Cnn threatens anon

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Boggle, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. DH you are one mahvellus source of informations.
  2. I actually just checked this and I must admit you are right. I had no idea, I simply made a mistake of assuming that USA was a civilized country, which it obviously is not, as it did not adopt personal information laws that every civilized country did. So, yeah, I was wrong here.

    I am not aware of Stefan Molyneux using the "not an argument" logic (which is correct, not "fail logic" as you claimed), because I don't watch his videos. I've seen like 5 minutes of one of his videos and decided I can't put up with his extremely annoying, over-acted manner of speaking.

    Yeah, he did, so what?

    Lol no he didn't. He did not make any law or use any legal force to prevent media from lying about him, he just reposted a meme that his supporter made after he demolished the media lying about them simply by calling them fake news. That is not fucking with the media. That is calling them what they are. And the MMA thing was just his supporter's interpretation of the pwnage he served to the CNN.

    Chanology is not the same thing as Anons. Not all Chanology is Anons, despite it having been "created" by Anons. In fact, the engagement of Anons in Chanology has been decreasing for years and is now close to 0, because it's not interesting anymore.

    WWP is a whole another thing. It never was highly Anonymous and never was regarded as "dude the hub of the Anon and Chanology lmao" by the Chanology or 4chin as it claims to still be in the NMA (or claimed back when I cared, maybe sue removed the sentence, dunno, he probably didn't). But it did had a slight touch of Anon back when Anon posting was possible, but since sue removed that option, all the members who cared about the "Anon" part went their own ways, some to DBZ, some to other places, and some just decided to fuck it all. Literally no one who has ever cared about the Anon part on WWP (except me and probably about 2 or 3 other guest posters) visited this forum since it quit allowing Anonymous discussion.

    Only ones I know, never cared about Scientology stuff much so I don't know of any forums that emerged since the fall of WWP aside from DBZ which I know of because the drama was delicious, and the best places for the discussion and possible action towards the establishment and protection of things I care about (freedom of speech, net neutrality, privacy, lulz) are 4chan and various non-Anon organizations and foundations dedicated to the respective causes, such as EFF, Mozilla and others.
  3. The Internet Member

    Good on you for recognizing your mistake and admitting you were wrong about something. It's not a fun thing to do and people sometimes try to rub in the burn. But no pain no gain.

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