went before was the squirrel versions and the new stuff is pure Hubbard all thanks to DM.

    He thinks the MRs are just suppressive squirrels.

    He agreed with me that some things could be improved but when I suggested he go do that he said he wasn't going to take orders from me.
  20. I just can't imagine the cognitive dissonance in his head allowing for that. Remind him how much he hated squirrels in 2006, and how he now feels about the "wins" he got before that. If they were valid, who is he to complain about squirrels now? Ask him to explain the first four points of KSW and how those pesky "transcription errors" were overlooked for decades, including by LRH himself.

    Yeah, that figures. I noticed he didn't bother answering anything re: Debbie Cooke either.

    Yeah, he'll mention vague, non-specific problems, but never anything specific. Demot's a thoroughly trained OSA-bot.
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  21. pedrofcuk Member

    Yea, I hear that he almost blew (left the cult) in 2006 but someone got him back in and turned round. Guess who that was?

    John Duignan!

    Amazing but true and also indicative of Dermot's state of mind (sadly deluded and often mentally ill).
  22. Something tells me the old Topix forum might have had something to do with that. Dermot was actually well liked there despite being our handler. He kept disappearing for roughly a week at a time, always giving us advance notice and a story, and sometimes even leaving kindly written personal threads addressing each of the SP regulars. We knew he was being handled for enturbulation, and when he departed, we widely suspected he was RPF'ed.

    He admitted to doing time on the RPF before, but refused to discuss it as a matter of "case."

    I'm really hoping Dermot writes a book one of these days. Something tells me he knows quite a bit. Does Duigan specifically mention Dermot in his book?

    I feel bad for him man. The cult has his entire family, which is rather large as he described it. When the subject last came up, he only had a single brother out of like 10 that blew. The family was previously Catholic I believe.
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  23. Clamosaurus Member


    OT V's in your part of the world are no more "able" to communicate than they are here in Australia

  24. pedrofcuk Member

    I think you have to be in the Sea Org to get RPF'd however outer org and mission staff are sometimes sent to Stain Hill for punishment so he could have done that, also he was based in Loldon for years. I'll ask him about it if there is ever a "next time".

    I can't exactly remember but I think JD mentioned the Dermot wanting to leave in conversation rather than in his book.

    Afaik there are 4 bros, Dermot, Gerard, Ciaran and Alan. Ciaran was also recovered I heard. Alun's wife is Siobhan named as a director at the mission. These people seem to be the mainstays of the mission even though they are rarely seen. Dermot and Alan both completed OT V last year.
  25. pedrofcuk Member

    Yea, if these are examples of Homo Novis and beings with powers then we should all stay home and watch Spongebob or something.
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  26. Clamosaurus Member

    That is so spot on! Scientology application professes to deliver so much with it's "communication is the universal solvent" , yet, the best Dermot could come up with was "piss off" and our aussie version of OT V comes across as a complete bint.

    Poor Dermot, I really DO feel for the guy and his predicament of having the wool pulled away from his eyes.

    I remember when he started dead agenting Bonnie Woods in the scientology forums and he soon after retracted his statements. He'd obviously been directed to apologize because of the shit-storm that would again erupt for both the mother church and the Ireland Org.
    Poor bastard!
    He always disappeared with regularity from the forums. It was almost as if he had to do retread's or something because of some apparent cracks appearing in his own personal Truman Show.

    I leik your style,, calm and collected.
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  27. pedrofcuk Member

    Why, thank you :) I like the way you write...
  28. Anonymous Member

    Fucking Novis Homos don't know where the hole is.

    Experienced Homos do.
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  29. pedrofcuk Member

    "Mr. Behan, are you a practising homosexual?"

    "I didn't know you had to practise."
  30. OSA is technically part of the SO, even if they don't wear those silly sailor suits, which makes Dermot eligible for the RPF. Besides, he specifically admitted to spending time on the RPF and he obviously wasn't proud of it. If anything, he seemed to be hiding alot of trauma behind Scientology regulations that forbid discussing case.

    Does JD ever post on WWP? If so, he might have an interesting perspective to add to this conversation. I might even be inclined to bring him here if he posts somewhere else.

    Interesting. Obviously, information I received from Dermot is not always going to be accurate, but at least I got the one brother that blew part right. Then again, I think that came from Clamosaurus on this thread. He's also an old timer on Topix. I'll try to remember that name though, "Ciaran."
  31. pedrofcuk Member

    JD is on here of course, I forget his nick, something about anchovies I think.
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  32. HOC Member

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  33. pedrofcuk Member

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  34. HOC Member

    lol ty :D
  35. Thanks guys. PM has been sent.
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  36. JD is a little busy at the moment. Hey Pedro, if you have skype or live near him, he'll probably talk to you. Otherwise, I'll talk to him in a couple of weeks.
  37. RolandRB Member

    None of the people left in the "Church" are Scientologists. They are Dwarfologists. Why not let them carry on being dickheads?

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