CNN telling people to DOS?

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. just saw something about it... very stupid in my opinion.
  2. Noobfag Member

    Are you sure they weren't just reading someone's tweets?

    They tend to do that - read tweets verbatim.
  3. Geraldanthro Member

  4. gumlym Member

    CNN is getting worse by the day. basing news on twitter... youve got to be f**ing kidding me!!
  5. Sol Mann Member

    Twitter is the primary communication tool for the protesters.
  6. I saw this report too... and you are truly changing the context of the report.

    I mean, CNN continually cover everything they can... Not so well, mind you, but that was just a small report among many others.
  7. Primary communication those who suffer from ADHD, retardation and addiction. Which is a good exercise in futility, that keeps them from forming coherent thought and focus, hence they will never become a threat to the status quo.
  8. Cypherninja Member

    No they weren't

    I watched that report, they simply said that people were DDoSing. They showed the primary resource, and the Iranians who were using it.
  9. As it was tweeted,

    140 characters is a novel when you're being shot at.

  10. I'm from Tehran.
    Here even twitter is filtered but it's the easiest one to bypass cause it's simple and doesn't need any special protocol!
    these are the things that are filtered in Iran by now:
    (all bbc related sites)
    Yahoo! Mail (in most of the ISPs)
    Gmail (in most of the ISPs)
    all of the Mr Mir Hosein Moosavi's and his campaigns sites
    orkut and Hi5 and all other social networking sites have been filtered for a long time.
    and lots of more...!

    also satellite signals are being jammed so we have no clue what is being told in the news networks.

    Internet is tooo slow, and my thinking is that it's being Keyword monitoring for chat and ...!

    SMS has been down from the day before the election.
    Mobile Networks are working in some times of the day and most of the time there's no Signal.

    Iranian's TV (the government's) are only showing that everything is fine and there are some gangster's doing some damages and people are all OK! (18 Killed has been confirmed by them yet!!!! the statistics are way too higher that this! )
    So we have no publicity to show what is really going on in Iran and the only way is twitter and facebook and some other sites that we can get around the filter by some tricks! )
  11. ...and watch your message be washed away with 1000s of others posting useles drivel and disinfo. Good plan, that is if you're a fool.
  12. look, i understand that iranians use twitter to communicate with each other, but if youre a network of cant give reliable news on what people say on the blogs... and more if theyre completely anonymous!! In theory, a newspaper (or a tv news program, for that matter) should have the information it provides from reliable sources... how can u tell that the specific twitter user that you have chosen is a reliable news source?
  13. What the hell do you expect people to do? Since it's kind of impossible to communicate any other way.... Tell me, what would you do to get the word out if you were in their situation?

  14. Guys, I think you have been trolled. The above poster is just being a dick to be a dick. Ignore him and move on.

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